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  1. Video/Film Making

    12 February 2011 - 08:27 PM

    Just checking if there's any other aspiring film makers, hobbyists, or anyone else on this forum that enjoys making videos.

    This can be a place for people to show off their videos that don't have to be paintball related, and we can also discuss video stuff. Feel free to ask for tips, get constructive criticism, show off your videos/reels, or your setup(camera/s, programs, etc)

    I'm currently using a Panasonic HXV200, and running Adobe Premiere and After Effects 6.0/CS4/CS5 depending on where I'm editing.
  2. Hells Assault August 14th

    01 July 2010 - 10:37 PM


    HELLS ASSAULT will be the biggest, baddest scenario event this state has EVER seen!!!

    Posted Image

    A mind blowing attack and defend format with twists that will challenge players of all skill levels

    3 villages
    4 Commanding Generals
    4 Flags
    1 Hill
    Countless battles!

    Set the date on you calenders Boys and Girls this one is going to be one for the books!!!

    More info on our official Hells Assault webpage!

  3. Mafia: Coolville

    25 May 2010 - 06:00 PM

    Mafia: Coolville

    Over the past few days things in sunny Coolville have gotten quite weird. The citizens have noticed an increase of crime. People were being attacked at night, kittens were being burned, and the town was beginning to reek of salmon.

    The local police force was able to deduce that there was definitely a mafia threat in their town, and they vowed for the citizens safety and prosperity of the town that they would smash the threat.

    Its up to the town to drive out these uncool people, so yeah, do that.

    Le Rules:

    1.) The game will start once everybody has confirmed, in the game thread, they have received my PM.

    2.) All votes must be in the following format: Vote: [insert player name] [Please use bold] Any votes not made in this format will not be counted. Exception will be made if you cannot bold your votes. If you want to change your vote, first Unvote: [insert player name] [Again, please use bold] then vote again in the above format.

    3.) When a player receives a majority of votes to be lynched, they are dead--even if I haven't been on to announce his death and reveal that player's role. I'm trusting you, the players, to help me keep track of votes. I will check, of course, but it will help make my job easier.

    4.) If discussion is lagging or the day is dragging, I may set a deadline. If I do not receive the necessary PM's within that time period, the game will move on into night with the night-actions I have already received enacted the following game day.

    5.) Night posting is allowed, but please try to keep chatter game-related.

    6.) Once dead, no posting, "Bah" posts included. You will be PM'd upon death, as soon as I get to the thread after a lynching.

    7.) Try to post as often as possible. If something arises which prevents you from posting for a prolonged period of time, please inform me and I will find an replacement. Notify me in-thread if you want me to prod an inactive player. As the game moderator, I reserve the sole authority to arbitrarily punish any player I deem "inactive," regardless of their in-game role. POST, or you may regret it!

    8.) DO NOT quote anything I PM you. Role claiming (claiming to be a certain role) is fine, but you are not allowed to quote my PM's. This includes quoting my PM's in any format, via any medium, to include forum/chat/PM/AIM/e-mail. Don't game the system!

    9.) Do not verbally abuse participants of this game at any point. Doing so will result in punishments up-to and including modkills.

    10.) Out-of-thread communication is NOT ALLOWED in this game, unless specified.

    11.) Do not edit your posts. Just make any corrections in another post.

    13.) Breaking any of these rules subjects you to any action I deem necessary.

    14.) No Print+Screens to be shown in public. This includes via PM traffic -- report violators and be honest.

    15.) This is a game. Have fun! Cheating makes your dong shrink, but playing by the rules is challenging and fun.

    16.) Dual-accounting gets you permanently banned from mafia games on this forum.

    1. LoD - CONFIRMED - X Dead, Detective, Pro-Town
    2. black hawk down - CONFIRMED - X Dead, Townie, Pro-Town
    3. Mehphisto - CONFIRMED - X
    4. Epic_Fail - CONFIRMED - X Dead, Townie, Pro-Town
    5. Tryon - CONFIRMED - X
    6 Irishmack - CONFIRMED - X
    7. MDK - CONFIRMED - X Dead, Bus Driver, Pro-Town
    8. Headhunter2 - CONFIRMED - X Dead, Radio DJ, Pro-Town
    9. klaatu - CONFIRMED - X
    10. Megs - CONFIRMED - X

    X= Role Confirmation

    Day/Night Actions:

    Night 1 -

    The night was almost perfect. The temperature was a balmy 70 degrees. LoD was cruising back to the station to bring the file he had picked up earlier that evening back to the station. His favorite Lady Gaga song was blaring on the radio. He couldn't hear the suburban easing up behind him. As he started crossing a large bridge the Suburban was right at his bumper. It lurched into the other lane, then swung into LoD's quarter-panel. His car screeched and swung, he tried his hardest to keep the car on the road, but once he hit the guard rail, the Suburban attacked one more time, breaking the guard rail and pushing LoD and his car off the bridge and into Coolville's very own Awesome Springs.

    LoD - The Detective has died

    Day 2 -

    Day 2 Lynching:

    The town was obviously furious about the loss of their detective. They all believed there was only one suspect, the guy who cried wolf earlier. The town broke down Epic's apartment door to find him sleeping on a twister mat. He was hardly awake as they dragged into a van.

    When the van stopped moving, it was at a river. Epic was now wide awake, but all he said as, "Aw shucks." Two men quickly tossed him into the river where he struggled to stay with the current. The ominous sound of a waterfall was in the background. That was the least of Epic's problems though. What happened next was unexpected. As if from a scene of Jaws, an extremely large salmon rose out of the water and ate Epic whole.

    Epic, the townie has died

  4. Tippmann a5a2

    04 May 2010 - 03:54 PM

    This is part of my quick liquidation to get to Oklahoma.

    I've got an a5a2 that I haven't used in a long time.

    No trades
    You pay for shipping
    I accept Paypal and Money Orders

    What it has:

    Special Ops factory installed a5a2 kit
    Right hand Dogleg stock
    Lapco M16 magazine
    Ricochet Hopper
    Pure Energy remote line
    Palmers Regulator

    Price - $200 + Shipping
    ...........$175 + Shipping

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  5. Get Mitch to OK!

    03 May 2010 - 07:45 PM

    I need cash to get a plane ticket to Oklahoma for the UWL event down there, so I gotta liquidate some gear I've had kicking around.

    No trades
    I accept Paypal and Money Orders
    Post and PM me please!
    You pay shipping
    I accept donations

    2008 Plant Eclipse Distortion Pants SOLD

    SO Fusions $15 + Shipping for Small Pants
    ..................$15 + Shipping for Medium Jersey

    That pants have a broken belt, but they fit and stay up on me, I wear a 32 waist, and I'm 5'11"-ish.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    SO Sabre Vest SOLD

    2009 Planet Eclipse Distortion Pants Size- M SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Planet Eclipse Fire Jersey Size Large $25 + Shipping

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Empire Custom 4+6 Podpack $25 + Shipping

    I had Spec Ops add two more elastic loops, so you can carry a freakin' payload of paint bullets.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    STILL more things to come, so stay tuned.


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