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  1. Kudos

    19 August 2010 - 05:55 PM

    Couldn't really find a section for "Thanks a lot" so I'll leave this here.

    I found out about Special Ops a while back and joined the Brigade back in 2005. I've seen the rise, unfortunate stall,and now a rebirth of the store. I would like to take a moment to tell you guys about how Special Ops is above and beyond most store/manufacturers and how they are #1 in my book.

    I ordered a operator vest/accessories a while back in July (as part of their giveaway deal). As we know they have shifted to custom orders but I did not factor in the sort of time frame that means for production. The big BT Scenario game is at my local field this Saturday (as well as many other fields). When I called up Customer Service questioning the status of my order I got to talk to a rep named Brady. He went and checked my order, clarified that it was ready to go and how they had just received their supplies of multicam on the 2nd.

    What makes this an extraordinary situation is what happened next. When i called back an hour later as instructed, we began to chat about Paintball (sure that never happens alot =p). Not the "are you also interested in these items A B C?" kind of banter i've gotten at other stores. Instead, we talked about the scenario this Saturday and how i needed the order. How I'm playing on the East coast and these guys out in Utah are traveling to go play on the West.It may have been nostalgia for my 18yr old self, but talking about the former glory of the SPPL and fields out west i've only ever heard of was, at the very least cool.

    Looking back, work-wise, they may have only hurried and shipped my order a tad earlier than normal. However, that short phone call reminded me of how Spec Ops really is a store of player for players. While operating a business is their aim they have not lost focus on what/who their business is about. So, as my new vest is sitting on my table I would like to conclude with one last thank you.

    Loyal Customer,
  2. First Strike Loader

    03 August 2010 - 06:04 PM

    Hey guys, so I watched the recent recon live video up in the media section and it got me thinking about First Strike rounds. The accuracy that was achieved was in my opinion, very impressive. Now, I've seen people use them at my local field but admittedly, trying to hit people at long range with a pistol never seems to work. I googled kits to use them on other markers and have not come across any.
    I think I could create one for a lot less than having to buy a Tiberius marker. That way people with other brands of markers would have the opportunity of using the ammo (Test would be with an A5 or Pro-Carb). My 2 main questions are:

    A) Will the first strike rounds even work out of a standard .68 barrel (or say .689 which i think is the largest?)

    :P IF I did get the loader to work, would I be S.O.L. if Tiberius came a' knockin.

    Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  3. Ice Station Zebra Scenario, Upton, MA

    19 July 2010 - 08:52 AM

    Made two videos about Fox4's winter scenario Ice Station Zebra, Feb 27th, Upton, MA.

    Part One is basically the whole day.

    Part One

    Part Two is the final battle with less cutting/pasting, and some swear editing :)

    Part Two



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