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  1. Wow, I forgot how annoying the New Year can be....

    10 January 2011 - 04:47 PM

    I usually go to the gym 3-4 times a week and there's hardly anyone ever in there. Anyway, I didn't notice much last week but I sure as heck noticed a lot today. I went to the gym and it's packed... all the treadmills were taken, ellipticals, weight lifting areas... even the aerobics room and it's always empty.

    I had to turn around and walk out because there wasn't anything to do...

    I'm all for New Years resolutions but this is ridiculous...
  2. After 5-6 years, I finally found my paintball clothing style...

    06 June 2010 - 07:57 AM

    When I first start playing paintball, I wore always wore a hoodie, a pair of blue jeans, and sneakers. Well, after a while, I wanted a more tactical approach and bought a pair of BDUs and boots. Now, the BDUs were a good investment. Blending in with my surroundings was always a key part.

    Well, when I enlisted in the Army, I kind of stopped playing paintball because I was never home to do it. Last April, my friends invited me to play paintball at their field down at a ministry camp. Naturally, I accepted, broke out the BDUs, and went down to play.

    After a day of playing, I went to go change back into some normal clothes when I saw my reflection in a window. I was like "Is that me? Holy crap, I look stupid" (I don't even look that dumb in ACUs). It was at that moment I decided to change my style of clothes to something new, but what exactly?

    I thought about it for a while. "Maybe MARPAT Woodland?" Nah. I'm not a Marine. "Wear a t-shirt and jeans?" Nah. Needs to be casual but tactical as well.

    Well, I turned on the T.V. and ended up watching a little Stargate SG-1 when it hit me.

    This is the style that I wanted.

    I'm not overly dressed but I also don't look like I'm going to the store. Anyway, that was my story.

    Now, I would like to hear your stories on how you finally chose your clothing style.
  3. Well, I got pulled over for the first time....

    28 May 2010 - 10:37 PM

    I'm usually a safe driver but tonight, I had a bad lapse in judgment (Decided to listen to my friend who has three citations). Pulled a u-turn (Wasn't the best place for it... the fact that I couldn't see oncoming traffic gave that away) and ironically, a patrol car saw the whole thing. He flashed his lights and I pull into a parking lot.

    The officer comes up, told me what I did wrong, asked for my license, registration, etc. and went back to his car. At this point I'm positive I'm going to get a ticket (Heck, I would, it was a dangerous stunt I pulled). He comes back, hands me my information and tells me to have a good night.

    Just like that. Took less than five minutes. Didn't even give me warning. Maybe I'm overreacting about the whole situation but still, that was one quick easy motion.

    Scared the crap out of me and taught me a lesson in one jump of my heart. I won't be doing to that again.
  4. Wow, my Mom is really starting to get on my nerves...

    16 May 2010 - 05:01 PM

    I call home the other day, it's been a long day, went to bed late and had to get up early so of course I'm tired. My Mom picks up and I talk to her (Keep in mind once more, I'm tired so my voice isn't exactly cheery and I told her that I was tired), well, during mid-conversation, she asks, "Are you depressed? You sound like it." At this point I'm about explode because she always does when I just told her that I was tired. Well, apparently that wasn't good enough for her and she starts crying and says I'm depressed.

    Now, at this point, my anger is building up (One, because nothing makes me madder than someone else telling me how I feel, what I like and don't like etc. and two, she's crying for no reason). Fortunately, I'm good at holding my anger so I don't make the situation worse. I ask to talk to my Dad because I'm getting tired of this. I ask him what's wrong with her and tells me he has no idea (She's getting on his nerves too). I love my Mom but she's making it hard to put up with her when she ignores everything I say and makes up her own facts (I've talked to her about it but she always "forgets").

    Anyway, I'm not trying to make it look like I'm ranting. I just needed to get this off my chest and I would like to hear your input as well.
  5. Paintall Parks in Maryland

    25 April 2010 - 09:13 AM

    I'm going to be stationed at Fort Meade in Maryland and I was wondering if anyone (who lives in Maryland) knew about the quality of the parks and which ones to recommend? I found the locations of quite a few and they're all pretty close, but I want to know you're opinions.

    Edit: Ah, I missed the spelling error in the topic title. My bad.


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