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  1. In Topic: a flair for the dramatic

    06 October 2008 - 05:00 PM

    View PostEggmoe, on Oct 2 2008, 10:52 PM, said:

    To me, you'd have to prove your leadership. Play your squad in a quick skirmish.

    How does that relate to the topic?
  2. In Topic: 6-Man Squad

    06 October 2008 - 04:59 PM

    View Postcommando kyle, on Oct 6 2008, 03:45 PM, said:

    For paintball, METT is going to dictate how you will want to move, and deploy your squad. Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Time. Thats basically a simplified version of what we use in the military.

    For that reason, limiting yourself into a set formation, or a set role will decrease your ability to react to change. Your troops need to be crosstrained so that they are comfortable in any role at any position in the formation. Now, its not a bad thing to have a guy who rolls out as your pointman most often, because he will be good at it (hopefully). But should he go down, you need someone that is going to fill in.

    Every man can have have a specialty, and most likely will, but must be able to perform well outside that as mission dictates. For that reason, if you have a sniper, he had better be ready to work as a designated marksman in a firefight. A normal rifleman should have enough rounds to sustain some cover fire. Your heavies have to be able to run and gun with their full combat load. Your medic is just another trigger puller until someone goes down.

    As a commander, its your responsibility to put your people where their strengths work the best, but to train out their weaknesses as best you can, and where you cant, work the other strengths in your squad to cover those weaknesses.

    In the end, dont know if this has helped at all, but just try to remember not to limit yourself. If you plan things like this down to the last detail, and always think its going to work out this way, it wont. If you let some things run a little loose, you have room to adapt, and that is the true strength of a squad leader in woodsball.

    Normally I would agree with you but that does not work in super specialized squads. My team is looking at moving to a super specialized saboteur/spy team. We have tried to cross specialties with other specialties but it has come to be to hard. For example, Wayne's World of Paintball has a rule that says that if you are in a ghillie you do not need to wear a color arm band that says what team you are on. We are going to use this to move around the field freely (aka we are putting our entire team in ghillies). It is just to difficult to put some of the items that you would use in a squad type like that under a ghillie. But good post :(
  3. In Topic: rap4 t68-smg-pictol help *pics*

    01 October 2008 - 09:06 AM

    View Postdarrell, on Oct 1 2008, 01:00 AM, said:

    yeah it'll work, there is a car stock that has a build in bottle , which the bottle screws into the back plate, you just take that threaded back plate and put a remote nipple on there, get rid of the stock and you have yourself a pistol

    If he is using a remote it is most likely going to be on his main marker.

    But my idea does involve 1 remote female connector, 1 remote male connector, and a short tube.

    connect the male and female parts where they go. then use the rubber tube to connect the remote pieces together. The tube would be like that used when converting an A-5 to an air-thru stoke.

    It will not be gold, but it will work.
  4. In Topic: "Snipers"

    30 September 2008 - 10:31 PM

    I am going to quote myself from a post that I made in the commander section

    View Postmagnadoid, on Oct 1 2008, 12:49 AM, said:

    Posted Image

    This is my general squad movement formation. It can very easily be changed depending on the mission, but we use this one the most because of it's versatility.

    1-Point man/ Dagger= Pretty self explanatory. Daggers are quick on there feet so they are the fastest ones to move when under fire. Good to have a fast person there so that they can quickly take cover.

    2- Broadsword/ Squad Commander= Our Squad commander just happens to be a broadsword so that is why that position is a broadsword. But it is also good to have a broadsword there so that he can lay done some cover fire for the point man. The commander is there so that he can quickly butts the situation and lead from the front, as opposed to leading from the rear and not being up in it.

    3- Hammer= This person is tasked with protecting the top left portion of the squad from a flank attack.

    4- Hammer= This person is tasked with protecting the whole right side of the squad from a flank attack.

    5- Sabre/ Asst. Squad Commander= This person is tasked with protecting the whole left side of the squad from a flank attack. The asst. Squad Commanders job is to systematically retreat the squad in the event that the Squad commander is hit and taken out of action. After the retreat he is to get the squad to a pre-designated point to regroup with the Squad commander and anyone else that was marked after reentering the field.

    6- Rear Guard/ Sniper- This person is put with possibly the hardest job in the event of an ambush. He is to immediatly find the nearest place to his position that he can conceal himself in. The reason for this is because when your squad is ambushed you are on the enemies turf. By setting the sniper up and pulling your squad back to a point of your choosing it then becomes your turf. After the squad is set in on their new position and the enemy ambush squad advances on you the sniper takes up the rear of the enemy and waits for you to begin the attack on the front of the attackers. The sniper takes out the attackers from the rear.

    *The point man is tasked with only watching from the immediate front. The 2 and 3 position are too watch the front left/right of the squad. 4 and 5 are to watch the entire flank. 6 is watching the rear and portions of the flanks. This is done because most attacks/ambushes are going to happen from the front, so you want as many eyes and ears up there as you can.

    **Positions 3 and 4 should either be a medic and a demo, or a medic and an engineer. The medic is a must for the center of the squad to quickly respond to any hits. This person should have memorized or written done the number of every squad mate so that the time to getting the wounded back into action more quickly. The demo person would be to destroy enemy buildings without taking any loses are your squad, the engineer would be to repair buildings so that they can be used as a defensive position. It is up to the Team commander as to whether or not he will have a demo or engineer.

    A sniper needs to be someone who can conceal themselves quickly and effectively.

    A sniper is the best asset on your team if you know how to use their ability to hide to your advantage. If you do what I posted you can cause a sense of paranoia for the enemy. If your sniper takes up another hiding spot where he can take out the opposition and remain hidden while your squad attacks from the front then they enemy is not going to know what to do. The sound of a marker is not something that the enemy is going to be able to use to triangulate the position of the sniper in a fire fight. So the opposition is going to have to find your sniper on sight alone. If they are being attacked from the front then they are not going to have the time to locate a semi-well concealed sniper before that person gets marked.

    That is just one way that a sniper is useful. They can also be good for maneuvering behind enemy lines and feeding data to your team. The things that you can do with a sniper is wide, you just have to think about what you can do with them.

    A paintball sniper is not someone who can hit an apple off of your head at 100 yards. That is a marksmen, and you probably will not have that kind of distance on the field. So try and think of a paintball sniper as someone who as master stealth and not marksmen. :P
  5. In Topic: a flair for the dramatic

    30 September 2008 - 10:17 PM

    When I say stern I do not mean that I get in there faces and yell like a Drill Sarg. I am stern in a way that leaves no room for questions. At the Wayne's World Grand Finale last year, my team was with our Scenario game XO, he was in leading a group of around 100 or so peeps to the enemy command base. He was marked at around the middle of the field. In 5 minutes the numbers went from 100 to just below 50. So I took command because we were obviously going to all get marked if some one did not take command. I lead that group up to the enemy base captured it and killed the opposing General. All because when I took command I had that stern voice that said "hey I am in charge not listen to me".


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