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It's a Pirate's life for me!
30 years old
August 10, 1984
Female Female
Milford, MA
i LOVE Tattoos and Piercings, i have 7 of my original 12 piercings left and 7 Tattoos. Im also obsessed with Pirates, most things purple, stars (the shape not the ones in the sky) and the smell of Lavender. <br /><br />Fav. Bands: The Doors, Modest Mouse, The fatherless man Fairies, Voltaire, Rolling Stones, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Beatles, Flogging Molly, Garbage, Poe, Gorillaz, Led Zeppelin, A Perfect Circle, NIN, Tool, Nirvana, POT USA, Rob Zombie, Social Distortion, Spin Doctors, Lee Press-On and the Nails, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Static X, Toadies, The Vandals.<br /><br />Fav. TV: Dexter, Dead Like Me, Stargate SG1 &amp;; SGA, Law and Order, LandO SVU, Avatar, Red Dwarf, CSI, The X-Files, Lilo and Stitch, Powerpuff Girls, Numb3rs, Painkiller Jane, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs.<br /><br />Fav. Movies: Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean I-III, Shawn of the Dead, Lilo and Stitch, Dog Solders, V for Vendetta, Star Wars IV-VI, Fifth Element, Goonies, Hackers, Hook, Robin Hood (men in tights), Monty Python's Life of Brian, Blues Brothers 1 and 2, Les Misrebales, 7 Beauties, Surfs Up, Excalibur, Boondock Saints, American History X, Soylent Green, Fahrenheit 451, princess mononoke. <br /><br />Fav. Books: Outlander Series, His Dark Materials, Vampire Chronicals, Bartimaeous Trilogy, Artemis Fowl, The Warriors series, Eragon, Lord of the Rings, princess bride, Merry Gentry series. <br /><br />Fav. Graffic Novels: Painkiller Jane (Event), Death (Vertigo), X-Men (Marval), Magdalena (Don't Remember), Preacher (Vertigo)

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    26 Jan 2010 - 04:19
    I Love the Stina cause she's so delicious...gotta have Stina. XD
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    09 Dec 2009 - 02:31
    Can't wait to be Mr. PKJ soon. XD
  3. Photo


    20 Aug 2008 - 09:44
    for realz, lol. i think is she hot wins the record for longest-lasting non-game-or-picture thread.
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    13 Aug 2008 - 02:40
    *+1,000 commitment*
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    10 Jul 2008 - 04:33
    *gives chocolate covered strawberries and apples* Love you. Hope school goes well. You Bestest GF ever.
  6. Photo


    18 Jun 2008 - 00:34
    *gives you more chocolate covered fruit and milanos* Love you. Hope you sleep well. *scents heavily*
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    06 Jun 2008 - 10:47
    *gives you joe and chocolate bar* i win <3
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    23 May 2008 - 00:53
    *pees on your shoes* All mine. :D Love you honey, hope you sleep well. *is all yours*
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    18 Mar 2008 - 11:50
    all ur base r belong 2 me... tee hee hee... n stuff.
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    15 Feb 2008 - 03:45
    Hey baby. Miss you tons. Hope your day is great. I want my heart back sometime, it hurts not having one....My blood just won't pump...
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    08 Dec 2007 - 18:43
    haha YAY! hello new mother
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    14 Aug 2007 - 02:47
    PKJ = the Queen of all awsome things of awsomness!!
    Just felt like saying hi to teh awsome big sis! :)
  13. Photo


    27 Jul 2007 - 11:54
    W00T bid sis! *hugs*
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