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  1. New addition!!!

    17 March 2009 - 09:13 PM

    ok, I just got this from MCB on friday. I sold my two cockers, hpa tank, and barrel kit on ebay for about 300 total. I bought this, and i dont regret a thing. Everything on it is silky smooth, it shoots darts with the paint I use (bigshot), and i got about 45 shots to a 12ie on it....
    $260 later:
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    I have a 98 custom with an RT and freak, but im just using it as a loaner/backup (as if ill need it)
  2. Phat hammers!

    28 January 2009 - 08:43 PM

    6 left as of now, and i bought one already.
    for a sniper project
  3. Walkable Mech 3/4 way?

    21 January 2009 - 10:54 PM

    Ok, title says it. I was just wondering where I could find a walkable 3 way. Its a regular blade 2 finger swing frame. I found a Kapp one for super cheap, and some Dye one. I found a palmers quick switch for $50, but that seems really steep for suck a tiny butt part.
  4. oerllikon's marker-isms

    20 January 2009 - 10:10 PM

    Ok, i thought id post up my group of markers. Im excluding the trracer, since its on ebay right now
    First up, my baby. A black 2003 vert feed. Its in terrific shape. When i got it, there was paint on the bolt, and it was completely seized up. I had to use a pliers to get it out, with twisting. There was sticky dust caked to the side, and neglected paint in the barrel, with a side of dust. Under the nastyness, there was a beautiful marker. Im guessing the previous owner used it a few times, let if sit a few years, and sold it on ebay.. To me, for $81 shipped. The sear didnt have ANY wear. I wouldnt doubt it if the reg wasnt broken in.
    Posted Image
    Another Vert feed, same year. (flo, where are you?)
    Ive had this a while, and i still love it. The black one has taken the "Baby" position now
    Posted Image
    Im sure a blind person could recognise this. It has a response, RVA, double trig, Freak Jr (missing adapter, grr), and a lapco speed feed
    This just has sentimental value, and is the backup/probably used to burn up extra paint
    Posted Image
  5. Cant stay logged in?

    17 January 2009 - 07:37 PM

    Apparently my friend MIR Sniper cant stay logged in on his phone. Any ideas why?



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