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  1. Old school AGD Automag

    12 October 2009 - 12:50 PM

    Posted Image

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  2. Silver VSC Phantom FST

    25 July 2009 - 06:39 PM

    Mortgage is late and I need to move this asap! Shoots great, comes as pictured. 3.5oz tank is new, never even filled and is included - there is no bucket changer for 12 grams. Marker is in overall very good shape, it does have some very, very small wear marks here and there but they are really had to photograph. It will include the wrist harness and 5 tubes with speed caps that's pictured as well. Also I have a red detent ring in it too.

    $250 shipped and PP'd OBO


    There are some markers that I'll consider for a straight trade, I will NOT add:
    Super Nova
    Blue or Red Smear Automag RT
    A4 or 05 speed

    OR I'll look at the following plus cash:
    Automags/Minimags with classic valves
    03/04 angel speed or ir3
    Freestyle(must have HE bolt)
    really anything as long as cash is involved, offer away. No post 2k cockers, spyders, tippmanns or SP products please.

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    Posted Image
    Posted Image
  3. Super nice Sniper FT

    17 June 2009 - 01:02 PM

    I have a beautiful Sniper pump that I'm looking to trade for a Stock class phantom. This is probably the smoothest pump I've ever owned, but open class just isn't for me. Performance wise it's amazing. If snipers were efficient enough to play exclusively off 12 grams and I had a good looking SC feed there's no way I'd part with this.

    Marker was bought new, built into a pump, and used once - all parts are in prestine condition.

    Superbolt body/frame(Dye Ultralight clones - very light)
    Sanchez SM-1 pump kit
    DP HPR
    Black rail
    DP ASA
    DP 2 pc barrel(.690 bore, 14" - amazing barrel)
    Winchester 50 round hopper modified with flip lid

    I can include a SP podpack in excellent condition if you include a stock class harness.
    I can include a 48/3k HPA tank in hydro if you include a 3.5 oz Co2

    Price would be $210 shipped/pp'd but I'm only looking to trade for a phantom.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  4. Proto SLG Review

    01 June 2009 - 09:39 AM

    SN toters Proto SLG Review

    At first glance the low cost electro market is flooded with high end wannabes. The SLG is not one of them. I was in the market for a backup to my AGD E-Tac One and sleek lines and cost of the SLG got my attention. I placed my order and 3 days later Fedex delivered.

    I was impressed before I even saw the marker. Once I opened the shipping box I pulled out a beautifully packaged and incredibly small box. I really couldn't believe that it housed a paintball marker it was so small. Said box was very well designed with trendy graphics and a slick finish. I have never seen such nice packaging for a paintball marker.

    Upon opening the work of art, I was greeted by the SLG itself, sitting snugly in molded foam. I removed the marker and found another layer of foam below hiding the user manual, Dye slick lube, barrel sock, Proto battery, warranty card, an allen key set, and a full parts kit with a complete set of orings and new spring detents. I read through the user manual and was impressed with it as well, it was just as well designed as the packaging box with color diagrams on glossy paper.

    Onto the marker itself. I chose dust olive for the color of my SLG and to be honest, it's more of a bronze. The finish of the body is excellent and there are no visible mill or tool marks under the anodizing. I can see why they call this the 'Super Light Gun'. I expected it to be light but not that light. Very impressive. The gripframe is a high test polymer that has a nice fit and finish, it does not have that 'cheap' feel like some composites that other companies use. I was also pleasantly suprised to find the marker wasn't shipped from the factory dry, it was already lubed and the internal aluminum parts were finished with no alumninum burrs or shavings that you can find in some lower cost new-in-box markers.

    After installing the 9volt barrery I applied the included barrel sock, aired the marker up, and turned it on. I was impressed with how well balanced the SLG is with an HPA tank and a full hopper. It is very maneuverable and comfortable. I went through several pods of paint to begin breaking in the reg before my day of play. The marker has a very slight amount of kick and cycles very smoothly. One of the first things I notices was that as it is a sear-tripper(the electronic solenoid trips a mechanical sear, much like an E-mag) the solenoid clicking is considerably louder than a solenoid in a fully electro-pnuematic marker. With paint, however, this marker is not unusually loud, in fact with an after market barrel that has more porting than the stock barrel, the SLG was quite quiet.

    The stock trigger is made of polymer and is a little stiff for me stock but is very easily adjustable. There are two set screws to adjust the travel of the trigger itself and a trigger sensitivity adjustment that can be made through the circuit board. In a few minutes I had the trigger right where I wanted it. The feedneck is not a clamping feedneck. It uses inset orings to pressure hit hoppers on. While this is better than a lot of stock feednecks, I would recommend upgrading to a clamping feedneck and an aluminum roller bearing trigger, any matrix feedneck will work and there are several after market SLG triggers on the market.

    The stock board is more than capable. It is very easy to program and the manual takes you step by step through the process. You can adjust the firing modes, balls per second, and trigger sensitivity. The LED and buttons on the back of the gripframe, along with the trigger, make programming and operating the electronics a breeze. Other stock options include a Dye Hyper 3 reg that is incredibly consistant and comfortable, and a very nice rail based air source adapter(ASA) with macroline hose and fittings.

    In play with matched paint this marker is extremely consistent and efficient. Proto quotes this at 1500 shots from a 68ci 4500psi HPA tank and I don't think that's an exaggeration. I was very impressed with the efficiency. Out of the box at the chronograph I was getting +-3 fps. After shooting over a case of paint(2000 rounds per case) I chrono'd again(Proto advises that it takes about 2000 cycles to break in the Hyper 3 regulator) and was getting +-2fps. Impressive. They eyes were great and I had no double feeding, breaks, or jams shooting the SLG at various rates of fire and holding it at different angles.

    All in all? The SLG performs great out of the box. A couple upgrades(roller trigger and clamping feedneck), and this is my ideal marker. It truly is high performance marker at a low cost. It is a comfortable, affordable, fast, sleek, and quality marker. Kudos Proto, you just gained a fan.

    It should be noted that the first run of the SLG marker had a couple reported bugs that Proto has since corrected. There were some reports that the SLG bolt was about one millimeter short leading to rollback and also reports of the spring detents wearing out. These issues were quickly addressed by the manufacturer and new SLG's do not have these problems.

    Posted Image

    With Angel Barrel kit, trinity feedneck, and an on off asa:

    Posted Image
  5. Dangerous Power F8 Review

    01 June 2009 - 09:37 AM

    Posted Image

    Packing and accessories - Once I opened the shipping box I pulled out the small F8 box. The box is well designed with trendy graphics and a slick finish. Upon opening it, I was greeted by the warranty card and user manual. I removed them and a small layer of foam to reveal the F8 itself, sitting snugly in molded foam alonside the RAPS ASA, DP keychain, and a fittend piece of macroline. I removed the marker and found another layer of foam below hiding a DP barrel sock, a complete DP allen key set, the barrel, some stickers, and a set of orings. The user manual is informative and well designed in color on a glossy paper. It holds detailed directions for marker maintenance, programming, a breakdown of the marker, operating instructions, and a troubleshooting guide.

    First Impressions and looks- I chose brown and black for the color of my F8 because I loved that same color combination on my G3. It's a dust finish and the annodizing is flawless. The looks of this marker, as with any, are subjective to they player but imo it's one of the sharpest gats I've ever owned. Very clean lines mix modern edges with an organic flow very nicely. The finish of the body is excellent and I can see no mill marks under the anodizing. Now onto weight...I did not expect the F8 to be as light as it is at 1.89 lbs. Very impressive in my book. It's suprisingly slim too. As with my G3, I was also pleasantly suprised to find the marker wasn't shipped from the factory dry, it was already lubed and the internal aluminum parts were finished with no alumninum burrs or shavings that you can find in some other manufacturers new-in-box markers. Also I was very impressied with all of the stock features. It was complete with installed macroline fittings, built in snatch grip, a slick adjustable clamping feedneck, macroline hose, a knob style on off with a rail mount AND a seperate matching RAPS flip lever ASA - that's right, it came with TWO on/off ASA's! That's typically unheard of and completely awesome! The only thing so far that I'm not terribly keen on(and this was my ONLY gripe about the G3) is the lack of a pressure guage. I did purchase a seperate upgrade from DP that replaces the front cap for a guaged front cap.

    Programming and trigger - The F8 was shipped with a ramping mode enabled so I removed the grip panel, installed a battery, and flipped the dipswitches in accordance with the manual for 25bps NPPL capped semi. Modes of fire are very easily changed by simply removing the grips and flipping dipswitches - exactly like on the G3 (NOT the G3 SE). It is extremely easy and user firendly to the change modes with the F8. You turn the marker on and off with one thumbpad button on the back of the grip frame and manage the eyes with another. It's a very convenient feature and will make for diasbling eyes in midgame easy as pie. The trigger is NICE. It's scyth style trigger blade(typically a $30+ upgrade on a lot of other markers out there) with two points of adjustment. The pull out of the box is short and snappy, which is just how I like it. Perfect.

    In game performance -

    4/18 I put 3500 rounds through my F8 playing at Three Rivers Paintball. It was 72 degrees and pretty dry. I shot Nightmare paint, and my cases were consistantly .687-.689. I had a barrel kit with my but decided to use the stock barrel for this review, which is a .690 bore. I was not using the stock bolt, but a Warped Sports Violent Series Bolt allowing me to lower my operating pressure to about 190psi. At my first trip to the chrono, I dialed it in below the field limit of 280 fps. It chronoed 266, 277, 269. That's +- 5.5 fps. About what I expected considering the reg hasn't been broken in yet and I was slightly overboring my paint. Towards the end of the day(after over a full case through it) I re-chronoed and had better results with 266, 272, 266, 270. +- 3 now. I had absolutey no issues with the F8 all day. It performed great whether I was single shotting or laying ropes. There is a tad bit of kick, bit it isn't exsessive. I saw no drop off, no skipped shots, and most importantly, no breech breaks - although I did have one barrel break. I also recieved several compliments on how nice it was performing. Additionally...I don't normally like optical boards, but I had no probalems with how this one felt/functioned. It is a tad annoying to not be able to adjust dwell and BPS, but there are enough presets that unless you play PSP, BPS not an issue.

    Efficiency - Pretty damn good. Not Viking good, gut good nonetheless. I actually ran my tank dry in one of the Company of Heroes Scenario missions. It's a real small tank, a 48ci 3000psi tank. I was slightly overboring my paint too. I went through 4 100 round pods and a packed full Riccochet Apache hopper(190 round capacity plus 5 in the neck). That's 595 rounds total fired that game. That's 12.4 shots per c.i.. A marker of average efficiency should net about 10 shots per c.i. on a 3k tank. I was also only filled 2500, not a full 3k so on a full fill I'd probably expect about 700-750 shots a fill - or about 1600 per 68/4.5 k fill. This is a brand spanking new marker as well, I'm sure it will also slightly improve as it breaks in.

    Customer Support - From my personal experiance it's top knotch. You need anything or have a problem - call them, it'll get resolved and done right. I know anytime I've had to contact them I've recieved prompt responses and friendly service. In fact just alst week I ordered a F8 PMD(guaged front cap to measure operating pressure) and said I needed it by Friday...got it thursday :)

    Closing thoughts - It's an incredible out of the box shooter, and imo, probably the best value in the sport. The lines are clean, it's a very slick looker, and the stock features are absolutely wonderful. Simply put - a fantastic marker.



    From design to conception, the Fusion™ Paintball Marker by Dangerous Power™ aims to achieve the highest level of performance at any price. If you’ve tried shooting one, you will agree that this mission has been accomplished! Out of the box, the Fusion rivals the performance of other ‘high-end’ markers that are double or even triple the cost, leaving the competition wondering how quality can come at such affordability. Fusion owners also have confidence in knowing that their purchase is backed by highly trained technical support staffs, ready to provide unparalleled excellence in customer service should the need arise. Don’t take our word for it - test fire a Fusion today and we’re sure you’ll walk away owning one!


    Weighs 1.89 lbs.
    Length-19 inches and only 7 inches tall
    200 psi operating pressure
    Same great efficiency as the fusion
    No more LPR
    Comes with RAPS on/off
    Lower profile, patented xtreme grip feedneck
    Redesigned bolt
    Redesigned HPR
    Redesigned solenoid for reliability and adjustability


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