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  1. MTAC to ACR Conversion

    16 December 2010 - 12:01 AM

    So, I've been saving long and hard for a High End marker and have finally decided to go with a Bob Long MTAC. I've got a few wild and crazy ideas for it. Originally I was looking into making it as much like an M4 as possible... until I realized that the body was basically based off of the Remington ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle)
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    So far I need a guy who can either mod an ACR stock to fit the MTAC or build one scratch (perhaps ScenarioArms? their website is down ATM so I can't look there for contact info), Also, I need a guy who can build me an extended Mag that either covers or replaces the standard short MTAC one (ScenarioArms again?)...
    The overall look I'm trying to get here is below...
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    I wear MultiCam so these pictures are crazy close to what I want... What do you guys think?

    Edit: Also, I'm gonna find a way to 'longbow-ize' it!
  2. Another Marker Vs Marker: High Ends

    26 November 2010 - 09:56 AM

    Saw the angel on the Spec Ops Featured Items page and now thoroughly confused as to which one I like better...
    The MTAC by Bob Long
    Posted Image

    Or the Angel AR:K?
    Posted Image

  3. M.O.L.L.E. HPA pouch

    24 August 2010 - 05:39 PM

    Hey, I figured you folks can help me out. I'm looking for a MultiCam M.O.L.L.E. pouch that can hold a 668ci/4500psi Compressed Air tank. I saw one on the SpecOps site that I love (the two straps on it look like the tank should never fall out) but found it is currently out of stock.
    Posted Image
    I found three others so far... a Milsig one that looks good but they have not emailed me back yet on whether my tank will fit it or not
    Posted Image
    and one that is vertical only (I'd like it to be either horizontal or capable of both)
    Posted Image
    and another that can be both but looks like the strings that hold the tank in might not be effective at all (as in tank looks like it'll fall out).
    Posted Image
    Anyone know of a good tank pouch I could use other than these?
  4. BT Delta Elite vs X7 Phenom

    04 August 2010 - 05:49 PM

    Alright... I'm looking for a backup/s**t hits the fan gun. I usually run with my T68 (I feel that the limited mag capability balances the playing field when it's me vs walk-ons) but my new team tends to get paired against semi/professional teams lately who are running with Angels and the like and I find 180 paint-balls doesn't cut it in those match ups. I've narrowed it down to one of 2 (realistic) choices either BT's Delta Elite
    Posted Image
    or A Tippy X7 Phenom
    Posted Image

    So far they seem fairly neck and neck:

    The X7 has +2BPS over the BT
    The BT has ramp up
    BT has that APEX which has more options than a standard flatline.

    So here is my question: Which is more consistent (as in hits the same spot more often AND less breaks) and which would you buy?

    Personally I'd love a Bob Long M-Tac
    Posted Image
    , but that monster is expensive... (but seriously! 26+BPS!)


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