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  1. Image of the Tippmann Pistol Prototype

    31 October 2008 - 09:23 AM

    It official, Tippmann has finally released an image of their prototype pistol. What do you guys think?
  2. A noncombatant role...

    10 August 2008 - 06:02 AM

    At our last game, one member of our team said he would take pictures during the final battle. How many teams or players want to take pictures while they are playing? Quite a few. Everyone wants to see themselves in pictures while they are playing.

    Cameras aren't cheap and to get good photos, an individual must basically put down his/her marker and pick up a camera. You really have to protect the camera with your body. Even if the combat photographer is wearing a vest to distinguish him/her, they can still get lit up pretty bad.

    The reason I suggested this is for a simple fact, I've tried to take a camera out onto the field but always get caught in fire fights. I may get a couple of pictures but usually not very many and usually no action pictures.

    Also consider that the Combat Photographer has been around since WWII. They do play an important role in promoting the sport and an the image of the sport. It tkaes a lot of nerve to take up this role.

    Say how you vote and why... Be critical but in a constructive way.
  3. Tactics in CQB

    03 July 2008 - 12:39 PM

    On June 28th, I was at a sceeario game. The final battle entaled one team defending the GHOST Town at P&L Paintball in Bridgewater, Ma, while the other team assaulted. I was on the assaulting forces side. The force I was with was made up of 6 players.

    We quickly skirted the ouside of the building, skipping the main entrances, which were 2 ramps a large main entrance. Each side of the Ghost town has 2 entrances that lead into the buildings. Most of my team were into the 2 side entrance when I noticed a half dozen or so players on the 2nd story in a corner room. They were looking towards the center section of the town, so I was unnoticed. I took a BT M-12 grenade, told the ref that was stnading next to me what I was going to do. I then threw the grenade through the door leading into the room. I told the ref so that we would make sure the ref in the room would eliminate anyone hit with paint. I moved into the building, where the rest of my team was. We moved up in a leap frogging style. The point man would move up to a point where he could fire on anyone in front of him. We made it to about halfway through the building when we ran into a corner where a number of the OPFOR were located. We were unable to eliminate any of the OPFOR due to the angles we were firing from but the same thing applied to them. I opted for another M-12 grenade. Again, the grenade cleared out the room. We quickly advanced.

    At this point, we now had to pay attention to the windows. We were receiving fire from the opposite side of the field. When we came to a window we either moved past it quick or got into a crouch to move by it. The next corridor held a different challenge. There were several players down it but we could not move up. There were side entrances that had a small foyer. Players had gathered in them in groups of 2 and 3. At this point, I back tracked at went outside the building. There was a window at the end of the hallway. This window was at an angle, so I was firing into a 2-3 inch gap from where I was standing. I managed to eliminate 2-3 OPFOR before getting hit. I ran back to the reinsert area, cleaned off the hit, grabbed 2 more M-12 grenades and made my way back to where I had been hit. We were still stalled out, so I went back to the position I had before but I crawled below the window, made my way to the next door. At this point, I pulled an M-12 out, pulled the pin, and threw it in, clearing out another section. There were no more OPFOR in that corridor. We were now able to move under the reinsert of the OPFOR. We remained extremely quiet so as not to alert everyone overhead. The stomping of boots was almost deafening overhead and one of the ramps leading down to the ground level left us exposed, so we had to be that much more careful. We moved across to the other side of the Ghost Town where we started taking firing. As it turned out, it was one of our players. One member of my team stuck his arm out, flashing his arm band. We prepped a small team to assault the upper story. Right above where we were was a group of the OPFOR. I'm exactly sure how many were there. I pulled my last grenade and backed out and looked up. I had a perfect shot into the area directly above us. I told my team what I was going to do and had them wait until I threw the grenade. I threw the M-12 hard and my team took off. We quickly cleared the area and 10 seconds later the game was over and we had raised both our flags for 500 points per flag.

    Now before you say smoke grenades would have been good, there's no way. The corridors are too narrow for that. Any smoke thrown would be as much of a hinderance as it would be beneficial. The defenders could just shoot away until the smoke cleared.

    P&L Video This video will give you a good idea of the layout of the Ghost Town.
  4. Fixing the Delta 68

    01 July 2008 - 09:32 AM

    I was reading a week or 2 ago about how to fix the problem of the O-ring coming out of the Delta 68 when you changed the 12 gram. I can remember which mpistol the part comes out of but apparently its interchangeable and the part using a nylon piece instead of an oring, preventing it from pulling out.

    Does anyone know which marker this is from? No comments on the Delta 68. I got it 4 years ago before I found out about its reputation. I just want to fix it so that it actually works.
  5. Empire Magna

    16 June 2008 - 02:40 AM

    When I purchased my Macdev Cyborg, I decided to get a hopper that could keep up with it. I had a Halo B w/rip drive but decided that I did not want to use it for a couple of reasons. I started looking around and came across the Magna.

    I love the fact that Empire moved the battery compartment on the Halo's to the back on the Magna. They also made the door to the battery compartment a slide, so its much easier to change the batteries should they die during the game. I'm not too crazy about the 6 AA's. Also by changing the design of the shell so that the weight sits over the grip instead of more over the barrel makes the gun/hopper combination much more balanced.

    The Magna also comes setup for the RF, which I opted for. All you have to do is plug the RF switch into the marker, hold the power button down until it turns amber, pull the trigger, the light turns green and the gun and hopper are synchronized. I have not tried out the sound activation feature seeing as how I opted to get the RF right away.

    I shot 6 different brands of paint, XO's Menace and Spectrum, Empire Ramp, Diablo Heat, PMI Rampage, and RPS Marballizers. Out of all the paint I shot, at least 3 cases total, I had problems with only the Marballizers breaking in the hopper. I was unsure if it was caused by the paint itself or if the tension on the Magna clutch was to high. I opted to change to one of the magnet configurations that are provided for you in the manual. I have yet to try the new configuration out. I will update this after my next day of paintball.

    I was thoroughly impressed by the Magna's performance. Using Energizer Lithium batteries, I shot probably about 3000 balls before the hopper batteries died. I am going to try the Spring tension monitoring feature. It is supposed to help prevent breaks as well as enxtend battery life. The Magna kept up beautifully with the Cyborg. I had no issues with feeding at all.


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