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  1. Nothing fancy T8

    24 November 2010 - 03:55 PM

    I finally went and took a pic of my T8 setup after i got all my spec ops mag extensions. Nothing real fancy with the T8. Regular T8 with a UMS race compensator and 5 spec ops mag extensions. Just waiting on my UMS lapco str8 shot to arrive now.
    Posted Image
  2. update on mag extensions

    12 November 2010 - 08:48 PM

    Just wanting to know the status on the mag extensions. Thanks
  3. FS: Tiberius T8 with 2 mags and holster

    01 November 2010 - 02:28 PM

    alright in my ever changing styles I have decided to sell one of my T8's and go back to a single pistol with mag extensions. So here is what you get.

    T8 with 2 mags, tiberius tactical rail, 2 spec ops rh holsters(black and olive drab). No hard case included as I am keeping it for my other T8. Looking to get $150 shipped to USA, extra for international shipping, but open to offers. Trades mainly looking for are Lapco Str8t shot and UMS TRG, but other trades may be considered.
    Posted Image
  4. Variances in spec ops mag extensions

    29 October 2010 - 07:38 PM

    alright so I recently picked up 3 T8 mag extensions. Two of them came from one person, the other from someone else. The two i got from one guy are the same, but the third one is a little different. I am mainly wanting to know what design changes you guys may have done. I will get pics up of the two different extensions soon. Here are the differences i have seen.

    anodizing is slightly different-two are solid black, other looks like a slight bronze in the black or just a lighter black.

    two of them say special ops on them, the other says nothing.

    the holes in the bottom are two different sizes. ones with special ops on them have a small hole, other is larger

    special ops ones are about quarter inch longer than third one.

    two of them the ball pusher locks to the left, the other locks to the right

    I have never seen anyone else make these extensions, so just curious if this is an older first design or what.
  5. P3 or vest to hold T8 mags with extensions

    23 October 2010 - 05:41 PM

    alright B-dazl or Mo got a brainstorm for you guys. I dont know how to draw this out so i thought if i told ya what i want to do you can come up with a design that we may go with. B-Dazl I got the P3 and used it today and love the thing. So here is my issue. I currently run with 6 mags. Plan is to have all 6 mags with your extensions on them. So i need some kind of different variance of the P3 to hold the mags or a vest setup to hold them. I dont want anything strapped to my legs at all. Tried it and hated it, thus why i got the P3. So what do you guys think we could come up with for me? Ideally if it was a vest setup i would want the mags on the front as I seem to have problems inserting the empty mags back into the P3 on my backside.

    recap-I need a vest or P3 setup to hold T8 mags with your extensions.



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