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  1. Need all opinions!!

    20 May 2010 - 06:08 PM

    Please tell me which paintball mask you think best represents the sport of paintball. From when the sport started until now.

    Pics always help!

    This is for a project, so I want to hear from EVERYONE. Please help me out!

    Thanks guys!
  2. Catching Cheaters...

    09 May 2010 - 11:56 AM

    ...and if they have a camera mounted to their mask or not.

    From last weekend of play.


    Im on the left, one balling the opponent. Jackson is lead commentator.

  3. Ariakon ACP FS

    29 December 2008 - 10:29 PM

    Up for sale today is one of my two Ariakon ACPs. I have my Tac8 now and all in all, I dont really need three pistols. This has been barely used and has both a delrin bolt and delrin sleeved striker; both from Alamo City Paintball. The last time I aired this bad boy up it was working very well.

    Im asking $150 with the upgraded bolt and striker (I will include the stock bolt and striker if bought with the upgrades)
    $115 without the Alamo City upgrades.

    Please post here and then PM if interested. I will listen to all offers.

    Thanks for looking! :)

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  4. TRP's back to the Basics Tourny

    29 September 2008 - 03:30 PM

    TRP's Back to the Basics Tourny
    update as of 10/4/08
    Official Date is now Sunday, October 19th
    Prices are as follows;
    Admission- $15, free air/CO2

    50cent 12g

    Rental (gun + goggles)- $20

    Marker restrictions:
    • A pump marker is defined as a marker that must be cocked manually before each shot
    o Open class is permitted for this play; meaning a hopper and air/CO2 tank may be used
    • A pistol is defined as a semi-automatic marker that is powered by 12g CO2 cartridges and holds no more than ten (10) rounds at a time.

    • Points will be rewarded based on three (3) different objectives:
    o Eliminations: There will be one (1) point awarded for every elimination of a player on the opposing team
    o Survival: There will be two (2) points awarded for the survival of each player on the friendly team
    o Flag hang time: There will be one (1) point awarded for each minute the friendly team’s colored flag is raised on each base

    • Penalties will be assessed when a player is caught doing either of the following:
    o If a player is caught playing on, they are eliminated and there will be a 10 point penalty
     If a player is caught playing on a second time, that player is eliminated and there will be a twenty (20) point penalty with possibility of ejection for the day
    o If a player is caught wiping a hit, that player is eliminated, and there will be a twenty (20) point penalty with possibility of ejection for the day

    General Rules:
    • There shall be no more that five (5) players per team and no more than two (2) teams on the field at one time.
    • Players must stay within the marked boundaries for the entire game.
    o Players caught outside the boundaries will be warned and given a five (5) second audible countdown to get back inbounds
    o If a player goes out of bounds a second time in a round, that player is eliminated

    • There will be three (3) flag bases placed equidistant from each other in a triangular fashion on the field
    • The games with be twenty (20) minutes long; after which points will be awarded.
    • Teams will start at their designated bases with their marker touching the flag base until the start is sounded

    *original post*
    Ok, tenative date is the 18th of OCT. at Three Rivers Paintball Park in Freedom, PA. It is a Saturday and I have emailed the owner about perhaps having the sign-in be an hour earlier (11am) for the pumpers and pistoleers that show up.
    The setup is teams of 5 with 3 flag bases on the field in an SPPL-esque style. One flag base for each team and a base that is up for grabs from the get-go. Points are awarded for elims, survival and time your color flag is hung at each flag base.
    We may have a few guys from MCB an UMS coming too. If there are enough people for more that 2 teams, every team will play each other. We will have it set up so that everyone gets equal playing time. This is more or less a preliminary pistol/pump day, with bugs being worked out of the system and a bigger, more structured and publicized event happening next season; probably in the spring. The more people that show up the better and we want plenty of feedback. Spread the word! TRP's Back to the Basics Tourny is coming soon!



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