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I aim to misbehave.
25 years old
June 15, 1989
Male Male
The Fight Four Oh!
Cooking (I'm a chef). I love punk rock, hardcore, and reggae. Yeah, weird mix.

I want to live on a secluded beach, and spend my days sitting out on the sand playing my guitar. This is my dream.

Smoking, Drinking, and having as good a time as I can.

Oh, and I'm also a Pirate.

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AIM  JahKeepah
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Website URL  http://www.facebook.com/piratethewind
Skype  pirate.the.wind

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Pirate  Oh, in case you were curious, YES! That is Afroman in my picture. Hung out with him when he came to town for a show. Don't ask what we did...

Oct 11 2010 12:58 AM

stinky's Photo
stinky  Oct 13 2010 02:17 PM
Hahaha. From the looks of Afroman's eyes, it ain't too hard to figure out. Lol. Man, are they effed up or what, or did you pop him in the eye ? Lol
Pirate's Photo
Pirate  Dec 15 2010 01:51 PM
Nah, he just popped that face when my friend went to take the picture. I saw it later and just started laughing. That dude is crazy.
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Pirate  So I did this whole 'Connect your facebook and your special ops profile' doohicky. Now you all get to see my pretty face!

Sep 18 2010 10:32 AM

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    The Stuntman 

    15 Jun 2011 - 14:28
    Happy Birthday! Hope its full of Pillage & Rum...
  2. Photo


    04 Feb 2011 - 20:39
    Hey you like ska right?
    Have any good artists to suggest?
  3. Photo


    14 Dec 2010 - 21:39
    May I use a pirate within my Avatar picture captain? ( and yes as of now you are the Captain of the special ops pirate crew)
  4. Photo


    24 Aug 2010 - 01:22
    Status updates? Nah, I don't have the mohawk anymore.
  5. Photo


    23 Aug 2010 - 17:58
    dude, you still got the hawk ? .. you oughta to use your status updates
  6. Photo

    Creek Queen 

    03 Aug 2007 - 10:19
    Hey buddy
  7. Photo


    22 Jun 2007 - 11:17
    Pirate!!!!!!! Woot woot. You rock.
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