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  1. Shortbow partout plus more FS

    08 May 2009 - 11:18 AM

    For Sale!!!

    Okay, I want to build a different mag. I have been straying farther away from my hefty scenario gear and markers and am going for more lightweight, (faster) and more comfortable set up. So, I’m selling my €œscenario€ gear and getting what I want. This has probably been one of the bigger sales I have done so bear with me…

    Now, the only catch is, some of these items i have listed i cant sell until after Tunaball (May 30th) because i need a functioning marker (my Tac One) and some other things... but after that everything is fair game. Items listed that aren't for sale yet will be marked with XX*Not for Sale Yet*XX... pretty straight forward right? Thanks for looking! any questions, comments, etc. feel free to PM me.

    - I don’t ship first.
    - You add 3% for Paypal.
    - Free Shipping with purchases of over $100
    - No Spamming/flooding/bs like that, thanks. ; )
    - My prices are my prices… I will take offers but if you feel the need to voice your differences, then you can look elsewhere.
    - No trades other than what is listed. I can't get tempted by all the shiny goodies you guys have for sale!

    Acceptable Trades:
    RPG Pariah
    €X-valve€ x valve
    CP mini razor Drop

    Hard Goods

    Posted Image

    - CF TAC body --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD
    - X Valve (RT on/off) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- $175
    - Longbow Ready Tac Rail --------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD
    - Vert. ASA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $15
    - AGD Bike Grip -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $15
    - Spec Ops Longbow Shroud (with hardware) ---------------------------------------------- $100
    - Spec Ops Longbow AT Stock --------------------------------------------------------------- $100
    - Spec Ops Longbow Mag Receiver ----------------------------------------------------------- $25
    - Spec Ops Q-loader adaptor ----------------------------------------------------------------- $20
    - Spec Ops Q-loader adaptor ------------------------------------------------------------------ $20
    - Stock AGD Feedneck ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD

    Posted Image

    - Warp Feed (smoke, twin 9v mod) ------------------------------ $70
    - 3 hoses
    - 90* elbow
    - Upper and Lower hose adaptors
    - 2 mounting brackets
    - PTP Mount
    - Spare battery door
    - Long & Short PF Plug
    - Mounting Hardware

    Posted Image

    - Odyssey Halo (w/rip, no lid spring) ----------------------------- $50

    Posted Image

    - CCI M16 Grip -------------------------------------------------- $10
    - JT Air-Cooled MG Barrel Shroud -------------------------------- SOLD
    - AM/MM Sight Rail --------------------------------------------- $10

    Posted Image

    - Old Spyder Sonix (non working) -------------------------------- $25 (pending)
    (w/ J&J barrel, VL grav. feed, & 20oz co2[not pictured])

    Posted Image

    - ANS GenX 5 Reg ----------------------------------------------- $30
    - Misc. Air Thru Foregrip ---------------------------------------- $15 (pending)
    - 12g Bucket Changer -------------------------------------------- SOLD
    - DOP Drops (Med & Large) w/ ASA & macro fittings ---------- $10ea.
    - 32* Med drop w/ ASA ----------------------------------------- $10
    - Spare 32* ASA ------------------------------------------------- SOLD

    Soft Goods

    Posted Image

    - Invert Jersey and Pants (XXL) ------ XX*Not for Sale Yet*XX ------ $40

    Posted Image

    - Tippmann/Spec Ops Recon Vest ------------------------------- $50


    - NXe 3pod Pack w/ belt (BNIP) ---------------------------------$20


    - x2 JT Mask ----------------------------------------------------- $5 ea.

    Thats all for now..

    just a side note, all parts that require it, screws and/or mounting hardware will come with that part.

  2. Call Of Duty

    22 April 2009 - 10:49 AM

    Okay its been some time since I've been here and posted OSG updats but i figure, what the hey, its a new year..

    Call Of Duty
    Good o'le fashioned Axis and Allies

    Posted Image

    Info (for those who don't want to squint):

    May 3rd, 2009
    Field Parking opens at 8:30am First Spawn/Mission Starts at 9:30am. Game goes till 4:00pm

    OSG Paintball, Center Barnstead. Visit the site for directions.

    How much:
    Pre Registration: $25 (visit the site to pre-reg!)
    Day Of: $29
    Paint: $55 per Case ( FIELD PAINT ONLY!!!)

    Senario Info:
    Registration includes Admission for the event, all day air, and a raffle ticket *(if I'm not mistaken)

    Come pay tribute to World War II's citizen soldiers and unsung heroes from an alliance of countries who together helped shape the course of modern history!

    SSP is going axis just because we can and we like a challenge :ghillie:. We're acting as Dave's Fallschirmjager!

    Unsure of who the Commanders are for this one.

    Lets hear you thoughts and post up which side you'll be on.

    Just a heads up for those that are coming and think they are going to sport swastikas, SS emblems and goose step i highly suggest not to. I know your probably like what the bleep?! but im sure there will be younger kids that dont know any better.
  3. Tunaball 3

    03 March 2009 - 09:11 AM

    So, im sure those who are interested have heard... there is a third tunaball in coming up...

    So who's going?

    Those that went to Tunaball 2 or 1 what did you like. dislike about it?

    Posted Image
  4. Feedback

    27 January 2009 - 09:31 AM

    Okay i know im gonna get some sort of chewing out for this but hey, i couldnt find another place for it...

    i am looking for some feedback on the below, yays or nays etc..

    What I want:

    - Blazer 2ks
    > Black and Brass
    > Center Feed
    > 45 Frame with Blade Trigger
    > Male Stablizer with bottom line

    - Barrel Retaining Knob (black)

    - 5" Horizontal Foregrip

    - 15* ASA (black)

    - Custom Barrel
    > Length: 6" or 8"
    > Knob Option: Blazer 2k
    > Size: N/a (dunno yet, what do you suggest?)
    > Misc.: Dual Spiral Venting
    > Finnish: Gloss Powder Coat
    > Other: Wedgets (yes)

    thanks for the input
  5. Silent Stalkers Paintball

    22 January 2009 - 10:31 AM

    Hello all and happy 2009, (yea, i know, 22 days ago)

    Silent Stalkers Paintball is looking for new members to replace a few of our lost/ retired/ cut/ absent members

    Act now to be a part of this hardcore, paintball loving, Scenario/rec balling Band of Brothers (as seen in APG Magazine)!

    Info About the team

    The Silent Stalkers Paintball Squad was established in April 2005 in paintball's home state New Hampshire. Through the teams successes at OSG Paintball, we have developed into an online business that retails paintball equipment and supplies.

    Home Town: Dover, NH
    Home Field: OSG Paintball, Center Barnstead, NH
    Practice Field:Area behind Winchester Arms Apt. Complex
    Current Team Members: N/A


    Must have adequate transportation
    Must have the following gear:
    - Appropriate goggle system with thermal lens
    - Throat Mic and radio
    - Marker (any decent, reliable object that can throw paint and eliminate opposition)
    - Other gear is personal preference
    Must be 18 or older
    Must be willing to devote yourself and time to the team (Such as mandatory practices, games, and meetings)

    This recruitment is open to new or seasoned players that would like to be part of an organized team.



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