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20 years old
February 7, 1994
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My interests include:guns,paintball,airsoft,cars and might sound wierd but cats. I'm a hunter and fisher. Right now am saving up for a mitsubishi lancer evo with body kit, rims, spoiler and many engine modifications. I love animals. I'm a prostestant and proud of it. I'm starting a little gun collection right now I have:1 20 gauge shotgun, 1 243. rifle, 1 50. caliber muzzle loader and a 22., and a new remington 870<br /><br />Also a barbecue sauce club member

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Tippmann A-5 player

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  1. ANNO questions

    26 September 2008 - 03:33 PM

    Hey guys does any one know where I can get my gun anno'd, I just want to have my gun anno'd? Also how much would anno cost to paint a whole autococker kinda a orange fade(like from dark orange in the back to light orange in the front)? Don't really know too much about anno so yah.
  2. need help

    12 September 2008 - 08:15 PM

    Hey guys, I need some help my dad is getting married tomorrow and I need some help with a speech I have to give because I am the best man. This is what I have so far, any additions will help(mainly) look below for more and a update
  3. something kind of cool

    23 August 2008 - 07:28 PM

    Hey guys a while ago me and a bud were watching some DR.Tran vids on youtube. One had a number it was like 60 characters long. I can't really post a link cause it has curse words. But me and my bud called the number and used as much as you could(wouldn't hold like 15 characters) and it actually came out to a university of like norway or something like that. I am not kidding just leave out some of the characters that are not on your phone(like ? or _).
  4. Just joined my schools football team!

    12 August 2008 - 04:33 PM

    Yah, I just joined my schools football team. So this thursday is our first game but I can't play because you have to watch 10 practices(9 left) before you can even get your pads. But a good thing is that we will travel to TN. for one game. Also my best friend and one more of my friends are joining tomorrow, after that we will have eighteen people on the team. Can't wait until I get to play, also this is a high school team.
  5. Barbecue sauce lovers

    25 July 2008 - 06:21 PM

    Any other forum members that love barbecue sauce, I love barbecue sause. I am kinda eating some right now. Also list you favorite kind, mine is like bulls eye or head, it has a picture of a long horn skull on the front.


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    19 Jul 2008 - 14:44
    *BOW* I Bowed do I get a cookie? :D
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