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  1. In Topic: Tippmann Alpha Black

    18 July 2011 - 08:05 AM

    View PostSOCOMTacticalPbTeam, on 16 July 2011 - 08:16 PM, said:

    The Aplha Black is an amazing marker. I own the Carver One with US Army M4 Stock and US Army 11" Performance barrel. The US Army models themselves are basically 98 Customs internally with military mods placed in the bolt and spring, so they won't rust/corrode when being used for extensive military training. They are use to replicate the M4, Barrett Rx4 Storm, and HK 417 currently being used by the US Army. You can upgrade the barrels, and place e-grips in them and use tactical accessories to better the look and performance. The Carver One is cheapest because your paying for a basic model with a military attuned look. Even though he Carver One is preferred by Special Forces Groups of the US Army for military games and training. Usually upgraded with Apex Barrels and stocks for their preference. The Alpha Black is used by Infantry Battalions for training, and multiple law enforcement SWAT Teams. While the Project Salvo is used by Delta Force to train with. Thing about it is that they shoot rubber balls than are 50% lighter than paintballs and in consequence travel 50% further. Just food for thought. The are meant to be Military Training Markers, yet are rarely used in place of simulation and laser guns.

    wow. really? pretty sure reading that gave me an aneurysm.
  2. In Topic: $1000+ Paintball guns

    26 December 2010 - 04:57 AM

    like its been said, its a luxury. back way earlier this year my local field owner had a vicious ego x for sell, i decided to sell off some of my other guns and pick it up as a self-birthday present. no reason to other than i wanted too, my dm6 would have sufficed greatly. im actually thinkin about sellin off my nt to pick up a lower year'd dm. theres just no real need for it other than, said before, luxury. when i got the nt, my g/f had taken over the egox, my enlistment bonus came threw and i said "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" bout it, and then said ok, ill save now.
  3. In Topic: So you're gonna bring a girl to play?

    17 December 2010 - 02:00 AM

    took my gal to a game put on by one of my friends (a local youth minister) and since then she's been addicted to the sport (becc this isnt going against the advice you gave, my story take a 180 turn right into what you said at the end). here's the things ive found while working with her to get a gear setup she likes.

    -1a) first time she went out she wanted to use the work-horse of a model 98 (all hail the gill's) me and my bro have frankenstined together between so many different 98's. she had the option of using a mini or my blazer, but she wanted to go with the 98 since it resembled a real gun, and thats what she was used to shooting.

    -2a) she tried shooting the 98 with my little booby tank (50ci ninja), and with the remote line on the spec ops youth sized broadsword vest i had at the time. she wasnt thrilled with air-on, but really liked running remote. so for her first few games, thats how she played. the SPEC-OPS YOUTH SIZE VEST FIT HER AWESOMELY. not an advertisement but i cant say enough good things about this vest. im 20 with an athletic build and it fit me like a gloves, 2 minutes of pullin straps and we had it fitting her. awesome vest.

    -3a) ALL HAIL INVERT FOR WOMEN'S CLOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she greatly preferred these over my empire pants because the inseam was higher. we havent found a pair that fits her as good as invert's do. she's like me, likes her gear fitting and not baggy. as for gloves, she wears an old pair of weight lifting gloves i used to wear till she got me some empire gloves for my birthday. ive asked if she wanted some gloves like the ones she got me, but she loves those gloves for some reason. also, she prefers to wear track spandex as a middle layer under her invert's, i can attest to this as well since i wear them as boxers, it greatly reduces the possibility of chafing and the like.

    -4a) this is just how she is, but she didnt mind getting shot in the arm's bare skin. she wears a padded bra, but thats about all the chest padding she uses. she's takin some zingers that have broken the skin and left scars, but she just parades them around as trophies (i <3 country girls lol)

    -5a) she wore her hair in a bun and that works for her for the most part. she's on the smaller side so she fell in love with my i4's, they fit her perfectly. she's tried on e-vent's and my flex but prefers the i4's above all. i tried getting her to wear a head wrap to protect against dome shots, but she'd rather take the shot then wear one, she just doesnt like them.

    so now we come to the point in the story where she's played for a bit, and ive gotten her shooting different setup's to see if theres different things she likes.

    -1b) after playing that 1 game with the 98 she wasnt thrilled with it, and after much persistence i got her to shoot my mini. what she was iffy about doing was shouldering the 50ci tank and tilting the marker looking down the barrel. after some convincing i finally got her to shoot it and she fell in love. from there she abducted my 50 and the mini. for a simple, light weight, starter marker, i would greatly recommended the mini. push the button and go. she played like that for a while till she played with my egox while i was reffing a game and has since then abducted that while i shoot another of my toys lol.

    -2b) pretty much covered that one above, she got to using that 50 and loved it. she's smaller, so the 50 fits her like a 68 would fit a larger person. she played with my sly 3+4 and loved it, she wanted to get the 4th pod on there without having to use the elastic so we got her a sly 4+5 and loves it.

    -3b) after playing games with other empire pants (08), she still prefers the inverts. they size smaller than the empires and fit snugger. awesome (and conveniently cheap) pants. the ones ive had have been around for closer to 2-3 years, have taken a beating, and are still kickin strong. she now wants to take a class on sewing and such and then fashion her own pair of playing pants. lol i think its a pretty cool idea. also, shes still runnin with those same gloves. she says its because theyre the gloves she started playin with and has grown attached to them. if you intend on getting your gal some gloves, go with ones that have the trigger and bird finger exposed, if not all fingers exposed. id recommend any pair of empire gloves in a size small.

    -4b) she still goes out w/o a jersey and such, just a t and a padded bra. we had a dukes of hazard game where she played as daisy and went out in short cut-off jeans (where she also won the game for the dukes by finding an objective worth a butt ton of points and bringing it home 3 minutes after the round started, ending the game for the day. gotta give credit where credit is due, she whooped me that round lol)

    -5b) she still wears her hair in a bun and is still rockin those i4's, both have worked pretty good for her. after takin shots to the dome right above where the mask over ends, she still refuses to wear a headband. just how she roles i guess.

    there's only been one instance of player prejudice towards here since she started playing, coming from a ref non the less. she was setting up for a bunker tag and was coordinating with some other players to lay down cover fire for her. there was a ref nearby that came up and called her out for "having been shot in the top of the head", when she hadnt taken a shot to the dome all day. the players beside her were like "wtf?", and when she came over and told me i personally looked and there was no shot impact or anything of the sort. she didnt want me to say anything about it and just let it blow over, but we left shortly after that. hopefully this will be of assistance to someone else getting their gal into the sport!
  4. In Topic: Wtb remote line

    17 December 2010 - 01:23 AM

    spec ops brand remote w/ slide check for 10 shipped, lemme know if your interested.
  5. In Topic: Fulda Gap 2010

    08 November 2010 - 04:59 PM

    lol i had a feelin that was you from the purple gear and the purple sig/text on here. you rollin warsaw again next year?



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