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32 years old
December 21, 1981
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Covington, Louisiana
My wife, 3 children, camping, and paintball.

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  1. Curse of Palmyra Island

    26 May 2009 - 02:06 PM

    24 HR scenario entitled Curse of Palmyra Island
    Please give feedback on the film.
    If you liked it please state why.
    If you didn't like it please state why.


    Please visit the Paintball Command home page to find the link to the video.

    Photography & Cinematography
    I took all pictures and video.
    SONY Cyber-Shot (model DSC-S600) for still shots.
    SONY Handy Cam (model DCR-HC21) for video.

    Artist - John Powell
    CD Soundtrack - The Bourne Supremacy
    Songs - Goa & Bim Bam Smash
  2. Type of temporary sniper veil - - Request for input

    09 February 2009 - 10:23 PM

    Here is what I’m getting at:
    I have found myself in situations during regular weekend rec play & 2-Day woodsball scenario games when I could have really used some type of three-dimensional camo for my mask that…
    1. could simply slip over my mask.
    2. would conceal my head and the skin of my neck.
    3. would be breathable enough to not cause my mask to only fog up faster.
    4. would remain in place until I took it off.
    5. was not too bulky (like the hooded portion of a ghillie suit) so that I could carry it in my leg pouch.
    6. when it had served its purpose could be removed and stowed for possible use later.

    (Please note that I want to stay away from anything that is "hunting camo" like REAL TREE and the like…just a personal preference of mine).

    I’m looking for suggestions on things I could make or buy.

    The following are failed attempts that I’ve made trying to achieve the six conditions listed above:
    I have tried…
    -making a ghillie mask
    -painting my mask
    -wrapping a sniper veil around my mask and neck
    -searching online for anything that I could buy

    My whole purpose here is to be able to decide on the spot, while in the middle of a game, to pull this thing out of my leg pouch put it over my mask and have my head and neck better concealed until I decided to take it off.

    The point is that all too often, even though you are wearing camo from shoulder to toe, the one thing that the OP4 sees and is therefore made aware of your presence by ,even if you are hiding, IS YOUR MASK. Its shape and size no matter the type, brand, or color is unmistakable. Not to mention the reflective nature of the lenses. (I know about goggle skins…they don’t fit every type of mask) The shape and size of your mask is the kind of thing that you don’t normally see in nature and so time and again it will give you away.

    But keep in mind that during the majority of the time it does not matter if the OP4 knows you are there or not. Cuz once you have committed to engaging the OP4 until either you or they are eliminated or until you break off the attack and fall back, they know you are there and no amount of ghillie will change that.

    Therefore I’m looking for a temporay way to better conceal my head and neck during a game.

    What type of situations would this even help in?...
    -Static defense with single player ambush points surrounding an objective for the purpose of defending it.
    -Sneaking up to an objective through the brush to ensure a better chance of remaining undetected until you decide to launch a committed attack.
    -Single man recon in OP4 territory. *That’s just to name a few.*

    All input would be greatly appreciated.



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