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Trust me. I have no idea what I'm doing.
23 years old
February 6, 1991
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Morehead, Kentucky

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  1. Look what I can do!

    07 July 2008 - 04:53 PM

    So, I've been up for a day and a half now. Had skate team tryouts this morning, and I didn't want to oversleep, so I made sure I wouldnt. Skate tryouts came and passed, with my friend and I canceling the idea all together due to massive complaints and temper tantrums because some guys didn't make the team. I come home and decide to skate around on my porch.

    This is the result.

    Posted Image

    Yeah. I was too tired and miscalculated, and sent the board screaming into my face. Im lucky I didn't lose my eye, though I do have a massive amount of tiny stitches. I had to sit around and wait for my mother to come home for 40 minutes with bloody gashes and a possible concussion. So I get to spend 2 hours in the ER, with a doctor that leaves twice during the stitching to talk on his cell. Due to the possibility of a concussion, I get to spend another night awake

    Moral of the story - Sleep is vital.
  2. Ion

    24 June 2008 - 07:46 PM

    Posted Image
    I'm in a tight spot. Need cash. Everything seen here goes in one package.

    Ion has -
    Blue Body Kit
    Roller Trigger
    Blackheart Board
    Qlock Feedneck
    CP On/Off
    SmartParts Progressive Barrel 12"
    and grips

    Also included are -
    Empire 3+4 Pack
    Empire Jersey
    Halo TSA (could use a new shell, but it works)

    Looking for 210 or so, but I'll look at most all offers. Thanks, Shadow.
  3. Gearbag sale.

    21 June 2008 - 09:31 PM

    So, today my dogs got a face full of snake venom setting me back two Mr. Benjy Franklins. In light of this, and my need to get money for my next purchase, time to unload some gear. Pictures will be up in the morning.

    -Tippmann A5 MP5

    -VForce Vantage and Proto Switch Masks
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Both have been used moderately. 20 for each OBO.

    -Halo TSA
    Posted Image
    Black, could use a new shell, but overall is a good loader. 20$ OBO

    -Yellow Empire 3+4 pack
    Posted Image
    Good condition, never used it myself but bought it lightly used. 25$

    -Yellow Evil pants

    -Large RAP4 and PCS Encounter vest
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    RAP4 has never been used, and the PCS was used for one game. Both are large. 40$ each or 70$ for the two. OBO

    -3 20 o.z. Co2 canisters 15$ apiece 35$ for the lot.

    Pics up later. Or on my Photobucket.

    -Drop forward with On/Off 10$
    Posted Image
    -12 "Smart Parts Progressive Barrel Ion/Impulse threads 18$
    Posted Image
    -And two 4+1 packs. Woodland is 140 round pods, and a black 100 round. 10$ each
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    I prefer PayPal, and will ship the following day with delivery confirmation and insurance. Shipping has been combined for most items. PM me with all offers or questions. Thanks for looking, Shadow Sparda.

    Also added is a package deal.
    Posted Image
    Ion with Blackheart Board, Qlock Feedneck, Roller Trigger, CP On/Off, Blue Body, Grips, the Progressive Barrel, Pack, and Jersey, and Halo TSA. Looking for about 210$ shipped.
  4. ECOracer?

    21 June 2008 - 08:50 PM

    Was just wanting to ask around to see if anyone had possibly talked to ECOracer outside of the forums. He hasn't been on here in over a month, and I need to talk to him as soon as possible. If anyone knows, care to help me out? Thanks, Shadow.
  5. You and your damn cookies....

    16 June 2008 - 03:58 AM

    After playing for about...4...5....What? 6 years now? I decided to try pump. Lately I've only been using my Tac 8 or a Tac Cap, so why not just go all the way?

    With help from my friend Chaos, I'll be saying goodbye to Mr. Tiberius and gaining....

    Posted Image

    I believe I'll be happy with the choice I have made. Plus, it helps save me money. ;) Now, where are my cookies? :happy: Anyone have tips or suggestions? Thanks, Shadow.


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  1. Photo


    18 Aug 2009 - 04:32
    I want to retract my previous comment b/c it seems it might be giving people the wrong idea. Sparda as of our last dealings is a great guy... he had a bad accident during the aforementioned comment and he was unable to get online for a while to keep me updated on the situation. I actually feel like a JA for the comment I left last year that it doesn't look like I can delete. Stand up guy as I
  2. Photo


    10 Jul 2008 - 08:44
    dude... seriously it's been almost 2 weeks. I understand stuff happens but I need those vests... if possible by saturday, got a big game on sunday & nothing to carry my & my bro's gear & pods on.
    Plus I REALLY don't wanna be the first to leave bad feedback on ya.
    work with me, please.
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