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  1. Ultimate Woodsball League

    31 March 2009 - 09:48 PM

    Thought you boys might like to see this....

    The SPPL has some up and coming competition...the UWL. For those interested in playing some woodsball tournies this spring/summer...the UWL is looking like the place to do it. The events are BYOP and the two divisions are very intriguing. The Open Division is no restrictions, all out paint flying, in your face woodsball. Word on the street is that the California Regionals are going to pull Team Dynasty and a few other pro squads for the Open Division. What an opportunity that would be, do you think your woodsball crew could show Dynasty a thing or two in the woods, or would they still take it to you? The one that interests us the most is the Skills Division. This one is marker restricted, basically taking thing back to old school woodsball where Tippmanns, pumps and classics rule the day. We're on board for the DDAY qualifer, it would be great to see more local boys jump on as well. We've done the SPPL gig (and done pretty darn well at it), but we're tired of the heavy shooters that have taken over the league...it's time to play some good ole' woodsball where crawling through brush and setting up for the kill shot takes precedence over gobs of paint. Well if you're all about painting ropes then Open is for you...otherwise...Skills it is!


    Tom Cole of Bad Company is the UWL promoter/designer.

    2009 UWL Schedule of Events
    April 25 - 26 California SC Village
    May 16 - 17 Illinois Badlandz
    June 11-12 Oklahoma D-Day
    July 18 - 19 South Carolina Adventure Beach?
    August 1 - 2 California SC Village?
    August 29 - 30 Pennsylvania Three Rivers?
    September 12 - 13 Texas Cousins Paintball
    October 3 - 4 Florida XPX
  2. DDay 2009: 82nd Airborne

    01 October 2008 - 09:14 AM

    Gents and ladies, if you're wanting to roll to DDay this year either by yourself or with friends, the 82nd is looking for a few good mud stompin, paint slingin, door kickin, no name takin, sit around a camp fire eatin, gas producing, all around good people.

    Whether you go allied or german, I absolutely guarantee you and your buddies are going to have a blast down in Okie come June. There is no other pball experience like this. Between the 4,000 players, 700 acres, good friends, a camp fire, and lots of delicious frozen chimichangas, you're talking about pball heaven my friends. When it comes to deciding which unit to join and run with, I'm pretty partial to the 82nd myself. It's tough to beat the brotherhood you find with the AAs. Every year Muddy considers who we're going to play for, and every year (thus far) we have decided to come back to the 82nd. There are plenty of top notch units on both sides of the field, but it is the people within the 82nd that keep bringing us back year after year. To these guys, there are two simple reasons for coming to DDay: have fun camping with friends, and have fun playing paintball with friends. It doesn't get any better than the basics.

    As for the action you'd see running 82nd: we are priviliged to that wonderful "mis-drop". Airborne gets dropped in the boonies, we have to make our way through enemy occupied territory, pushing through ambushes and counter-attacks just to get to our objectives in the first place (which then require a good delivering of a mud stomping to the Germans currently holding said property). If you go airborne, in any unit, one thing is for certain: be in shape. We're fast movers. Hit and Run. We have to cover a lot of territory in a short amount of time. It requires some endurance, a desire to play aggressive all out pball, and a hunger for engaging some of the finest units the German army has to throw at us.

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for our German counter-parts, but of course I love playing against them as well. Some of the finest pballers I have seen in the woodsball community, trying to break up the airborne advance before we can reach our objectives and deliver the allied cavalry. One thing is for certain though, once the airborne arrive, there's a thumpin coming with it. We already have a solid group of core vets returning to the AAs. We're currently looking for individuals players and small teams who are new to the DDay experience. Vets bring stability, new blood brings passion. If you and your friends are hard chargin, fun lovin, and in decent shape, the 82nd would love to have you.

    Whichever road you take, German or Allied, you will not regret it. A chance to do some camping in the summer with some of the finest people you will ever meet, grilling out brauts, sitting around a campfire, and paint slinging with your buddies. Life is good. Welcome to DDay.


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