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  1. Wayne's World Grand Finale 2008

    30 September 2008 - 01:23 PM

    Clickety click click here.

    "Wayne's World Of Paintball" said:

    The onslaught began four millennia ago. Brother fought brother in a brutal civil war that raged across the galaxy and the empire of man. This great battle took place on Terra Nova. The forces of the empire, led by the Imperial Guard, were victorious - even though the emperor was mortally wounded.

    A former force commander, known as “The Unmerciful One”, led a division of space marines into the maelstrom of a worm hole known as the “Eye of Terror” - and chaos was to follow. Inside the worm hole, warp space mixed with real space and the effects would transform the marines into an army of berserk troops known as the “Death Dealers from Hell.”

    Now the stability of the known galaxy is in jeopardy and unrest.

    Unrepentant of the choices that they made, these Chaos Marines have waged war against the empire without end.

    Do you have what it takes to repel their onslaught? Your life will be the currency of the empire… spend it well.

    Do you guys think that you will be going?

    Team Aggravated Assault will :(


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