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  1. In Topic: D-Day 2009

    23 September 2008 - 05:58 PM

    View PostEthrealwolf, on Sep 22 2008, 07:49 PM, said:

    Still trying to figure out what hot chicks have to do with the merits of playing for one side or the other....

    One word: EVERYTHING. :P

    Charlie Mike.
  2. In Topic: D-Day 2009

    22 September 2008 - 10:29 AM

    View PostBuckfrenzy, on Sep 20 2008, 02:03 PM, said:

    View PostThors Hammer, on Sep 19 2008, 11:50 PM, said:

    Kool!! Marilyn Manson is on the Germans team? That's awesome!


    I thought the same thing. Now, if we made that required German apparel you would probably have a mass desertion on your hands.

    I know I spent most of my formative years in the company of freaky groupies and demonic women, so maybe my perspective is a little colored here... But what about a hot chick with a riding crop in a vinyl cat-suit makes you think about Marilyn Manson?

    I'm going to wager its one of two things:

    1) You don't get laid that often and when you do its really... really... really... boring. :huh:

    2) You've got some unhealthy, unresolved fantasy about Marilyn Manson, a sheep dog, and a pitcher of molten jell-o. :(

    Either way - expand your horizons, my bruthas - don't just turn off the lights, grit your teeth, and hope that all the sweating will be over quickly like some 1950s housewife.

    What? I'm just saying...

    Charlie Mike.
  3. In Topic: D-Day Oklahoma

    25 June 2008 - 01:32 PM


    Being your first time to D-Day as you say, I can tell you this after having spent many years in this game as a Game Official and the last couple as a German Officer:

    There is NO difference between the two sides with regard to their propensity for wiping, playing-on, or your other basic forms of unsporstmanlike cheating.

    Statements such as "...but there was no denying the obvious differences in the playerbase of each side..." are kind of silly. I'm not going to bust your chops, but I can tell you your point of view from a gunner's seat on one tank gives you a tiny little window on the game. It's like trying to watch 15 NFL football games simultaneously through a drinking straw.

    I can assure you and everybody else in the world, there is an equal distribution of cheaters scattered across both sides, just like there are at any game. Nature of the sport.

    I've x-ed an equal proportion of Blue and Red Hopper Covers over the years. I've kicked an equal number of Red and Blue cheaters off the field over the years. For the record, the Game Coordinator and his head officials upped the ante this year in response to cheating... In the past, warnings used to be issued.

    They nolonger issue warnings. Jeremy and crew were confiscating hopper covers and sending players back to camp whenever they were caught cheating. To also say the Refs do nothing about cheating, but that's just how it is at D-Day in your first year at this game is also kind of beyond your practical experience.

    But no, Hawk1216, no particular side or unit has a monopoly on cheating.

    More importantly, no particular side or unit has a monopoly on honesty, fair and honorable play, tought and talented players, and heart for the game.

    We do this every year (YOUR side / unit were bigger cheaters than MY side / unit) and its unrealistic to expect it won't continue to happen every year. So take it for what its worth.

    For Hawk and everybody that absoltuely must trot out the wiping/cheating/playing-on pony - I'm not cracking on your heads for doing so, none of us like cheating and we've all spoken out against it in the past at some point...

    But think about it before you jump on the broken-record-bandwagon.

    Some people cheat at paintball games. This is a fact of life.

    If you're mystified by it, all I can tell you is welcome to paintball - don't let the 5% ruin for the other 95%.

    Carry On.
  4. In Topic: D-Day Oklahoma

    25 June 2008 - 08:06 AM

    Here, time for some more inspirational tales. Etherealwolf, this one's for you:

    GeneralMajor Zeke and I set up the staging area for Panzerkorps Artillery under large circus tent at the edge of the Panzerjager Camping Area. By Monday evening, we had 15 artillery pieces stashed under that tent in varying degrees of completion, all running full tilt boogie to get the last of it assembled and painted by game day, and there were more arriving every day!

    Thankfully, we had a lot of help from Panzerjagers camped nearby and the use of the strangely unclaimed circus tent was ABSOLUTELY INVALUABLE in the heavy rains that lasted all week. We waited all week for its rightful owners to show up, and we remained prepared to clear out and let them have it if they ever did. Without use of the tent, and all the helpful PJs, there was a large amount of artillery that never would have gotten finished in time to put it to use on the field. We kept our fingers crossed in hopes that we wouldn't get run out and even as we asked around, we still couldn't find anyone that would claim ownership of that circus tent.

    Two very helpful Panzerjagers come to mind - A pair of young guys from New Zealand, who pitched their tent right beside the big unclaimed circus tent we'd more or less taken over for artillery construction. They helped us night and day, whenever we asked, and frequently we found them tinkering on artillery without any direction or assistance at all - simply working hard and taking the initiative to get it done.

    By the end of the week, we shook hands and parted company with our new friends from New Zealand, the strangely unclaimed circus tent still packed to the rafters with German Artillery.

    Only as they were packing up to leave and many laughs were being shared around piles of big guns did we find out that the circus tent we'd used ALL WEEK wasn't exactly unclaimed... It belonged to the guys from New Zealand and they'd been kind enough to let us set up shop in it, completely taking it over without saying a word or uttering any complaint in the slightest!

    They just wanted to help, and if the use of the circus tent was good for the cause... Well it just didn't bother them any.

    You couldn't have asked for a better tempered, more helpful bunch of guys. THANK YOU NEW ZEALANDERS!


    While I'm thinking about all the wonderful volunteer help we had in getting the last of the German Artillery finished, another person comes to mind. He called himself Butch, and he'd come to Oklahoma D-Day not to play, but to bring his sons so THEY could play.

    So, while his teenage sons were out having the time of their lives, Butch found himself quietly back at camp looking for things to occupy his time. Poor Butch wandered over to the Artillery prep area under that big circus tent. He offered his services, and we were more then happy to take him up on it.

    Butch jumped into it with both feet and before you knew it, he was an official Artillery Building Underpants Gnome, ripping away with screwgun and saw for days on end. We talked to Butch as some length about coming out and playing with us on Saturday and he would just chuckle and smile and remind us he was just here for his boys. So we left it at that.

    But it would appear that the paintball fever finally caught up to Butch during the week. After all his protests that he didn't really want to play and that he was just here so his sons could come to D-Day... you'll never guess who I ran into, all geared up, drenched in sweat, and grinning from ear to ear in the Airfield Deadzone near midday.

    There stood Butch, in full gear with that twitchy battle-lust in his eyes. It just goes to show, you can't hang around a bunch of diehard paintballers for a week and not get pulled into the game. It was absolutely great to see another new player take the field with us. It was doubly sweet to see that it was Butch, who'd worked his tail off to help us finish up our artillery.

    There's a thousand stories like these. Hell, I could go on for days just relating stories of wonderful players and people without ever getting off the subject of all the guys that helped us get the artillery prepped!

    Here's to a thousand more next year!

    Carry On.
  5. In Topic: D-Day Oklahoma

    24 June 2008 - 01:56 PM

    View PostRisken, on Jun 22 2008, 06:59 PM, said:

    But since I was the one there, let me set the record straight...

    <insert list of grievences and incidents of the night in question here>

    There's no need at this point in mentioning the name of the German team involved. Just as I don't blame all German players, I don't accuse everyone on this team of being a thief or a vandal. But those involved clearly are thief's and vandals...

    ...Stories get twisted around and I know Wickedklown was telling it as best he could, but now you're heard it directly from the person who was there.

    "...But since I was the one there, let me set the record straight..."

    Setting the record straight... Steve, it's only called "setting the record straight" when you tell the whole story... Setting HALF the record straight doesn't amount to much. So, by all means, let's set the record straight.

    As you saw no need in naming names in your effort to set the record straight, neither do I, so I won't either. Moving on...

    While some of the fine distinctions Risken points out about the incident above are in question, the overall "flavor" of the over-zealous shennanigans that occured at his campsite is as accurately told as its ever going to be.

    But the incident that happened that night was unfortunately NOT the end of the incident.

    The sun rose the next morning, and members of the Allied Command awoke to find the disarray and havock left the night before. A senior ranking member of the Allied Command who I will not name was understandably outraged by the incident, but unfortunately lost his cool.

    In retaliation, he stormed across the campground and broke into the private camping trailer of the German Command and German TOC. He proceeded to ransack the trailer, doing his own fair share of vandalism and mischief, rifling through people's private belongings, and more or less putting on a bull-in-a-china-shoppe routine to the objections of the occupants of the trailer.

    Unfortunately, the un-named Senior Allied Commander was in THE WRONG CAMPSITE... The people staying in that campsite had nothing to do with the incident of the previous night and he was ransacking their belongings in hopes of turning up missing ones of his own. Things got heated between the un-named Senior Allied Commander and the occupants of the trailer.

    Several versions of the story exist, but the net result is one of the trailer's rightful occupants came away from the incident with his head gashed open and the un-named Senior Allied Commander was suddenly very apologetic about splitting the camper's melon open.

    All the while, while overturning containers, rifling through radios and expensive comm equipment, and causing injury to one of the campsites occupants, the un-named Senior Allied Commander was in the wrong campsite. Unfortunately his temper got the best of him and he made a VERY bad decision.

    In the end, he was very fortunate that we were able to convince the injured camper that there was no positive outcome to come from pressing assault charges against this un-named Senior Allied Commander and the incident played itself out in numerous apologies and acts of pennance throughout the week.

    Because the injured camper was gracious, the un-named Senior Allied Commander did not have to leave this year's event in handcuffs.

    That un-named Senior Allied Commander is my friend. He and I have been friends for many years. As time has gone by, I have watched him become more and more wrapped up in his role at D-Day until it reached the point of teetering on an almost unhealthy obsession rather than a fun hobby.

    From the beginning of the week, it was sad to see that he was already wound up tighter than a clock-spring and wasn't all that shocking to hear he'd blown his top and ransacked our TOC, injuring one of our comm officers in the process.

    In that spirit, I hope he understands why he can expect most of us in the German Command, and likely many of his fellows Senior Commanders in the Allied Command to make a formal call for his resignation from any Command Duties at D-Day.

    The best thing in the world that could happen for this un-named Senior Allied Commander is for him to lay down his stars and go back to being a player like he used to be when this was still fun for him.

    If that un-named Senior Allied Commander reads this and is outraged and does not agree with me, I'd like him to remember one thing:

    It is my understanding that when he burst into the German TOC on his wrecking spree which culminated in the injury of one of our comm officers... Our Chief of Staff's TEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER was present for the entire incident... trying to sleep in her bunk in the TOC. It was her first trip to D-Day.

    When the time comes that you blow your stack and go on a rampage in front of a ten-year-old little girl at this event, then the time has come for you to decompress and find a role in this event that is less aggravating and unhealthy for your temperament.

    I hope this Allied Commander, my friend, does just that. He can expect a lot of us on both sides of this game will be calling for him to do so.


    Clay "MOUTH" Sanger


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    OMG, that response to AVP is HILARIOUS!
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