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  1. In Topic: First Strike Loader

    04 August 2010 - 06:35 PM

    Modest Progress. Here's a big question which I think feedback from you guys would help a ton with. How many FS rounds would/should the loader carry in order to be practical??

    I know we are used to having multi-hundred round hoppers sitting on our guns, but to pull that off with FS rounds you'd need to be spending some serious cash. So in this case should it be, "less is more" or go big with a "guns blazing" load?
  2. In Topic: First Strike Loader

    04 August 2010 - 02:43 PM

    Ok, so I went out to the home depot today and bought a bunch of cheap sheet aluminum. Cutting everything by hand kind of sucks but oh well. I'm starting to run into a number of different problems. Realistically the loader would require eyes in order to function at high ROF. Another is going to be the parts I would actually use on a field. The prototype i have is pretty damn big so I can move/remove things easier.

    I'm going to hit up Radio Shack tonight for some small motors. Hopefully I don't get too far over my head.

    Would eyes create an unreliable system, in terms of them breaking and having to replace them?
  3. In Topic: First Strike Loader

    03 August 2010 - 08:22 PM

    Yea my idea is "pretty simple" and I will put some pics up if it actually works. Got a lawyer in the family so if i get a "you can't do that" then I guess personal use only.
  4. In Topic: First Strike Loader

    03 August 2010 - 07:29 PM

    Yea I'm probably going to go out and buy a tube of them first to see exactly what I'm working with. (Theory only goes so far haha!)
    What I meant earlier was,was if Tiberius had some sort of copyright for the FS rounds/specific loaders if I say wanted to sell the loader.
  5. In Topic: Swat Shields

    19 July 2010 - 08:29 AM

    I think that allowing riot shields on the field would be an interesting twist. In terms of game balance though there would have to be certain limitations on their number, their use, and possibly who can use them. As an example I'll use one of my local fields for argument's sake.

    *The number of shields would have to be limited. The last thing anyone wants is 100 riots shields lined up against each other in a Vietnam Scenario game.
    -This means that like the number of medics, the field owners/scenario organizers would have the final say on the number of shields.

    *A special exception would have to be made to allow shots that break on the shield to not count as hits. Unless we want people running around with giant pillows attached to their arms, one paintball eliminating a shielded-player defeats the whole idea.

    *The use of the shields would have to be carefully watched. With this, I largely mean where the shields are being used. Possibly limiting RED taped shields to a certain area of the field and BLUE to another would keep them evenly distributed. This helps prevent a "lost shield" scenario where people tried forming a line of shields to cross 1 point in the swamp got hit and left a pile of shields never to be found till the next day.

    *As with earlier posts, the limitations on the wielder as well as attackers are important. I believe that the shield bearer should not be able to shoot back using any marker save a pistol. Sling your gun on your back or hand it to a friend, but a player running and gunning (regardless of accuracy) is not going to be fun multiplied by the number of shields available.
    -For attackers, a hit to the body of the bearer, a LAW round or grenade hit (to the player) should count as an elimination. My Only question is at my local field you cannot fire the rockets at people.

    Overall the idea is limitless. Imagine a well organized team with shield bearers, clearing rooms, halls, etc. Hell, while we're at it why not form a Roman tortoise formation and really scare the hell out of people.


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