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  1. Where do you test fire your marker??

    02 March 2012 - 12:23 AM

    I just moved into an apartment and my biggest problem with that is I am a "tinkerer" so I am constantly fiddling with my marker and need to test it.

    Now, I bought rebels for indoor firing...even though my hoppers sometimes don't like them. But I don't know what to do about the noise. I don't want to be a bad neighbor, but I live in a fairly urban area so I can't just go out in the woods.

    When I used to live in an apartment, I'd sometimes drive a little ways away from my apartment, and pull behind an ice rink or shopping center and fire off some rounds...but I was always afraid that cops would show up.

    So where do you apartment dwellers tinker?

    I was thinking I could go to a field to test it, but I don't think fields like having people show up at their chrono station when they aren't paying to actually play.
  2. At what point do you give up tinkering?

    27 February 2012 - 10:41 PM

    I mean, I LOVE to think of myself as a "tinkerer" of sorts. And when I'm between playing, I like to pretend that I can fix markers and take them apart and put them together again. It's "fun". Well, it's fun when it works. The rest of the time, it's just a constant frustration and constant reminder that I am NOT a very good tinkerer.

    And I wonder to myself, at what point do you "give up"? I don't want to give up. I want to pretend that I'm "handy" with a wrench. But I have an auto cocker...that HATES me...and a Max-Flo reg that I doubt will EVER work properly. To this day, I'm AMAZED that I was able to tune not one, but TWO Level 10s in my Mags. I know!

    So...tinkerers....lets hear your stories of failures....I'll start.

    I bought a "Rebel LE"...first mistake.

    A Rebel LE is a Spyder clone...but a horrible, horrible Spyder clone. It looks cool...but it shredded paintballs like a garbage disposal on cocaine. I thought I would fix the problem by feeding the balls faster...so I custom made a Warpfeed force the balls up and into the Vertical feed neck. Well, that didn't work either. So, I figured I'd polish the bolt and internals...that seemed to make the problem worse. So I started to shop for custom o-rings...that would help seal the inside so I wouldn't get "blowback", which seemed to be the culprit.

    For those unfamiliar, "blowback" is when a blowback marker fires and some of the air escapes up the vertical feed neck and "blows" the ball up...which can cause it to get stuck and the bolt to shred it. Well, I bought boxes and boxes of custom made o-rings...trying to find that perfect size...never did.

    Finally, I gave up. I sent it to 32 degrees who made the Rebel, they just said it looked fine and worked as designed. Apparently, it was not designed to fire faster than one ball every few seconds. So...I Ebayed it...for cheap...and kissed it goodbye...tinkerer FAIL...
  3. WTB Ricochet Hopper

    01 May 2011 - 04:08 PM

    My Ricochet Apache sensor died so I either need a new sensor, I need to find another used Apache, I gotta Ebay myself a Ricochet AK.

    So, if you have sensors or a sensor for a Ricochet Apache, I'm very interested. If you have an entire Ricochet Apache that you want to unload, I'd be interested in that too.

    The good news is, since I already have a hopper that is completely working despite the sensor, I'd still be interested in Apaches even if they aren't in perfect shape.

  4. Cheapest Paintballs Online 2011

    25 April 2011 - 09:15 PM

    I conducted research on the cheapest paintballs available online back in 2006. It's now time to update that data:

    First, the disclaimer: I do not work for any of these companies nor do I have any relationship with any of these sites. Most of these sites I have never used. These prices are "pictures of the day"...which means they are subject to change without my knowledge. I WILL post feedback here when I use these sites, positive or negative, but at this point all I can give you are the prices, I can't comment on the customer service until I try the site personally.

    Other Notes (IMPORTANT TO READ):
    A) These prices are not for "skids" or "pallet loads" of paint. If you get paint by the skid, good for you...you can probably get a better price that way...but it's not practical for most consumers.
    B ) I'm sure if you've convinced some website somewhere that you deserve their sponsorship (in other words, you filled out a form), they probably give you a little better deal...good for you...but it doesn't help most of us consumers out there that aren't on your team. This also applies to being sponsored by "paint companies."
    C) If your uncle owns a local store and gives you paint at cost because you're his favorite nephew....good for you....but it doesn't help the rest of us non-nephews.
    D) I've tried not to use "white box/seconds" paint...because this paint can really vary in quality from source to source. At the same time, there were instances where it was necessary to include that paint because the difference between some low end paints, white box, and house paint is sometimes very little.
    E) If all you shoot is marbalizers, evil, or empire paint because you're all bad like that....good for you...this list isn't going to help you.
    F) These prices are shipped to Illinois. You can expect a difference of around 0.5 cents/ball to 1 cent/ball based on shipping differences, i.e. places that are closer to you charge you less to ship than places that are further away. That is why you should use this list as a "guide", not a firm set of prices. No matter where you live, I think the list is a good guide, a good representation of sites where paint is cheap and different kinds of orders where you get the best deals.

    Price Listings are "cents per ball" and are listed from 10th best to best.
    10. 2.000 cents/ball: Multiple sites tied.
    9. 1.900 cents/ball: Firstcallpaintball: 3 cases of Red Legion Field Basic
    8. 1.874 cents/ball: zephyrpaintball: 4 cases of PMI Stingers
    7. 1.800 cents/ball: Paintball-online: 3 cases of RPS Stingers
    6. 1.780 cents/ball: Firstcallpaintball: 3 cases of RPS Stingers
    3. 1.750 cents/ball: shop4paintball: 3 cases of Valken Zing or 3 cases of Draxxus DXS Basic Training
    3. 1.750 cents/ball: Paintball-online: 3 cases of Draxxus Basic Training
    3. 1.750 cents/ball: Firstcallpaintball: 3 cases of G.I. Sportz 1-star
    2. 1.687 cents/ball: zephyrpaintball: 4 cases of JT Fluid Monsoon
    1. 1.437 cents/ball: zephyrpaintball: 4 cases of JT Paintballs

    These are pretty good prices. If I were to go to the local discount sporting goods store, I would pay 1.593-2.00 cents/ball for very cheap paint. So these online prices are actually compareable to what I'd pay at a discount sporting goods store or Wal-Mart and while the paint listed isn't "great", it's probably better than what you'd get locally for that price. The "downside", is you need to buy more of it (3-4 cases) to get that price.

    Essentially, there were 4 sites that came out as winners:
    1. zephyrpaintball- Not only do they offer better pricing on larger quantities, but they offer free shipping on orders over $100. This is a new site to the list and very impressive. In addition to the paint listed above, they have Diablo Heat and XO Spectrum at 2.00 cents/ball for 4 cases.
    2. Firstcallpaintball- They were also on my list 2006 which means they've certainly stood the test of time. They also have free shipping on orders over $100. And they also have 3 cases of WPN Killabeez at 2.00 cents/ball.
    3. Paintball-online- Another new site to the list and another site with free shipping on orders over $100. They also have 3 cases of Draxxus Triumph or 3 cases of WPN Weapons Grade at 2.00 cents/ball.
    4. shop4paintball- This site was considered for the last list, but didn't have as good of prices as they do now or may not have offered free shipping on orders over $99 like they do now. In addition to the paint above, they also have 3 cases of WPN Weapons Grade or 3 cases of Draxxus DXS Triumph for 2.00 cents/ball.

    You only want to buy one case? Maybe it's the end of the season and you don't want paint laying around all winter? Here are the best prices I found on just 1 case of paintballs:
    20) 2.498 cents/ball: Extreme Velocity: Draxxus Blaze or Nelson Nel-Splat
    19) 2.497 cents/ball: Empirepaintball: XO Spectrum
    18) 2.495 cents/ball: Paintball-online: WPN Weapons Grade or Draxxus DXS Triumph
    17) 2.482 cents/ball: doropaintball: White box
    16) 2.447 cents/ball: Redcell: WPN Weapons Grade or DXS Triumph
    15) 2.400 cents/ball: Extreme Velocity: Diablo Formula 13
    14) 2.295 cents/ball: Paintball-online: RPS Stingers
    13) 2.250 cents/ball: Extreme Velocity: PMI Stingers
    12) 2.248 cents/ball: Extreme Velocity: Draxxus Rec-Sport or WPN Killabeez or WPN Toxic or XO Camotac

    11) 2.245 cents/ball: Paintball-online: Draxxus Basic Training
    10) 2.239 cents/ball: orderpaintball: DXS Basic Training
    9) 2.211 cents/ball: Action Village: XO Spectrum
    8) 2.000 cents/ball: Extreme Velocity: Nelson Precision
    7) 1.998 cents/ball: Extreme Velocity: XO V1

    6) 1.963 cents/ball: zephyrpaintball: JT Paintballs
    5) 1.948 cents/ball: Extreme Velocity: Nelson Hotspot
    4) 1.648 cents/ball: Extreme Velocity: Voodoo Paintballs
    3) 1.560 cents/ball: Extreme Velocity: Hotbox

    2) 1.50 cents/ball: Paintball-online: Core white box
    1) 1.475 cents/ball: Extreme Velocity: Brown Box Paintballs

    Extreme Velocity has been added based on a member suggestion. I'm a bit leary of the prices, but I'll give em a try. If they are legit, they are hands down the winners by offering free shipping on all orders.

    Now, lets look at the worst sites I found (3rd worst to worst):
    3) Empirepaintball- Their shipping costs are reasonable (about $10/case), but their prices per case are jacked up about $5-$10.
    2) athleticimpact- They charge about $5 more per case and you're gonna pay about $15 in shipping.
    1) paintballequipmentsite- They charge nearly $30/case to ship paint. This pretty much prices them out of the competition.

    Let me also take a moment to recommend to everyone that they frequent BYOP fields and reward those fields with your paint purchases. This list is only provided because from time to time we may need to purchase paint, not from a field. I live near fields that are BYOP and sell paint for 2.067-3.127 cents/ball, so they are competitive. And they deserve your business for giving you the freedom of choice that many FPO fields have taken away.

    I hope this helps!

    Please feel free to add other sites that are competitive with the prices I've listed above. PLEASE remember though, these costs per ball INCLUDE SHIPPING! I've had a number of people respond to the old thread with "I got a case from X store for $20!", but when I go to check it out, it turns out that with shipping the prices per ball wouldn't make the list. I'll try to update the list from time to time.
  5. Divided States at Sherwood Forest

    23 April 2011 - 09:34 AM

    Anyone going to Divided States at Sherwood!?

    I pre-registered to get the best pricing. Looks like it's gonna be a good time.

    Here's a link.


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    05 Oct 2010 - 16:43
    Just you coming to Resident Evil?
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    22 Jul 2010 - 18:40
    me and army guy are hitting up fox paintball August 7th, come out and play!
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