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  1. Thinking about buying Ultralights in Omnipat?

    30 July 2008 - 07:32 AM

    I picked these up last week, top and bottom, and I haven't been so comfortable playing paintball before. I'm in Houston, Texas (Northside) and last weekend it hit 107 on the heat index, with humidity around 80%...in laymans terms "hot as hell and wet as a sauna".

    From the neck down, I was comfortable and sweat free.

    While playing, numerous folks came up to me and asked about the Ultralights, and many comments were made about how they changed color as I walked through the woods, and shadows, brush, foliage all were incorporated into the camouflage. I'm a former Cavalry Scout for the US Army, a Recon specialist, and I lived in the woods back in the day...these absolutely blew any other summer weight BDU I wore out of the water...and that includes the 100% cotton ripstop ODs I wore while doing OPFOR. I have been using my old BDUs, camo shorts and tshirt, ODs, civillian MARPAT, whatever the terrain dictated to facilitate in concealment (or heat allowed), so when the Ultralights came out, I seriously considered them...but the Special Ops Camo is too green for what I play in most the year, besides being expensive.

    But when the Omnipat came out, I figured I'd cough up a portion of my stimulus check and get some new camo...and I'm happy I did.

    They are not cheap, but they are very well made, you can wear kneepads and elbow pads under them, they are as comfortable as they are advertised to be, and the Omnipat camo does actually appear to change color and blend in to the environment its in.

    I'll be adding to this review when it gets colder here...like in the 40s. Most likely I'll just layer some clothes under the Ultralights to cut down the wind and that will be sufficient; I'll let y'all know.
    I might get my wife to take some pics, but looking all "commando" in my backyard doesn't do the camo justice.


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