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  1. 47/3000 PE Tank

    16 April 2011 - 09:29 AM

    Hopefully this is one of my last sales haha

    Tank is a Pure Engery 47ci 3000psi Aluminum Tank. Has a 5 year hydro on it.

    However the date is 03/06, so it went out in March and needs Hydro'd.

    Guaranteed to pass, the bottle and reg are in fantastic condition. Threads are all good, burst discs good, etc

    Asking $40 shipped. NO TRADES

    $35 shipped!

    $25 shipped!

    Posted Image
  2. Reballs, Pods, Squeegies, and VL Jr!

    07 April 2011 - 08:30 AM

    This is finishing up my getting out of PB sale, so please


    Here is what I got left

    Posted Image

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    2 Pods of Reballs. Pods are Spec Ops 140rd Pods. $20 a piece

    2 Random Pods. $5 shipped

    *SOLD* 2 Redz Squeegies. One folding, one straight. $10 for both

    *SOLD* VLocity Jr with Nox Injector Chip. Works perfect, no cracks on the shell or anything like that. Used to keep up with my Ego at 33bps . . . $45 shipped

    *SOLD* Chronograph* (Not Pictured) - Works great, comes with the original case and all, its this onehttp://www.amazon.co...o/dp/B0007D7YCM - $60 shipped

    Come get this stuff!
  3. Tippman A5 w/ CAR Stock

    01 April 2011 - 08:17 AM

    Well I havent been here in a long time! haha

    My buddy bought this gun about a year ago when our church group went to a local field. Its been shot a 1 time to make sure it functions, thats it!

    Totally stock Tippmann A5 with an adjustable CAR Stock.

    Posted Image

    The tank is a 47ci 3000psi PE Tank. Hydro is 03/06, so it just went out.

    PRICE DROP 2x!! $110 for the gun!

    PRICE DROP!! $145 for the whole package!!

    Asking $120 for the gun, and $160 for the tank and gun


    Lemme know if you guys have any questions.
  4. NeedsMorePaintballs "Im Out" Sale

    22 November 2009 - 09:59 PM

    Howdy all!

    Ive been gone for a while with school and 2 jobs (its fun, you should try it haha) and Im back one last time to sell off the last of my gear. Just dont have time these days like I used too. My loss, yalls gain.

    My rules are the usual:
    1. This is my thread. If you dont like my prices/items/whatev dont flame me. PM me and we can talk about it
    2. Paypal or MO only
    3. You are paying actually shipping costs. I ship USPS or any other way you want.
    4. No trades! Im getting out remember lol
    5. I can take more pics and answer any questions, feel free to ask

    So here is what I got for ya:

    08 Ego Black/Fern Green w/ Green Virtue Eyes
    Posted Image
    I used this gun exactly 2 times, and only 1 of those was actually a game. The other was just to see if it worked when I got it. Mint condition. Still has the manual, wrenches, everything. Only ups are some Green Virture eyes.

    Price: $600 OBO

    05 WGP OutKast Autococker

    This sweetheart was my pride and joy. She is perfectly mint. I love this gun, and Im very sad to see her go. Ups 2 piece barrel, CP Reg and Hybrid 1/4 turn On/Off with Bleed.

    PRICE: $250 OBO

    Posted Image
    I bought this as a project gun off here about a year ago knowing it needed work. But I never got around to it. I did clean it up when it arrived and all it APPEARS to need is some new 3-Way hosing. Other than than she appears to be just fine. Totally stock.

    Price: $90 OBO

    Myth'd Crossfire 45/45 w/ Empire Cover
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Perfect shape. Hydro is 10/07. The Myth leaked last time I played and I emailed them about it. It was still under warranty and they sent me all the pieces to repair it, but I never installed them. Still in the box they sent me. Just needs to replace the piston and maybe the Fill Nipple. No biggie.

    PRICE: $160 OBO

    Dye I3 Pros in Olive
    Posted Image
    I am actually planning on keeping some of my gear just in case we ever go again. These are one of those. Mainly wanting to trade these for some Grillz in Olive. But willing to sell as well. Used but in great condition. Lens is still in great shape.

    PRICE: $80

    Planet Eclipse Gear Bag in Pinstripe Blue
    Posted Image
    Been on the field once, and its the best bag Ive ever owned. Works magically and is HUGE.

    PRICE: $150 OBO


    Ill throw any 1 item in with an order from above for free (Minus the Revvy)
    Posted Image
    Random Pod Pack + Bottle Holder - $15
    Loaner Mask - $10
    12v Loader - $25
    WGP Reg - $10
    Random Allen Wrenches - $10
    Barrel Squeegie - $5
    Redz Straight Squeegie - $10
    Macroline -$5
    Random Orings - $5 for all

    Random Headwraps
    Posted Image
    $5 a piece
    -1 Pirate Skull & Crossbones
    -1 Mesh Pirate Skull & Crossbones
    -1 Woodland Camo
    -1 Standard Black

    Posted Image
    -5 Dye Locklids (4 Smoke, 1 Clear) $4 a piece
    -8 140rds $3 a piece


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