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  1. something that a paintball can break and make a sound.

    06 August 2009 - 03:03 PM

    basicly i need something small and cheap that can be shot at from all angles.

    this is for a scenario c4 charge. that shows when its been shot.

    my origional idea was to put a balloon in a c4 sized wireframe. but a balloon wouldnt pop at that size. it would just deflate or whatnot.

    mabey a way to mix two chemicals together.. but i doubt thatd be cheap or safe...

    also something somewhat like a rattrap that can pull a party popper or something
  2. Crab Heart is back

    26 July 2009 - 12:46 PM

    its probubly been a while but i was the creator of war of ages wich is probubly long gone by now.

    but just as a refresher..

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    but hey. can anyone give me a link to the home made pvc paitball rocket laucher thread?
  3. fighting freedom where ever theres trouble GI JOE IS THERE!!&#

    26 July 2009 - 12:37 PM

    hello all ive been off of special ops for atleast... i dunno a year. many of you may know me by my WAR OF AGES scenario threads. or maby all of thows memmbers died on paintball too.

    well as of now im begining to write a gi joe vs cobra storyline. complete with simple to make costumes.


    so lets get to the basics of the scenraio.

    infantry players dress code: (non special characters)
    gi joe is an eliet team of special skills. no true dress code is required but camo is advised.
    the cobra vipers only need wear as much blue as possible. blue jeans are just fine. you can go all out and paint a helmet blue if you wish. get the logo. but this is a cost effective way to have a blue army.
    everyone has blue jeans.. and everyone can buy a cheap blue shirt from walmart

    Special Characters dress code: these will be described later on. but most of these will have to be spot on. as many of these charaters will be required to role play. such as durring a mission breif ect ect. yelling COBRA ATTACK!!! or YOOO JOE!

    and some will get added benefits such as zartans master of disguise and destros bullet proof head.
    game play

    most of the missions will be "side quests" to a very large mission. here is one of my main missions

    THE M.A.S.S. device (based on the cartoon show episode)

    the mass device takes 3 catalytic elements to make it work.
    as you see on the link above. the 3 strikeingly paintball pod looking tubes..
    RED: radioactive crystals (paint some rocks or quarts crystals metalic red)
    BLUE: heavy water (use blue power aid)
    YELLOW: unknown metal from a metor that fell on earth thousands of years ago (fill a pod with gold glitter)

    cobra and joe will both be fighting for these and each element will have a mission to them.

    but either way (unknown to the players) but cobra will automaticly win. in the end the double agent will have stolen the elements. why you ask?

    well this will be set up just in time for lunch break. where a clip from the 1980s cartoon will be shown of cobra useing the mass device and destroying the eifle tower and asking for his ransom.

    this will lead into the next mission.



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