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October 22, 1965
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Kayaking, canoeing, hiking, camping, paintball, fencing, cross-country skiing, writing/photography and travel.

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  1. In Topic: Who are you?

    04 January 2009 - 06:46 PM

    View PostBecc, on Jan 4 2009, 07:28 PM, said:

    ahhhhhh YOU QUOTED PICTURES! and really... wow... where? whats your name? lol temples small enough i prolly knew you.
    and already been accepted to rivier, dont see a reason to stay. ill transfer to a better college after 2 years

    i live on mansfield, so i know exactly where youre talking about

    LOL! I'm tech-tarded! Rivier is a good school. I took a class there on a scholarship for Business Management. Our house was right off the Wapack Trail, #55... an A-frame. But that was years ago. What's your major?
  2. In Topic: Who are you?

    04 January 2009 - 05:20 PM

    View PostBecc, on Jan 4 2009, 06:55 PM, said:

    Ok, ive done so many of these things on this forum, ill cry if anyone learns anything from mine, but here goes. ill just start linking it when people wanna know who i am.

    My names Danielle... or becc. More and more its becc. Idk. Dont ask. You know youre addicted to paintball when more people reffer to you as whats on your jersey than your real name. oh right, and when you ref for less money than youd make in a sweatshop, at an outdoor field, where youre worked nonstop. and love it

    Im 15. I'm gonna be a highschool dropout in april, and im counting the days down. No worries, I'm going to college next year... yes, you can do that. how sad is that anyway? that a school could be that worthless that 2 years dont make a difference. anywho.

    Im a girl (gasp). I hate girls as a rule... the drama, i cant stand it. i really cant. makes me want to kill people. im friends with a girl for an average of 2 weeks before i cant stand them. the exceptions being most paintballers, and my best friend liz.

    i have pretty few guy friends though... idk, i think its cause im an incredibly blunt person. ill say what i wanna say when i wanna say it. some guys hate being told off by a girl more than the girls hate me not playing their game. i finaally found a group of guys like me this year though, cept one of them turned out to be... long story... lets just say, hes a current pain in my butt.

    i want to move to michigan. seriously. i love that place. went out there for paintball and they practically had to drug me and throw me onto the plane to get me back. i like the people, and i like the weather. im in love with the lake. the exception to this is detroit. im a country girl, always will be. the only city i can stand (and actually i kinda love it) is boston- and then its only the north end and the irish quarter. the older parts. when i move there, itll have to be to one of the farms... maybe hell, just for the name.

    i have a HUGE extended family. over 30 first cousins on each side. and it makes for some interesting times. ive even walked in on two of em goin at it but we wont go there

    hobbies... i used to have a lot of em. then came paintball. now i fourwheel and paintball. im also on a first robotics team, and this summer we built a paintballing robot. its epic, trust me. im on the fire department, and i just got my providers license (finally) as an emt. ive been going on calls for over 2 years though. lately ive realized i really way preffer ems to fire though. and that im going to hell... ask deschaine, im constantly wishing car crashes and heart attacks on people just so i can play.

    picture time:
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    liz and the robot

    heh. dont have any of my recent pics up on photobucket. and btw edit was cause it helps if you remember to hit paste when you add the pics

    Hey, Becc... stay in school! I once lived in Temple/Sharon, on Temple Road by the Wapack Trail.
  3. In Topic: Stra-8 Baller

    03 January 2009 - 05:01 PM

    View PostPirate, on Jan 3 2009, 06:36 PM, said:

    That's a whole different thread there :D

    Some of the biggies. . .
    Got a 3 for 1 and banned from a rather large regional tournament series for 1 year...Malicious Overshooting cause the kid wiped a hit, then spun and shot a teammate of mine.
    I let him have it because I already didn't like the kid (off the field stuff).

    Got kicked out of one field because I ran up behind a guy, tapped him on the shoulder, then shot him right in the lens and said "Nighty night!". They didn't think it was funny.

    There's other 3-4-1's, 1-4-1's, and general dickery.

    Ah, I see! Maybe there's a place on the Stra-8 Balla website that you can click on to become a born-again paintballer? lol!
  4. In Topic: Stra-8 Baller

    03 January 2009 - 06:51 AM

    View PostPirate, on Jan 3 2009, 03:20 AM, said:

    Wow, that's still around?
    I'm on that list, #204.

    ...How do you get your name off that list, cause I'm pretty sure I don't qualify as one anymore :rolleyes:

    Yes, I believe that it still does! Now what'd you go and do????
  5. In Topic: Stra-8 Baller

    01 January 2009 - 08:47 PM

    View PostPuzuma, on Jan 1 2009, 10:44 PM, said:

    No worries. I get called Carl, Kevin and occasionally Pete or Steve instead of Keith. Messed up names is part of life. :D

    LOL! I lived with my grandparents for a while and I learned how to respond to my mother's name, because they kept calling me by her name! It's all good.



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    27 Apr 2007 - 18:12
    If you need feed back for any thing, just pm me. C.A.
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