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  1. In Topic: Recon

    27 May 2010 - 01:10 AM

    I have a unit similar to that of a recon unit. We call it the advanced guard, what we use them for is as you say, to ascertain opfor dispositions and harassment. For my team I assign the recon role for (dagger-like) players in finding a feasible area to occupy, and holding it until the rest of the team can analyze the enemy and attack from a position of advantage. Something of a a bait for the opfor. The importance I lay on the recon is their ability to assess the enemy position and utilize mobility(running alot) to keep the enemy on their toes. (just outside firing range). So i keep my recon force in high regard and place teammates who are enthusiastic and have good communication skills because I am going to need them to give me a truthful, clear cut assessment and at times take initiatives while the rest of the team is busy.
    Also know that recon or harassment units must understand what it means to be recon. When harassing an enemy it is not the same as engaging. Engaging is when you bring your markers up to bear for kills while pushing momentum. Harassing is the constant shifting of momentum at various points to make the enemy react and finding a weak point. The goal is not to necessary knock out the enemy but to distract him so yelling, screaming and crap talking is permitted.
    Make sure that you have good coordination with the recon unit or you could be feeding kills to the enemy.
    At times it may be best that the CO command the recon so he or she would be able to directly assess the "intel" from recon.



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