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  1. A5 16" Empire 7-piece

    01 February 2010 - 08:53 PM

    Asking $40 shipped.

    Posted Image
  2. Molle Vests, Blue Pants (small)

    01 February 2010 - 08:08 PM

    Vest 1: ACU pat, Attatchments are mostly the Velcro system that Spec-Ops had years back, cut to fit in the molle straps. It can be safely assumed that they worked well for several years and will be good to go for years to come. The green you see is baked in, unfortunately, and Simple Green + several washings can't get it out. $55 shipped to your door. Comes with the four attachments shown.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Vest 2: Multicam. Got it as a project and never did anything with it. $25 shipped.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Blue Pants: Like new, never used. $15

    Posted Image
  3. Phantom: What do I want and how can I get it?

    16 January 2010 - 03:18 PM

    I am looking to get my brother a phantom, but I haven't been in the market for one for about six years. Because of this, I don't know who is currently good to get stuff from. I hear Wevo is down, and WWA never sent me the pump kit I bought a year back, so I guess they're down too. Other things I just need technical advice on, as I'm not familiar with some of the "newest advances in phantom technology". Feel free to throw in your opinion.

    I want to get him a phantom with the following features:

    45* Grips: I want to get some Stinger grips put on them. Tossup between Chuck Norris or Jesus Christ (is there a difference?).

    Constant Air: 12 grams + him = no. He likes his 114/4500 tank with a remote. Not sure if I should look for one with the Vertical Air fixture or the ASA on the back of the tube (I suppose the one with the ASA on the back of the tube would be easier to disassemble).

    Center Feed: I'd want to mod it with an Ego clamping feedneck. Alternatively, I could get a stock feed body and either put a PMP industries adapter or put a spyder feedneck with holes on it. I think the later looks better but requires some milling? If I did it that way, he'd still have the option of running with that 10 round tube?

    Black: I might want to upgrade my own phantom to clone his.

    No Stock: Doesn't normally use one and when he does he's got a longbow airthru to use.

    Things I'm up in the air for are:

    Barrels: I don't know what's currently out there. I see Lapcos, and I guess I could get him two different bores of those so he doesn't have rollouts...

    Undercocking kit: Looks cool, but I don't know about their availability. Don't really want one that looks like an X from the front. Not sure I really want to get him one. Your opinion?

    Sight Rail: Really like to have one. What's available?

    What would be the most economic way of going about getting one (or two!) of the phantom's described above? Buy used and sell the one I have now? Get a new one and upgrade the one I have?

    I currently have a phantom with an M16 grip, an ASA on the back of the body, the 10 round tube body and an 11" armson Pro barrel.

    Thanks, Schwimmy.
  4. 88/45 and 45/45

    29 November 2009 - 12:45 PM

    88/45, only has a couple months left on the hydro (10/10) Comes with a blue Dye tank cover $70 SOLD!!!

    45/45, last hydro'd on 03/07, Five year tank. Comes with an old black dye cover. $80 SOLD!!!

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  5. Cocker Detent/Beavertail

    22 November 2009 - 03:53 PM

    It's in the title.

    Have cash. Offer up.


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    09 Aug 2007 - 13:43
    yea like i said i didn't get to go to ker'splat after all. =\ my parents were gone and none of my friends wanted to go either =\
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    01 Aug 2007 - 14:56
    yea i don't think i'll be able to go after all unless i can get a ride there and back so if i do go you'll see me and if not then i guess you wont lol
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    01 Aug 2007 - 12:35
    hey what time are u gonna go to ker'splat on friday ill see if i can go and bring some friends llol
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