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  1. In Topic: Curse of Palmyra Island

    30 May 2009 - 10:11 AM

    View Postchrisegc, on May 29 2009, 10:11 PM, said:

    Edit- I just wanna know how the heck that guy wasn't lit up at 4:16/4:17...lol, unless it's just me, but it seemed to me like he was askin for it, just standin there

    Do you mean the guy who was in the foreground or the guy who was in the background?

    The fact is that neither of them shot the other. I was the only one who got hit that time, but getting good footage often means putting yourself in the line of fire.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  2. In Topic: Curse of Palmyra Island

    28 May 2009 - 05:44 PM

    Thanks for the feedback Doc. Good to hear from you again.
  3. In Topic: Type of temporary sniper veil - - Request for input

    13 February 2009 - 05:39 PM

    The reason that the brit veil doesn't work for me is because I've tried it out on the field with little to no success.

    The set up that Bagheera has recommended looks great and would most likely give him the type of concealment that Iím looking for. But itís not something that can put on and taken off at any point during a game. Iíd have to set it up before I played and would not be able to remove it until I was able to disassemble my mask.

    The slightly thicker mesh veil that I got from OPSGEAR when laid out flat on the floor is about a 2 ft x 3.5 ft rectangle and that ends up being way too much material
    (even if it is mesh) to keep the heat and fog to a minimum.

    I think that the best solution for myÖI know, I know- extremely picky desireÖis to purchase the spec ops ACTION GHILLIE II HOOD KIT and use the plain hood as a base to attach what best fits the area I play in and go from there.
  4. In Topic: Type of temporary sniper veil - - Request for input

    13 February 2009 - 03:22 PM

    View PostMediocrityGetsYouPears, on Feb 13 2009, 08:25 AM, said:

    I've found that a shemagh does the trick.

    I've used this sniper veil from OPSGEAR. Its made from a mesh material and it causes my mask to fog up way to fast for it to be considered a worthy investment in concealment.

    To any one who views and coments on this topic, please know that I live in southeast Louisiana wher the humidity stays at about 80% - 100% all year.

    Posted Image
  5. In Topic: a commanders dillemma

    12 February 2009 - 05:28 PM

    To be completely honest, you don't really have to let this be a problem.

    Let me explain.

    Right now you're trying to have your team gear itself to a largely adopted style of play (i.e. Having light, medium, heavy gunners, a sniper, and a commander) and trying gear up your team in this way is presenting you with a problem that you want to fix.

    Well instead of trying to fix the problem by stretching yourself over both positions you might want to consider putting that effort into maximizing what you already have in terms of your currently existing team setup.

    Ok. So you don't have a "Heavy Gunner". Thatís alright. You don't absolutely need one. As the leader of the team it is your responsibility to take what ever you have to work with and be successful with it.

    After all, as soon as the Heavy Gunner is eliminated during a game, your will be right back here with the same problem until he is able to re-insert back into the game.

    I'll share my story with you about my own experiences as the singular Founder and captain of my team, 3rd Commandos.

    As a team we have never had more than 4 members total at any time.
    Why? Its because we have some high standards for new recruits as well as team members (none of which involve the skill or the length of time a player has in the game).
    My team has been around for about 2-1/2 years and in that time we have won the Most Valuable Team award three times and as a team been awarded Best Sportsmanship once. We have only played in six scenarios since the start of our team and one of those events I was a general for which made my guys ineligible to win any award.
    We have faced overwhelming odds almost every time we have gone out to accomplish an objective and we have never ever had any type of heavy gunner.

    When I first started the team I tried desperately to fill the positions outlined by Spec Ops. But I couldn't get the number of people (at least 5) to utilize the team setup. I had to reevaluate my approach to putting my team together and eventually we changed our entire style of play as a team from one of overwhelmingly powerful sweeps through the field to one of stealth raider hit-and-run guerilla tactics.

    I am pleased to say that shifting my efforts in this fashion has led to great success and respect from the other scenario teams (which all have 10 plus members) that play at our local paintball field.

    If I had stuck to the guide (which is an extremely valuable one) that Spec Ops offers, then I might still be trying to fill positions that I though my team could not have been successful without when the contrary has proven to be the proper course of action.

    What ever you decide, good luck and happy hunting.



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