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  1. In Topic: OK + Paintball?

    23 September 2009 - 02:42 PM

    Hey "MDK" try to get to the DDay field for the "Red Dawn" game, coming up soon. Most of our guys should be there, and some others you ran with as well should be.

    Fun games, smaller turnout, much more relaxed atmosphere and just more fun overall.
  2. In Topic: The OK D-Day AAR Thread

    22 June 2009 - 01:50 PM

    View PostMarauder_Pilot, on Jun 19 2009, 12:43 AM, said:

    Yeah, don't go after the IDs. The 1st, 3rd and 4th are always under-strength, but have the most points to attack. The 6th, 101st and 82nd make up about a third of the Allied army, and have about 350 points available to them and only them (Breacourt Guns, Pegasus Bridge, Caen). The 3rd ID have 200 alone, and the other two have about 600 each IIRC. Point-for-man, the IDs have the hardest fights in the game, and I personally think it's absolutely ludicrous that Allied Command is keeping the 101st and 82nd down in South wasting a third of the Allied army on something that the 6th and the Pathfinders could wrap up pretty easily while the huge point sinks at the beaches sit all day long.

    I mean, the Germans get...what, 300 guys tops in South? (716th, the unit at Pegasus, the 6th Falls, the MEK and the GJs) What the hell are they thinking, sinking, generally, in assorted places, 600 guys? It's just silly.

    Again, I'm gonna give some slack here because this thread wasn't intended for where it's gone now. That being said, MP, your numbers are wrong. "Allocated total players", and "actual showed up" always tend to be different not to mention that come Saturday most are still lower yet. I can't speak for the 'actual' numbers, as those are not being released yet, not on me to do it. But suffice it to say that I don't think anyone was blaming the 1st ID for not taking Omaha. Even in my post, I was telling him how much help he actually DID have around him. After which he turned it against me, blaming everyone else for not taking it instead. You'd think that being there for the taking of Utah, fighting your way to Omaha, and fighting all around it the rest of the day would be enough. :wacko:

    The numbers of 1st ID were closer to full than given credit. It's that crossing 1 single boat at a time, only to get destroyed in turn, that killed off the 1st ID's hopes this year. That needs to be changed back to where it was.

    As for keeping too many people in the South, well there's a couple things wrong with that. First, Caen fell yes, but who ended up with the points? Germans. It needs to stay under control when the points count, not 15 minutes into the game. Having enough players there to effectively do that, part of that plan. Second, there are only so many places that the AB can be dropped off and marched back to without being decimated by the weather, distance, and opposition. Therefore, this time the South saw the bulk again. Finally, what you seem to be advocating on here, is the exact thing you posted negatively about elsewhere, the supposed "Airborne Man-hammer" that takes place. The forces can be assembled and run through from South to North easily enough. But at noon, do we all want to go back to camp, or keep playing. Way more goes into the overall planning than most know. If the intent was to just simply mass forces and steam-roll from one end to the other, it could have been done and has. But how many of the German team would have had fun, or more importantly even bothered to come back next year after that? This year's plan, if it went off correctly, would have been more balanced and spread out by design. As seen, it didn't go correctly everywhere and thus we lost.

    The entire Allied effort can be to blame if anything. Every unit had other units fighting around and with them, there were no act-alone units that captured everything all alone. Sorry to disappoint those who think otherwise. Therefore, those that 'failed', didn't fail all alone either. In regards to Omaha in particular, the sheer numbers of units at that battle is staggering. Almost every one was represented, or there entirely.
  3. In Topic: The OK D-Day AAR Thread

    16 June 2009 - 05:50 AM

    View PostSwaar Flitz, on Jun 15 2009, 07:48 PM, said:

    i thought it was good. me and my friends went 1st id, and we got messed up bad on omaha. it seemed like taking omaha was impossible. i didn't like that very much, we didn't get any help from rangers or airborne. other than that impossible objective i thought it was awesome. it was my first time going and i had a lot of fun.

    I'm gonna just pass most of this whole comment off as it seems to be, you're just confused, or new to DDay, since you've got 3 total posts.

    / end nice PC junk.

    Son, I'm not sure what game you were at, or if you stayed on the field all day or not, or whatever. But just FYI: you had ALL 3 Ranger BN's covering you guys. After hitting Utah, we moved to Omaha, after the others helped where they were, they hit Omaha from the other side. Not to mention that YES there were AB units all around you as well. Perhaps you just needed to get up off the beaches finally, and come up to the trenches and guns to join the fighting? Maybe the 101st PF that were down in the valley near you as well, could have helped you find your way up?
  4. In Topic: we need crazies

    06 April 2009 - 08:34 AM

    If you're looking to join a team, you couldn't find a nicer, more dedicated to playing hard and having fun group, than these guys. They do small and large events, and are genuinely about having fun first.

    If we didn't have our own Team, we'd run with ya all the time Brian.

    See ya at Blackhawk Down, and OK DDay.
  5. In Topic: 2009 OKDDay 101st Airborne/Pathfinders

    25 February 2009 - 07:01 AM

    View Postdorsai, on Feb 23 2009, 05:33 PM, said:

    1 Shepherd is no longer associated with the Allied Command and will not, in any way be involved with our planning or operations.

    This part I can guarantee



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