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  1. In Topic: Fast enough for ya???

    03 March 2008 - 09:44 PM

    not bad. was that around 20bps+?

    my ion had a blackheart so it was capped at 20.
    do you have a qev?
    if not get one :laugh: helps a ton
  2. In Topic: 2 piece barrels and blackcell body for ion

    12 February 2008 - 03:00 PM

    View PostPhantomAssassin, on Feb 7 2008, 10:57 AM, said:

    Yeah those things are awesome! You can even put Freak Inserts in it!

    haha well ya kinda have to

    sly barrels are ok barrels. but they wont be worth the hassle for ya

    go with Dye barrels :) or MacDev M-Sticks
  3. In Topic: Best reg to use with the blackcell

    12 February 2008 - 02:56 PM

    CP are just average....theyr not great but there not bad.

    the stock ion reg is acutally really really decent....is a cp better....perhaps, but is it $60 better? F*** No.

    CP's are just popular and a nice lookin reg with lots of colors.....its kind of a fad regulator.....i meen again, it is ok, but not that nice.

    the best regulators period are AKA's. The 2liter is unbeleivable and the Sidewinder is almost just as nice
    Palmers regs are good, but not AKA performance...they are built strong and are quality for sure (but AKA is just as much)

    Dye Hyper 2 regs are probly the best bang for buck out right now...$95 down to $39.99. all cuz the new 3&4 came out. These regs poo on CP's and many others....not as nice as an AKA but better than Palmer's.

    so here it is:

    $60 for a good, not great reg? CP
    $40 for a really nice reg? Dye Hyper 2
    $80+ for a really nice reg and quality? Palmers Fatty
    $95 (or $60 used) for THE BEST regs out. AKA 2 liter or ~$70 new for a Sidewinder
  4. In Topic: Cheap, Simple, Effective Upgrades

    10 February 2008 - 11:59 AM

    springs do wonders for only $7 brand new -ebay-
    crazy efficeieny increase and trilly's have a bigger air chamber in valve for much lower operating pressures and less shootdown

    skip a trily comp though...

    get either the trilly pro (fullsize hinge, nicer looking,less plastic) or the trilogy SF Pro....the sf pro's go for $135+ new (iv seen used but only tested ones sell for $100 even) and the non-sf's go for $99 new or less its used or tested.

    but for a bang for buck and most visual boost in performance:
    1. Spring Kit $5-$10 Efficieny Boost, Lower operating pressures.

    2. Adjustable In-line Reg. $15-$100. Depends if you go used/new or Higher-end/lower end....I say buy a WGP BlackMagic reg for $25 on ebay...these are honestly my favorite regs (these and WGP Sto's...same internals diff appearance/body). Adjustable and crazy consistent and crazy cheap. Iv got a BlackMagic Reg and an Eclipse Reg for sale for same price of $25.....an adjustable reg makes life so much easier to 'sweet-spot' your cocker...and springs will be a pain to adjust without an inline reg thats externally adjustable...

    3.Barrel Kit. Crucial for accuracy. Crucial for less ball breaks. Crucial for Closed-bolt markers, so you dont have balls rolling out your barrel...$50-$200 depending used or new and what kind....best bang for buck is probly a J&J Edge (Gargae) as theyr cheap but i recomend an empire Revolver...they're just over $100 new with ???4-5 inserts??? and much cheaper used...

    4.Eblade or SF Frame Upgrade...will cost $100-$225 depending if you get the SF frame (not the trilogy SF frame....the one that is on superstocks and blackmagics) which is <$100 used...e1's sell for 150ish and e2's around 200....youl need a trilly eblade adapter though (only $10+ i think)....huge firepower upgrade.

    LPR is not needed unless you want true optimal performance...they barely do anything anywho...waste of money for a first upgrade...only needed for 20bps+ for less shootdown on your ram.

    Qev's on your ram arent as bad an idea...just only pay $5 a peice...not $15 or $12.50...aka used lol.....itl help lower shootdown as well by helping cycle faster (for your ram obviously lol)

    On/Off asa for preference and convienience...

    Trinity has a feedneck sleeve so you can have a clamping feednack over the stock feedneck

    I dont know the bolt length for trillys...i think it is 2000+ not Evo length...in that case you can buy really lightweight delrin bolts for less kick and lower op. pressure....Slik is the lightest and best.(stay away from aluminum...its heavy lol and wears down

    Although i prefer Traditional cockers more (there is more selection in body styles and more upgrades without tweaking) Trilogy's have the huge advantage of a bigger valve chamber...which is very useful when you have an electronic frame and want low-low-low operating pressure and no shootdown...so thats my fact supporting trilogy's if someone suggests otherwise.

  5. In Topic: what maker i should get

    05 February 2008 - 01:31 PM

    for a first gun

    i wont recomend an autococker (my favorite guns ever...haha)

    for a first gun.....

    Tippmann A5 has the cyclone feed system and can fire 15bps no prob. that is if you want to get an etrig or rt for it
    automags id say arent great bang for buck anymore....theyre incredibly old but still cool i guess....seeing how autocockers are selling for under $100 for a decent mech the mag isnt a bargain....much heavier (depends) much slower fire rate, less effiecnt, not as accurate (through fps consisntency)...not much potential either as a cocker can made into something better than a ego8 or dm8 (arguably)

    for a first gun i say
    Tippmann A5, not a Tippmann 98 or custom pro
    Mech Cocker (i you want to learn about them)


    Mix of the 2

    The ion with a decent hopper (Evolution or even a revolution) and HPA (can be bought now for as little as $40) is an amazing value...17bps capable, durable, breakbeam antichop eyes, great stock regulator and AMAZING potential in customization (this can be made as nice as an ego8 or dm8 as well, arguably.....people like admiting it including myself but iv tried TONS of different guns from early brasseagles haha to high-ends of all shapes sizes and versions....(ego6ego7ego8dm5678,pm567r,angela1,TONS of cockers, low-end ions-highend ions,borgs,vikings,etc,etc,etc))



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