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    02 March 2011 - 09:33 AM

    Posted Image

    It's Back! BATTLEFIELD UTAH - Utah's fastest growing scenario! With over 200 in attendance last year, the spring event from Desert Edge is better than ever.

    Date: April 9, 2011
    Registration: 8:00 am
    Game On: 10:00 am
    Cost (pre-registration): $35
    Cost (at event): $40
    Place: Desert Edge New World Field

    First 50 Registrations get free Event Dog Tag!

    Posted Image


    Pre-registration ends 4/8 12:AM

    Join Team Desert Edge for one of the premier scenario events of the year! Battlefield Utah is designed to provide fun for everyone from new players to experienced teams.

    Players will engage in an intense mix of Scenario Competitions while battling for control over Base and Flag stations. The Scenario Competition will consist of Team Objective Missions, Sniper Challenges, "VIPs," and a few Surprises! Special roles for the Scenario Competition are limited, so early registration is strongly encouraged.

    Follow us on FaceBook for all the excitement for 2011



  2. 2011 Planet Eclipse DEEGO!

    02 December 2010 - 10:46 AM

    Posted Image

    Forged in the depths of hell and inspired by the unparalleled legacy of carnage the Ego continues to leave in its wake, comes the third issue of the Desert Edge Ego – The “DEEGO 11”.

    Desert Edge is pleased to announce the release of the new 2011 limited edition DEEGO from Planet Eclipse. The distinctive design of this exclusive private label marker features all the great features of the Ego 11, with the stunning new Desert Edge graphics. The distinctive graphics make this striking limited team edition marker a dream to the few shooting it and a nightmare to those that oppose it.

    The DEEGO represents a rare and long standing partnership between Eclipse and Desert Edge--two entities dedicated to building the sport of paintball. The third edition of the DEEGO is truly a milestone in poppet-valve technology and demonstrates the constant commitment Planet Eclipse has to meet the needs of each individual player. This remarkable marker is equally at home in the woods at UWL as it is on the tournament fields of NPPL.

    “Desert Edge has proven to be one of our most successful and stable scenario teams. We are very excited to have Desert Edge in the Emortal Army for another year to come!!”

    ”The consistency of Desert Edge and support they have shown Eclipse over the years is extraordinary. Most teams don’t even last a couple years yet Desert Edge has been around together as team for many years and has been supporting Planet Eclipse for over five years now. I love the respect Desert Edge receives from other players and teams, the attitude they bring to the field. They are always looking to lend a hand to another player if needed. DE guys are always acting in the right manner on and off the field and that can’t be said about most teams out there. It’s also great that Desert Edge plays in scenario events, tactical events, pump events and speedball events. They bring their love to the game in every aspect out there.” – Marc Lacia Planet Eclipse

    “Eclipse has always been the company we wanted for a gun sponsorship. This will be our 6th year with Eclipse and every year they remind us why being part of the Emortal Army is like nothing else out there. Eclipse treats their teams better than any other manufacturer and continues to produce the best markers and soft goods in the industry. We know without a doubt that when we step on the field, even in the worst conditions, that marker problems will be the last thing we have to worry about.” – Dan Saunders (Desert Edge Team Captain).

    Desert Edge would like to personally thank Planet Eclipse for providing the best equipment in the industry and for their unparalleled support of Team Desert Edge.

    Desert Edge will be proudly shooting the DEEgo, Ego Eleven, Geo 2, and Etek3 paintball markers for the 2011 season.

    For an early peek at our design please check us out on Facebook!

    Posted Image
  3. EGO 10 Black/Champagne

    16 November 2010 - 11:40 AM

    Time to move this beauty to a new owner.
    This has been a non stop work horse for me all year. I baby my guns and this one is in top shape and tuned to perfection.

    Marker has one SMALL scratch at the bottom of the reg.
    comes with Shaft 4 .689

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image


    Cash: $800 shipp'd and pp'd

    Trades: My old 1 of 2 SL94 Desert Edge Edition

    mostly want cash or something I can come out ahead on.

    This is priced to sell so offer up!
  4. Planet Eclipse 2010 PL DEEGO!

    07 May 2010 - 02:19 PM

    Posted Image

    Desert Edge is pleased to announce the release of the 2010 DEEgo from Planet Eclipse. Boasting a unique scrollwork design inspired by Planet Eclipse’s own Nicky T, the DEEgo is sure to turn heads , on and off the paintball field!
    Last year Planet Eclipse demonstrated their support for scenario, and woods paintball, with the introduction of the first DEEgo private label paintball marker. This year they have upped the ante even more with the release of the “Dig-E Cam” line of Distortion playing gear. Not stopping there, Eclipse has also released “Dig-E Cam” versions of their popular Etek 3 marker! Now the dedicated woodsball player can hit the field with confidence knowing that they are rocking the best playing gear on the planet!
    This second DEEgo is a milestone, further demonstrating Planet Eclipse’s commitment to providing the best equipment for the competitive paintball player.
    So, what is it that makes the 2010 DEEgo and Ego Ten markers so amazing on the paintball field?
    To start, the 2010 Ego is the most advanced paintball maker in the world; the culmination of years of research, and engineering. The Ego Ten comes with the new Zick2 rammer, and Cure3+ bolt, to create the most consistent, smoothest shooting poppet-valve marker ever developed. Additionally, the Ego Ten has been further tuned for a quiet, smooth shot, while still capable of over 28 BPS.
    Amazing smoothness, coupled with a robust design, makes the Ego Ten the most reliable, durable, and maintenance friendly marker on the planet!
    Eclipse has also given the Ego Ten a larger LCD display, faster processor, new GUI software, and an LP Supply Protection System. All this, while still maintaining the Ego’s slim profile and minimal weight, shows that, to Planet Eclipse, the needs of the player come first!
    Desert Edge would like to personally thank Planet Eclipse for their unparalleled support of scenario paintball, the sport in general, and the Desert Edge Team.
    Desert Edge will be proudly shooting the DEEgo, Ego Ten, Geo 2, and Etek3 paintball markers this 2010 season!

    Posted Image
    Please visit our Facebook Page for more photos and news!

  5. Furious Paintball signs with scenario team Desert Edge

    03 March 2010 - 10:51 AM

    Posted Image


    Team Desert Edge Signs Sponsorship Agreement with Furious

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – March 1, 2010 – Team Desert Edge, one of the most recognized and accomplished competitive woodsball teams in the sport, has inked a sponsorship deal with Furious Painball LLC, the maker of the most advanced paintball barrels made.

    Tim Saunders, Co-Captain of Team Desert Edge points out, “Every player is looking for the most accurate and consistent barrel available. Desert Edge has found just that. The Lotus Barrel by Furious, is the world’s most advanced barrel design.” Tim continues, “The combination of the Planet Eclipse markers and the new Furious barrels is a perfect mesh of reliability and unmatched precision.”

    Desert Edge Team Captain, Dan Saunders adds, “The quality of the new Lotus Barrel is helping our team perform better. The honing and porting are so perfect, our shots are more consistent, air is more efficient, and when a ball breaks, the next shot cleans the barrel perfectly! That keeps our shots right on target.” Dan continues, “In competitive woods paintball, the importance of accurate shots and a self-cleaning barrel is crucial. It’s a benefit almost unheard of, that we now have.”

    “This partnership is the perfect fit.” Dan says. “Furious is a relatively small, but growing operation, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the growth of such a great company. We look forward to exposing other players to such quality and reliable equipment.”

    Dan continues, “We are honored to join the Furious family with winning teams like Vicious, San Francisco Explicit and Rockstar. We look forward to continuing the winning habits in the woodsball tournament scene.”

    “Matthew, at Furious is excited to work with Desert Edge, and is genuinely interested in Paintball as a whole.” Says Dan. "Matthew is currently working with the UWL (Ultimate Woodsball League) in organizing a tournament series in Malaysia. Dan adds, “Matthew has strong ties with the paintball community, both in the U.S. and Malaysia. This may be our chance to reach the Paintball community on a more global level.”

    Furious Paintball’s Matthew Nekvapil comments, “Furious Paintball sees an opportunity in the Scenario market. We have always wanted to get in there and work with a great scenario team, which we have found with Team Desert Edge.”

    Matthew continues, “We are excited about the fact that they are enthusiastic to work with us. They have been around for some time, their results speak for themselves. At Furious, we pride ourselves on our customer service. The teams we work with is a testament to this. We feel that Desert Edge is the right fit with Furious.”

    Furious Paintball specializes in custom and precision manufacturing of paintball equipment. They are most recognized by their beautifully handcrafted barrels and their ultra long lasting paintball batteries. The founder, an enthusiastic paintball player demands only the best and most reliable equipment and as a result of that, Furious Paintball came into being.

    The partnership of Desert Edge and Furious Paintball will surly bring one of the most exciting seasons we have seen in competitive woodsball.


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