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  1. Outbreak'11: Survive Ground Zero

    24 October 2011 - 01:11 PM

    In a follow up of 2007's Outbreak '07 held at the then "Operation:Craig" complex, we are pleased to announce the next event in the series

    Posted Image

    On October 31st 2007 (Outbreak’07), Dr. Smith unleashed his “super warriors” otherwise known as Zombie Soldiers on the world at the “Craig Complex”. Only a small number of people made it out alive from the onslaught however they managed to contain the threat … or so they thought.

    Dr. Smith was able to escape and has been continuing his research in his underground lab facility located only 113 Kilometers east from the site of the 07 incident. He’s been protected by the small mercenary security force that he has personally employed as SmithCo security and has stayed off the grid for these 4 years, what he’s been up to is unknown to the residents of the small settlement of “Bliss” nearby or the hired mercenaries themselves…

    Several survivors of the original Outbreak’07 have banded together and are establishing a camp near the facility, they don’t know it’s exact location, but have been attempting to locate Dr. Smith to make him pay for the atrocities he unleashed at the Craig Complex. The small team has taken over a military camp located only a few hundred feet from the small settlement known as “Bliss” and have begun to concentrate their search in the area, however they have come up with nothing so far …

    The small settlement of “Bliss” has a very overzealous sheriff, he himself a survivor of the original Outbreak’07, a secret he has shared with none of the residents. He is charged with protecting the peace in the small town and the new subdivision being developed in the area. His small town is on edge seeing the long abandoned military camp at their town’s edge become active again, fearing that they will end up being drafted and end up in the military and end up as part of the war, something they have tried to avoid by moving to “Bliss” in the first place.

    On the outskirts of “Bliss” lies an old train station (long abandoned) and the now defunct oil refinery owned by “SmithCo”. The area was once a booming industrial site, many of the residents of “Bliss” knew someone that worked there at some point, but it was closed 4 years ago with no notice and sat dormant, only the power generators still operating . Now it is being patrolled by a new para-military force, known for being trigger happy and not very friendly. The residents try to stay out of the area, but some can’t resist the temptation to check out the old buildings and the abandoned train sitting on the now rusted rails …

    On November 12th, 2011 Outbreak’11 starts off 4 years after the incidents at the Craig Complex during Outbreak’07 … where we asked if you could survive the night … now we ask, can you survive Ground Zero?

    The event will be starting at 10:00AM and will last until 18:00 (6PM), there will be no breaks, and no lunch period provided.
    - Special characters will be in play
    - There will be a base assigned to each team (3 teams total) and will have a flag to identify.
    - Each Team will have a dead box from which to spawn. Spawns will be every 15 minutes.
    - New Missions will be released every hour to the team commanders.

    Team Commanders will be announced shortly

    Teams will be arranged ahead of time using the event registration available on www.gzpaintball.ca.
    Current team size restrictions:
    SmithCo Security: 25 Players
    Bliss PD: 25 Players
    Survivor Corps: Unlimited
    Participants registered at the gate will be assigned a team that requires additional forces.

    Pre-Registration ending 11 Nov 11: $25.00/player - register online at www.gzpaintball.ca
    At the Gate: $35.00/player

    INKA Copper: $75.00/case
    INKA Silver: $85.00/case

    All rates in Canadian Funds

    To be released by the end of next week:
    - commander selection
    - onsite amenities
    - field map
    - detailed event rule/play book


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