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Paintball....need i say more....okay fine, my wife cause she rocks, living, philosophy, fighting, theology, and people.

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  1. In Topic: Pryme 7's moving to Airsoft

    19 November 2009 - 07:31 AM

  2. In Topic: Classic Army M15A4 SPC Airsoft Gun + Extras

    18 November 2009 - 07:52 PM

    i have a Crossfire 68ci 3000psi CF tank in need of renewing the Chrono as well as a NX2 cover if you're interested. Will be in SC this coming week. PM me if you want.
  3. In Topic: Pryme 7's moving to Airsoft

    16 November 2009 - 08:22 PM

    View Postmilsim berry, on Nov 16 2009, 09:44 AM, said:

    Hey I have a Echo 1 SCAR L with 2 High caps and 3 mids are you intreastead

  4. In Topic: North East Area Free Agents List

    21 May 2008 - 08:36 AM

    yo we should hook up some time and shoot something...or each other...

    View PostP.O.M.E., on May 21 2008, 07:19 AM, said:

    NAME: P.O.M.E.

    AGE: 26

    CITY: Bronx

    STATE: New York

    PAINTBALL BACKROUND/PAST PLAY EXPERIENCE: Started playing in 99 got serious about it in 03 been playing almost every other week since 06

    MARKER: Tippmann a5, x7egrip, 8" lapco bigshot, g36 folding stock and a bunch of other stuff. can carry about 1200 rounds of paint


    CONTACT: victor.rosario@vzw.blackberry.net
  5. In Topic: North East Area Free Agents List

    13 May 2008 - 08:15 PM

    NAME: Jonathan (Pryme7)
    AGE: 27
    CITY: NY
    PAINTBALL BACKROUND/PAST PLAY EXPERIENCE: Been playing since '01 off and on but for 05-07 i played almost weekly and captained the Son's of Adam (S.O.A.) team out of SC. Just relocated to Manhattan last year. So couple years experience as captain, which i served in primarily medium rifleman roles, did some extra time as light rifleman and sniper depending on need. I'm not looking for punks. I'm into having fun and laughing and bettering the image of paintball, not damaging it. Tactical goals a must. I enjoy the chess match, not the spray as much. I'm in super health, I'm a competitive fighter and martial arts instructor, so now worries about my getting around and keeping up. I would prefer a group that is focused but understands the need to have a flexible schedule, I mean I'm married and run a studio but do have consistent availability. Big challenge is we dumped our cars so transportation will be an issue that needs addressing, but i'm pretty flexible.
    MARKER: Recently parted with my lovely Vertebrate 'Cocker, Now down to my basic SDMPA5 and RAP4 pistol. If i get back into it again, i will immediately purchase the MAG i've longed for but used that money to buy the couch i'm sitting on...not that i'm bitter...but seriously...
    SPEEDBALL/WOODSBALL: Woods, i'd be open to speed but not super interested.


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