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22 years old
March 21, 1992
Female Female
South Dakota
Well, I currently got into paintball mostly because of all my Redneck friends, so that is one of my interests. Bee-Bop, Crazed Zealot, and Sanguinary are the coolest paintball mates! Yes, I am a noob, but Im getting better! I loved the game so much I bought my first gun, a Spyer Sonix... I am told that it is a good gun, and hopefully I can learn alot from it. I feel pretty cool being a girl and paintballing and all. Every guy I talk to always goes "YOU PAINTBALL!?" I usually just nod, and act like Im a pro. xD But other then that, I am on the computer alot... usually listening to music. I wish I still had my 4 wheeler because Im always stuck at home. But soon I'll get my license, so no worrys. I can kinda skateboard, but Im also a noob at that too. But my brother is pretty damn good if I do say so myself, so I know the basics and wont make a fool of myself. I do have a boyfriend who defines the word "redneck." He is a paintballer also. Yup... I love to go camping too, and fishing. Not what most girls like to do... I do actually understand the rules of football. xD

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