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  1. FS: A5A2 with dogleg with upgrades

    04 March 2013 - 01:54 PM

    I used to be really into paintball but since i haven't played much the last few years i've decided to start selling off some of my old stuff.

    I'm selling a Tippmann A5 customized by Special Ops Paintball, in this variation it's known as an A5A2 with a dogleg stock. because i bought it straight from Special Ops it has their custom logos on it and black powder coat which is a bit more textured than regular Tippmann factory paint. The stock on this gun is a type only produced by Special Ops Paintball, which stopped producing such products years ago so they are now quite hard to come by. because this stock is an "air through" stock you need to use a remote line for the air supply and cannot mount it on-gun.

    Aftermarket parts on the gun are a blade double trigger, a JCS red-hot power tube, Lapco rubber cyclone paddles, and a top mount weaver rail. stock A5 barrel and hopper included, i realize one of the pictures has a Tippmann barrel cover as well but sorry i lost that so it is not included, also there are no tools or manuals included with this.

    marker is in good operating condition, shows regular signs of use for a paintball marker with small scratches but no large gouges. the weaver rail mounting screws dug into the powder coat but those are obviously covered by the rail, just wanted to mention that for full disclosure. had no leaks the last time i used it but that was about two years ago, no idea if that's changed since and if it did leaks are pretty easy/cheap to fix.

    ASKING $300 negotiable + shipping

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    if interested just post, pm, or text me at 718-3o9-9twotwo7
  2. A5A2 with dogleg with upgrades

    13 November 2011 - 11:13 PM

    over the last few years I've slowly stopped playing paintball and decided its time to let this gun go. I'm going to be selling an A5A2 with dogleg stock, which i ordered as a pre-setup gun from special ops so it's got the modified tombstone with the true air-thru rather than the "ez air-thru" kit, and the special ops badging.
    seeing how this is my only A5 im including the upgrades i had on the gun, which include a JCS "red hot" power tube, Lapco rubber cyclone paddles (OD Green), a top mount weaver rail (had a red dot on it but not selling it with the gun), and a blade trigger that i believe is made by Dead-On. I'm also going to throw in the stock hopper and tippmann barrel sleeve.

    the gun/stock have some scratches. the gun has one scratch that goes down to the metal but it is very small, adn the 4 set screws for the weaver rail have also bitten through the paint under them. scratches on the stock aren't noticable unless closely inspected.

    So, I'm trying to see how much i can expect to get for this setup before putting it on ebay, or considering offers from anyone who is interested. pictures will be posted as soon as possible


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