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  1. In Topic: Teams Recruiting/Looking for Team

    23 May 2010 - 11:48 AM

    Looking for a club/team to join, just moved to the north little rock area... I guess looking for a group of guys to get me back onto the paintball field would be more accurate.

    24 Years old, 4 years PB experience, organized / ran over 5 big games, general in 2 big games, 1 med game.

    I'll give a more personal introduction to people who respond! please email me at bielerga@gmail.com
  2. In Topic: dye C9's?

    04 May 2009 - 04:59 AM

    I think as far as "camo" goes there are better options out there if you are planning on laying still or moving slowly a majority of the time. However if you move fast and occasionally need to hide or move slowly they will serve their purpose especially if playing in thick woods. I use the olive C8's and can lay low and be overlooked when need be but I am mostly a mover.
  3. In Topic: "I'm a 'dagger', which gun is for me?"

    06 August 2008 - 08:04 PM

    *sigh* Mostly because I'm bored I will go ahead and at least attempt to bring up the fact of why pumps are inferior. Starting off with the normal disclaimer of I like to play pump, I normally do play stock class. First of all if we have the exact same skill, experience, and physical fitness at that is left is equipment and luck, thus most of the time the person with better equipment will win all other things being equal. The main argument on why pumps work is that you can move faster, longer, and have a smaller profile. Thus meaning that in the situations that involve moving quickly you might have a slight advantage, for example a strait run with no resistance with a flag. You could also probably move fast enough to eliminate one or two players of lower skill than yourself.

    However lets look at a simple 2 vs 1 example. Opponent A shoots on the left / top of bunker and Opponent B shoots on the right / top of bunker and you are screwed. The risk of popping out to take a snapshot under constant fire is extremely great. While you are behind cover they are constantly moving and approaching you meaning you have no idea where they are and also they can outflank you. While a lucky snapshot might put one behind a bunker for a second the other will still have you sighted and still advancing.

    Lets say you encounter 2 enemies on a run. Your one shot might hit one but the other can put you under constant fire, move forward and most likely shoot you before you even made it to your first bit of cover. Even if you have a friend you cannot help provide enough cover fire to move and you are relying on him to cover you in order to expose the enemy.

    With even 6 or 7 bps which some of the slowest semi's can obtain you can easily win both of the above situations. Your snapshot can consist of enough fire to cause your opponents to seek cover giving you the ability to move while laying cover. You can continue to advance and even move faster with a semi by putting your enemy on the defensive instead of yourself.

    We can all talk about stories where we got LUCKY (yes lucky) with pumps or beat players with lower skills but the fact is that one semi that can shoot 15 bps is enough fire to keep 4 or 5 people down vs keeping one kinda down. Also When you encounter larger groups you can fight them more efficiently just by firing in their general direction with no skill rather than trying to take them out one at a time with a pump. Ask yourself, how many paintballs do you hear before you even just hesitate?
  4. In Topic: "I'm a 'dagger', which gun is for me?"

    31 July 2008 - 12:35 PM

    The problem with pumps is that the light weight doesn't overcome the lack of firepower in many situations. For example any solo situation where you are facing more than one opponent. You can try to snap shot them but if they put even a small amount of suppressive fire down you are at a huge risk of getting hit every time you pop out. If you are playing with a team pumps are not as bad but for serious play you want at least a semi.

    FYI, I play pump whenever I'm trying to have fun and not win a big game.
  5. In Topic: X7 Dagger

    31 July 2008 - 12:30 PM

    X7 is a terrible dagger gun. By the time you upgrade it enough to be worth it its still more inefficient than a higher end gun and will still be way to heavy and have to big of a profile.



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