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  1. 2 Tanks, 1 Gun

    09 March 2009 - 10:14 PM

    Alright. I have an ION, with a 68/3000 tank mounted on a recon vest. When I play, I cary a full vest of paint. I would like to also cary a pod leg pouch sometimes. But, I can barely shoot all the paint I cary, I know its only 4 pods and a hopper, well I can shoot it all, i just get drop off when I get into a firefight when my tank is gettin low. But I am thinking about getting another tank and sewing the pouch onto the vest. Then I want to connect both tanks together, so I only have 1 remote going to 2 tanks. I am curious if anyone has done this before? If so, can you post pics or explain, if not Ill figure somthing out. Maybe Ill get an 88/45 or something big that is a 4500. Thanks.

  2. Vest Tank Pouch PICs??

    04 November 2008 - 02:48 PM

    Hey. I just bought a Recon vest, but didnt get a Tank pouch with it. I see one the store for the horitontal they show the back of the pouch. Well I want pictures of the Verticle tank pouch, well the back. I have an extra SpecOps Tank Tac Leg pouch and want to know How to modify it with velcro so I can attach it like the SpecOps pouch is. I couldnt get the pictures to post, so I put links directly to them. I was curious if someone can post pictures like this, but of the verticla pouch. Oh, I guess it could probably be the pod pouch too, im sure they attach the same. Thanks.


  3. Masks!!!

    25 October 2008 - 05:21 PM

    Hey. I have a bunch of masks for sale. A few have a cracked lenses, but you can just buy a new lense for it. You pay shipping.

    Attached File  1021082316.jpg (481.01K)
    Number of downloads: 3
    -Cracked Lense

    Attached File  1021082316a.jpg (473.6K)
    Number of downloads: 2
    -Cracked Lense

    Attached File  1021082317a.jpg (464.49K)
    Number of downloads: 4

    Attached File  1021082317b.jpg (473.2K)
    Number of downloads: 3
  4. LNIB Diablo Mongoose Reincarnation II LCD

    23 October 2008 - 01:39 PM

    Hey everyone. I have a very lightly used Diablo Mongoose Reincarnation II LCD for sale. I have used this in 2 games, and shot it in my back yard. Has only seen about 1 1/2 cases of paint/reballs. Has no scratches on it. The only thing I have lost for it, is there is clip to hold the pin on, there is now a paperclip in its spot. You can see it in the pictures. The bolt has regular wear on it. I also drilled a hole in the feedneck for a pin to help remove it so I could put the marker in its case. I got this for my birthday last year, but they were unaware I was saving up for an ION. New this is $210, I am selling this for $85 shipped.

    -21 bps Cycle Rate
    -Custom Fade Anodizing
    -Fore Grip With Expansion Chamber
    -State-Of-The-Art Low Pressure Valve
    -Quick Strip Bolt
    -Pro-Style Vertical Vise Feed Port
    -Custom Anodizing and Milling
    -Improved Ball Detent
    -Rear Velocity Adjustment w/ Tournament Lock
    -Drop Forward Bottomline ASA
    -Advanced Electronic Trigger Frame with Electric Safety
    -ASA Regulator For Consistent Velocity

    Attached File  1023081607.jpg (469.38K)
    Number of downloads: 9
    Attached File  1023081608.jpg (478.17K)
    Number of downloads: 5
    Attached File  1023081608a.jpg (552.47K)
    Number of downloads: 2
    Attached File  1023081609.jpg (436.65K)
    Number of downloads: 1
    Attached File  1023081610.jpg (506.42K)
    Number of downloads: 2
    Attached File  1023081612.jpg (547.08K)
    Number of downloads: 1

    I would Prefer not to trade, but I may accept(with some money added)....
    -Blackcell Longbow Stock for the ION
    -APE Board for ION
    -SpecOps Vest Tank Pouch, SO digi
  5. Cleaning out the closet

    22 October 2008 - 08:14 PM

    Just cleaning out the closet. I am only accepting money orders at this time. You pay shipping. Either comment or PM. I will update as needed.

    Attached File  tanks.jpg (214.65K)
    Number of downloads: 4

    1. BrassEagle 9oz. CO2 tank $3
    2. BrassEagle 9oz. CO2 tank $3
    3. BrassEagle 9oz. CO2 tank $3
    4. BrassEagle 9oz. CO2 tank $3
    5. BrassEagle 9oz. CO2 tank $3
    6. Fleece sock for 9oz. tank $1 or free with tank(who ever buys first)

    Attached File  Pods.jpg (211.4K)
    Number of downloads: 4

    1. View Loader 100rd pod $1
    2. View Loader 100rd pod $1
    3. View Loader 100rd pod $1
    4. View Loader 140rd pod $2
    5. View Loader 140rd pod $2
    6. thirtytwodegrees 100 rd pod $1.50
    7. fat boy 100rd pod $1.50
    8. Fatboy 100rd pod $1.50
    9. Fatboy 100rd pod $1.50
    10. Numbered them wrong. Lol.
    11. thirtytwodegrees 100 rd pod $1.50
    12. PMI 100 rd pod $1.50
    13. PMI 100 rd pod $1.50
    14 View loade 100rd pod $1

    Attached File  hoppers.jpg (205.96K)
    Number of downloads: 6

    1. Unknown hopper w/ neopreme cover $5
    2. Java $3
    3. Brass Eagle $1
    4. Spin Loader $3
    5. Quantum VL felt lined to minimize noise. $5
    (lid hinge is broken, but still snaps securly on)

    Attached File  holsters.jpg (219.98K)
    Number of downloads: 7

    1. Brass Eagle 2 100rd pod pack $7
    2. Military Leg Pistol Holster-Right Hand $20
    3. Military Magazine Pouch $15
    4. Military Magazine Pouch $15
    5. PMI 3 140rd pod pack $15
    6. I&I Sports 3 100rd pod pack $15

    Attached File  stuff.jpg (207.61K)
    Number of downloads: 14

    1. Tippmann barell condom $.50
    2. Tippmann barell condom $.50
    3. Brand New never used SpecOps $20
    Acu digi tank Tac leg holster
    4. WGP barell condom $.50
    5. GATES Camo Gloves. Size L $5
    6. Like New XC Knee Pads Size L $5
    7. Like New XC Elbow Pads Size Large $5

    Attached File  parts.jpg (214.46K)
    Number of downloads: 18

    1. Spyder Victor drop with asa, hose, and whatever that piece is called $10
    2. A5 drop with hose and whatever that is called -----SOLD-----
    3. 98c butt $2
    4. Brass Eagle barell plug $free with another purchase or you pay shipping
    5. A5 butt $4
    6. asa part for a remote coil -----SOLD-----
    7. 8in. steel hose $5
    8. A5 foregrip $3
    9. 45* elbow $1
    10. feedneck $1

    I will soon be putting masks up.
    Will trade for(possibly add some money):
    -SpecOps vest tank pouch in SO digi
    -Blackcell stock


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