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  1. How Great is Opsgear?

    26 October 2008 - 10:40 PM

    I was going to put this in the rants topic, but I felt it needed to be read, and not just posted over. I'd like to play some prevent defense for you guys if you order from this company; to keep you from going through what I am experiencing with them.

    So here it is, my *OPSGEAR* rant......

    I ordered some stuff on Opsgear on the 10th of this month. A shroud, and a front grip, looking to dress up the ol' A-5. I put the order in, paid, got the confirmation email, and played the ever-so-annoying-wait-for-what-Brown-can-do-for-you Game.

    A week passed, no package; granted, I knew that the 2500 or so ought miles the package had to travel from Salt Lake to Virginia was going to take a bit. It always does.

    A few days more pass. I got my Multicam top and Canteen Cover (for my air, will post pics later), and my mag kit, but NO Opsgear package. At this point I'm getting a bit antsy. It's Wednesday and I wanted to convert my A-5A2 for the big game on Saturday. I finally decided to fire off an email to the customer service department, asking (at this point, still cordially) why my package hadn't arrived, and if it had even shipped.

    I got an email confirmation stating "Thanks for your email, we'll get back to you shortly" or some bull like that. The next day, I get a most-likely automated email generated with my tracking number for UPS. I check it, and it says it was shipped on the 22nd, and was scheduled to arrive on the 29th. I hit the roof. The day I sent the mail asking why I hadn't gotten my package was the same day they shipped it.

    They billed my bank account as soon as I ordered it. But yet, waited 2 weeks to ship it. I decided to let my feelings be disclosed, and sent yet another mail, this time longer and more heated, albeit still polite. I stated that I was very unapproving of the way I was served as a customer, and if I wasn't offered a reason as to why events occured as they did, that I would never shop there again, and that I'd spread their reputation around.

    The next email was almost identical to the tracking number email, as if to say, "here's your number, shut up and leave us alone." At this point, if my hair were long enough I'd have ripped it out.


    So here I am now, ranting to my peers and friends, about how Opsgear wronged me, and showed their true colors. As any customer would want, I only desired to be treated like another human being, instead of just another number.

    A few Years ago, I ordered from them frequently. I never had a problem until they expanded, and sold more products to a larger spectrum of customers. Has anyone had problems like this with them? A massive delay on an order, and then no excuse for it?

    Thanks for listening....

  2. Looking for a big Tank......

    21 October 2008 - 03:27 AM

    I need to find a large HPA tank. My A-5, like most others, is a gas hog, and I want to have the most air I can.

    I know there are 114/4500s; SpecOps did have tank like this that was co-manufactured by Nitro Duck.......but last time I checked the shop, there were none.

    So, simply put, I need help, or a finger point in the right direction, of finding a large ci tank.





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