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  1. In Topic: how should sabres play be? offense...defense? both? let me know

    15 April 2009 - 12:51 AM

    View Posttippmann addict, on Jan 18 2009, 04:28 PM, said:

    so i know many sabres and many paintball players and was wondering your opinion on your style of play....if you are a sabre. letme know your opinion.....thanks

    For one, if you are built like me, (5'8", 145 lbs) totally ignore the vast amounts of paint and vest suggestions Specops says to carry. I tried that in the 2006 Global Conquest game at Hellsurvivors. I loaded my Sabre vest with all the paint it was designed to carry, plus my air, plus a camelback water pouch, and then added my gun and sling on top of that, and it about killed me. I will -never- need 8 pods of paint, nor all those map/radio pouches. What I did instead, was I bought a 6+1 Redz comfort pack online, then ordered a chalker sling from Blackhawk. I wear the lightweight camo from SpecOps, and stick my folded, laminated map in one of the leg pockets, and I have a web pouch for my radio, which I attach to the molle points on the chalker sling. Now my kit keeps me cooler, is lighter, and better attached. During luls in the action, or when I'm dead, I can just clip my gun onto the chalker sling, and it hangs across my chest. Get into a paint fight, and one quick tug on the red tab frees the gun for use.

    I tend to play the 'second wave'. Alone in a scenario game, without my squadmates, I usually trail the sprinters at a jog, and decide what to do depending on what happens to them. If I see some prime 'ghosting' opportunities, I go for that, if the sprinters need cover, I longball. If the other team leaves an opening for a flank, I'll tell the nearest person who looks like a 'broadsword' to cover me, and I sprint the length of the course.

    The SpecOps definition of a Sabre does a good job of defining their typical role, but you need to keep in mind that your gear needs to support your putting on any of the other hats if needed. To that extent, I try to be ready to reconfigure my gun off the field rapidly, so besides my normal setup, I have an Apex barrel for suppression fire, and a stubby little freak kit for light rifleman duties, as well as a drop forward sitting in my bag in the dead zone. I suppose the moral of the story is, a medium rifleman is a jack of all trades, but a supporter of the team at heart. I rarely get to storm the opposing team, and eliminate other players, but I do get to keep their attention away from the guys getting ready to do just that, using suppressing fire. Like a pawn on the chess board, our stated job is to trade blows with the other team, but pawns can be turned into any other piece if the situation is right. And we don't have to reach the back row to do it :laugh:
  2. In Topic: Milsim like, with ROF

    10 March 2009 - 11:49 PM

    View PostKidneySt0ne, on Mar 9 2009, 06:01 PM, said:

    I'm bored, so ladies and gentlemen, I present you with this:

    I've been paintballing for a years, mainly in the woods, and I got a M16/AR15 type set up for my tippmann 98. It's served me well for a number of years, but I want a marker that I can use in the woods or on a speedball field.

    Now that I moved to AZ, and go to a field regularly, with smaller fields, my stock and remote line can get in my way.

    My friends all want me to get a tourney gun, which costs 500+ bucks....
    That'd be nicer to play with on the field, but I still want a kind of milsim marker. Pretty much something compact with a high ROF, but I could put sights on if I wanted to.

    I was thinking about the Spyder MR3. The youtube reviews rate highly, but people at the store advise against it.

    Then there's also the Smart Parts SP1, but the feed blocks your sight... And I don't really like A5s or X7s..., and none of that mag fed stuff. What's the point.

    So, any recommendations on a new, affordable milsim marker that meets these conditions?
    High ROF on semi (prefer a walkable trigger)
    Affordable (less than $350)
    Reliable and easy to maintain
    compact & comfortable

    I suppose it really depends on which you want to do most, speedball, or milsim?
    If you plan on using it mostly for speedball, in order to keep your feedrate at max, and also prevent broken feed necks, you're going to want a vertical feed, which means blocking your top sightrail, no way around it. You could get an SP1, or simply a black epiphany or Ion, and use a mil-sim appearance grip-mounted stock. If you use an SP1, you will be able to a red-dot to the side of the gun and use that as a sight.

    If you want a gun that is milsim, but will fare well on the speedball field, I'd recommend an A-5 with an e-trigger and an X-7 hopper (the part is a direct replacement for the A-5 hopper, but lower profile and angled to deflect balls). I was on a five-man team in the Navy, and did quite well for myself at the time with an A-5 on HPA and a freak barrel. But then again, I was accustomed to running around with a 12lb rifle at the time, so a stripped-down A-5 was downright feather-light to me at the time. The reason I don't recommend the X-7 is because the fake magazine adds weight as well as more target area, and because buying an A-5 will save you money for the e-grip.

    Of course if you're trying to play as a seriously competitive tournament team, your idea just won't work. Buy the best tournament gun you can afford, with a decent, straight barrel, like a bigshot, and if you want to play woodsball with it, cover it with camo tape, like I used to do with my bright blue automag, or just keep it behind a tree when you're hiding from the other team in the woods. just don't cry when it breaks because you accidentally tripped and fell face first into a trench badly enough to kick yourself in the back of the head. Yes, that happened to me too, fortunately, my A-5 is ok, but my ego is still in the shop getting the dents popped out.
  3. In Topic: What masks fit with this headgear?

    07 March 2009 - 11:54 AM

    Ok, thanks all for the input. I'll probably end up using a Vforce Profiler, just because it seems like no one in town caries JT anymore. Are the the Vforce or JT flexible enough to possibly fit the headband under a helmet? The problem with my Shield is that I can only put it on outside the helmet, and that ends up looking pretty goofy.

    Needless to say, the Proteus experiment was a disaster, :blink: . Besides the fact that I discovered the chin guard warped and cracked in my closet, and the lens has spider-web cracks at the nose, the hard plastic prevents the helmet from fitting over it, and the mask strap is not flexible enough to fit around it.


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