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  1. Pic Thread Yo

    14 August 2010 - 09:04 PM

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  2. Yayyyy... my runin with the Cops..

    22 March 2010 - 09:53 AM

    So saturday morning, I was driving through town, and a cop pulled out behind me and started following me. I knew I was getting pulled over. My plates expired a couple of days ago. They havent been renewed yet because i have to drive to ohio for something blah blah blah long complicated story. So anyways, she pulls me over, walks up, License and registration. Normal stuff. She asked if i knew why she pulled me over and i said no. She didnt give me an answer until after reading through all of my info. She asked me who the car belonged to, i told her my dad. She told me my plates were expired and asked if i knew that, i told her no and played dumb. She then asked if i had any guns, knives, etc. in the car that she should know about. First i told her no, and then i said OH! wait. i have a paintball marker on the floor in the back. She then switched her entire attitude from being nice, to being down right rude and uneducated. She changed her stance so her hand was out towards me, and the other was resting on the gun on her hip. She said Ok well do me a favor and just leave it there. While im thinking in my head.. Uh what the hell. Theres no air in it. No paint. what am i gonna do, hit you with it?? She goes back to her car, does whatever they do in there, comes back. this is how the rest ensued...

    Her: "Do you have a trunk release?"
    Me: "Yes?"
    her: "Can you unlock your doors?"
    Me: ".... yes??"
    Her: "im just going to put this gun in your trunk"
    Me: "Oh.. ok."
    So she opens my doors takes the paintball marker out, and shes holding it as if its going to bite her. She goes to my trunk, and i can see her messing with it in my rearview mirror. She takes everything off of it, barrel, magazine as if shes dissassembling it, and puts it in my already messy trunk. Theres a reason it wasnt in my trunk, theres so much stuff in there, and i dont have a case or bag or anything for my gun i didnt want it getting banged around. She walks back to my window and says.."Why do you have that in your car?"

    Me: "because i was taking it to my moms house..."
    Her: "Do you have an orange tip for it?"
    Me: "What do you mean by orange tip?"
    Her: "you know, a plastic thing that goes around the end of the barrel that shows its a toy"
    Me: "No... not for paintball. theres some airsoft guns, but i dont know of orange tips being on paintball markers.."
    Her: "Oh ok. i knew they had them for airsoft but i wasnt sure about paintball. So what do you do when your playing for safety??"
    Me: "well.. We all wear masks? and when your not in play normally theres a barrel cover that goes on the end. Its completely harmless right now tho.."
    Her: "Harmless? what do you mean?"
    Me: "Well the only way i could possibly harm anyone with it right now is by hitting them over the head with it... theres no CO2 tank on it, no air in it, and theres no paint in it.. it cant shoot"
    Her: "Ok. well do me a favor and just keep it in the trunk for now on. Because honestly, it looks like an assault rifle and honestly, it scares the crap out me."
    Me: "uh...... Ok....."

    Kinda makes me nervous that she cant tell the difference between a real assault rifle and a paintball marker. Either, weve gotten really good at making our mil-sim guns look real. or shes an idiot. she had no idea about the sport at all. Id think that being a cop shed have some sort of exposure to it..

  3. Im just falling apart

    11 February 2010 - 09:13 PM

    It seems like everytime i post a thread its about medical issue.... well this time ive been having these awful stomach aches, like burning, wake me up at night, laying on the ground in fetal position crying stomach aches. after about 4 months of this, i finally broke down and went to the doctors. She seems to think i have one of two things, acid reflux disease, or stomach ulcer(s). So she put me on some meds to take for a month, twice a day. which im real bummed out about. Im extremely forgetful and im not looking forward to this, BUT if it has a possiblity of helping ill do it. Besides the pills, i was wondering what else i should be doing. Ive already cut out MOST junk foods from my diet....

  4. U.S. Thanksgiving

    22 November 2009 - 08:48 AM

    Thanksgiving is only a few days away. Which means, long breaks for all those college students, lots of food, and family time. Im curious to know what kind of traditions everyone has.

    I was supposed to fly to Indiana to visit Wills family for the holiday, but had to take some work off from being sick, leaving me with little extra money. So Will is driving here to be with my family this year... This should be interesting...
    We are having thanksgiving dinner at my grandmothers house on thursday, then thanksgiving dinner saturday at my moms house. Maybe some paintball thrown in there, and a get together with a few friends at my apartment. Lotsssssssss of food!

    Its a tradition for all of us kids to put the christmas tree up after thanksgiving dinner.. We also get up and watch the parade together.

    What about you guys? What plans or traditions do you have?


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    21 Jul 2011 - 19:32
    Are you a global chat mod, or are you the chat mod for Spec Ops forum only?
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    25 May 2011 - 19:16
    COOL, a chat mod. I have heard of you guys and gals, but have never seen one:)
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    25 Dec 2008 - 21:28
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    30 Jul 2008 - 21:06
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    FIRE WOLF 1 

    23 Jul 2008 - 16:52
    hey if you know a good place to go salmon fishing leave a comment on my web page.
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    FIRE WOLF 1 

    22 Jul 2008 - 22:13
    oh ya, welcome to check out my post. and i come up to michagan to salmon fish do you know any good places? thanks
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    FIRE WOLF 1 

    22 Jul 2008 - 19:40
    nice to see a girle in paintball lol. cant find any around here so good for you -fire wolf 1
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    the eggman 

    25 Jun 2008 - 20:09
    yes another bassist!
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    DZ Unit-1 

    22 Jun 2008 - 22:36
    oops, I dropped a comment! -gasps-
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    25 May 2008 - 18:19
    humpf, i wasn't confused over avvy changes just upset. lol
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    22 May 2008 - 15:56
    Whoa new avvy!
    *does not accept change very well*
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    04 Apr 2008 - 08:10
    Haha, we tied for best new forum member!
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    19 Mar 2008 - 20:26
    Keep it real Robin..Drink Mountain Dew! ;D
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    29 Feb 2008 - 09:14
    sory 'bout tha' lassie i prolly should shu't m' goof
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    29 Feb 2008 - 09:13
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