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I like pie...Wait! I love pie!...No! I am pie!
25 years old
September 25, 1989
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Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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  1. Bye bye vacations...

    10 January 2010 - 11:09 PM

    I played Modern Warfare 2 so much and had so much fun doing so...

    I think I slept a monthīs time in like a week...

    I ate EVERYTHING I wanted withouth caring about carbs... (boxing doesnīt let me eat that much crap)... Iīm pretty sure I ate my weight in turkey and mashed potatoe the 24th... And I could of ended hunger in Africa with all the brownies I ate...

    Tomorow college starts again, training for spring tournaments... B):(:unsure::(:panzer::... I love going to school, but I relaxed soooo much these holidays :panzer:

    Just wanted to post this somewhere :panzer: And I havenīt been on here in a while. Anyone else feel my pain???

    Wooops... Didnīt realize there was an entire section for the rants and such... Sorry :wacko:
  2. Omg college... Need... To find... Time!!

    05 October 2008 - 02:08 PM

    I just started college. Iīm studying International Relations, itīs really fun and interesting. Iīm actually having a blast. I just have one itsy bitsy small question for all of you guys at college...

    How the heck do you manage to have time to workout??

    I mean... Iīve already went up 12 kilograms in this first 2 months of college... I already went down 1... But, pfff, Iīm just starting.

    I love to workout, in highschool I used to do my 3 hours of workout daily!!...

    I feel fat... I just started returining to my whole "healthy life", but man... Itīs hard...

    I miss my sexy fit body... :laugh:

    I mean, I havenīt lost all of my beautiful physic *cough* *cough*... But itīs slowly slipping away!!... How do you guys do it!!??


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