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  1. Late Birthday...

    27 April 2009 - 07:34 PM

    oh by the way apparently it was my birthday friday! :(
    24 on the 24th! My golden Year... I got seriously waisterrd! haha
    I got my T8 too... can wait to play with it!
  2. T8 brainstorm... =/

    10 April 2009 - 02:49 AM

    First off let me say, feel free to bash this all you want! The more you do the better I can improve my ideas! :laugh:

    OK, I'm buying a T8 for my birthday! I've been wanting one for a while, figured I'd finally get one! >.<
    I use to play with dual pistols back in the day, before some dumb frick stole them... :angry:

    Anyways, I eventually want to get the Tactical Tib MKII Rails from UMS. I like me some options. With the new
    First strike rounds coming out I want to mod some sort of stock I can snap on for stability. I've been playing with a stock
    for some time now and have grown accustom to the feel. I don't want it to be permanent because I want to play with my pistol
    and when the need arises I can snap on my stock and sights and use it as a sniper... pistol...
    Erhurm... B)

    don't call me ridiculous, stocks vastly improve accuracy. The key is not to overdo it, which I seem to have a tenancy to do, haha.
    And yes, I know, I could just get a T9... only thing is, I hate them... don't know why... sigh. :mellow:
    So here are a few of my ideas for mods, obviously the sliding stock one makes little sense, i meant to put it sliding on top... =/
    Although having a sliding stock inter-graded with the rail system wouldn't be so bad... :happy:

    My first idea was to just redesign the connecting piece for an existing stock (in this case a LongBow)...
    Posted Image

    Second idea, sliding stock... Yeah I know there's an mp7 shroud, but I think it looks like sheet... metal... :P
    Posted Image

    lastly, this is probably the easiest, a fold-able stock I can mount on the side rails...
    I could eve take this on the field in a pouch.... (what do you think of the but design?)
    Posted Image

    that's it for now... if anyone has any good ideas or improvements let me know and I'll draw them up!
    however, don't bash my wanting to have a stock please... that's not the point of this post.


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