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  1. Deer Rifle

    16 September 2009 - 11:10 PM

    I thought there was a fire arms thread? I couldnt find it when I searched for it, oh well must have been removed with the changes that took place.

    So It is time for me to finally by my first deer rifle. Long story short, I dont know much about firearms and I may no longer have access to the my grandfathers rifle I have been using since 16. I really dont have a price range atm, I am still just trying to get ideas and do some research to figure out what I might like.

    My dad has a Marlin 30.30 and to be honest I really dont like it at all. Well to be honest, I have never really liked any of the lever actions guns I have ever shot.

    The gun I have used every year since I was 16 was my grandfathers bolt 30.30. I have been told that is a rarity, and it has been taken to many gunsmiths to figure out where it is from, and they cant really give us much information about it. Its a great gun. I like it alot, but since my grandfather passed, whats going to happen to his guns is till very much up in the air.

    When I was younger and my family talked about hunting I never really paid much attention to what any one shot or owned, I was 16 and stupid, all I cared about was hanging out with my friends. Now that I am older, and am on my own, I am kicking myself for not paying attention to that stuff.

    If you need more info from me just ask. If you have good websites to read up on please give them to me. I am here to soak up as much info as I can so that I dont buy a rifle that either I wont like, or wont work for what I need.


  2. Super Stocker Troubles

    18 July 2008 - 10:06 AM

    So I played with my Super Stocker a few weeks ago and every thing worked wonderfuly. I got home, cleaned and oiled, and put it back in the case. I pulled it out last night to make sure every thing is golden for tomorrow and now when I screw in a 12g I can get maybe 3 shots and then the co2 runs out what sounds like the barrel.

    I pulled apart, cleaned it again and oiled it up and still the same thing. I am clueless at this point.

    Any ideas?


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