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You can't kill what you can't see...
25 years old
August 25, 1989
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Paintball, Girl Scouting, Halo 3..... sad but thats pretty much ALL I do.

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The Bushman

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  1. In Topic: Long time no see, Special Ops Forum

    04 August 2013 - 01:46 PM

    yeah, growing up really put a damper on my paintballing. I used to live on this site back in highschool, it was my second home. But since then I joined the marines and my team fell apart for the most part. But I seem to have at least found a good field to do scenarios in California where I'm stationed. Any here ever been to SC Village or any of the associated fields?
  2. In Topic: Spyder Hammer sniper rifle

    20 February 2013 - 05:05 PM

    I like that, very nicely done! I would love to do something like that for my hammer, but I don't have the time for it now days. Good mod dude
  3. In Topic: how quiet are Tippmann 98's?

    28 July 2012 - 12:54 PM

    I have a 98 custom that I shoot first strikes out of. I have a 16in stiffi on it and I have the rocket cock and I did the whole silicone padding thing. All that together makes it pretty quiet. Muted I guess would be a better word because my ion and dm4 are both quieter.
  4. In Topic: Angel PB is shutting down...

    08 November 2011 - 11:50 PM

    Dang I was really looking forward to getting a pair of Angel Eyes :/
  5. In Topic: History of Paintball gear : PPS Stroker and Benjamin-Sheridan Piranha

    08 November 2011 - 11:49 PM

    lol I'm pretty sure that Vortex was just trying to be funny guys. Good video though I love the classic paintball guns.


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  1. Photo

    Delta Hammer 

    14 Oct 2008 - 01:22
    Hey you know i remade my suit and it looks great so eat it lol
  2. Photo

    DZ Unit-1 

    20 Jul 2008 - 22:43
    yo, recheck 'ask a sniper' thread, -snickers-
  3. Photo

    Texas Trigger 

    05 Jun 2008 - 11:32
    Ha! Pwnt by a Canadian Admin.
  4. Photo


    06 May 2008 - 15:41
    LOL! YOU GOT PWNED! Any more rasict comments?
    What would you call the flintstones if they were.....
  5. Photo


    24 Mar 2008 - 19:47
    Homemade all the way!
  6. Photo


    11 Feb 2008 - 17:36
    thats a nice ghilliie is that homemade or do you buy it. but thats nice
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