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  1. In Topic: What Handgun

    23 January 2009 - 02:20 PM

    Beretta Px4 Storm (.45 cal) is my choice. You should check it out...
  2. In Topic: Scenario #8 PILOTS DOWN!

    20 January 2009 - 05:15 PM

    Mission is described at a very Strategic level so response has minimal tactical detail.

    Team-1 (Speed team - minimal supplies) Deploy at last know pilot position. Locate pilots using coded messages over public radios, find Black boxes and head to extraction point. Speed is primary. Avoid engagement w/OpForce. Travel S/SW following valley floor until due east of extraction point, then travel up then down through ravine, cross road and meet Teams 2 & 3 at extration point.
    Team-2) Deploy W/SW of extraction point, secure from Dugunculer OpForce. Employ delaying tactics without direct confrontation.
    Team-3) Deploy S of extraction point, secure from Sogtonu Opforce. Employ delaying tactics without direct confrontation.

    L8tr............ Pacman
  3. In Topic: Scenario #7 The Bridge; Hold at All Cost

    20 January 2009 - 04:43 PM

    Ok, here's the SitRep as I see it.

    Over whelming OpForce is approaching from east side with little or no cover. Since this is paintball, I will not use the gasoline to burn anything. We have to hold the bridge for 2 hours. so;

    Primary tactic: Create single choke point where OpForce has to go through. This reduces their contact numbers and evens the odds.

    1) Drive Taxi to center of bridge (turn sideways) and disable (remove rotor and cap) as primary Choke Point obstacle.
    2) Drive Flatbed to west side of bridge and park blocking west end of bridge (do not disable) as primary bunker.
    3) Station Anti-Tank gun bunkered at/behind Flatbed.
    4) Station 2 x phosphorus grenades at Taxi and Flatbed.
    5) Set 6 x Oil Drums on Flatbed for elevated cover.

    1) Station sniper (Ghost-Rider) east of bridge under cover and concealment.
    2) Station 1 x wounded (Eagle-1) east of bridge under cover and concealment.
    3) Station 2 x wounded (Eagle-2 & Eagle-3) in village high ground for tactical intel.
    4) Station 1 x Anti-tank team (Tango-1) and 1 x squad (Delta-1) at Taxi as primary defense force.
    5) Station 2 x squads (Delta-2 & Delta-3) on flatbed as elevated defense force.
    6) Station 1 x Anti-tank team (Tango-2) and 1 x squad (Delta-4) east side of flatbed as reenforcements.
    7) I (Mother-Goose) station at east side of flatbed.

    Order of Battle:
    1) Ghost-Rider will allow OpForce to pass and provide Intel. If opportunity presents itself, take out OpForce Commander from behind, else continue to provide Intel and wait for command to take out OpForce Commander.
    2) Each Delta squad will work as 2 x 2-man units, i.e. 1 x 2-man unit will be firing while the other 2-man unit is under cover. On reload, they will switch, so as to allow continual defensive fire for prolonged time.\
    3) Eagle-1, Eagle-2 & Eagle-3 will provide intel for the extended battle.
    4) Tango-1 and Delta-1 will hold tight allowing tank to take west side of bridge, then deploy smoke behind tank and try to take out tank on bridge with their anti-tank weapons. If infantry approach first, deploy smoke behind first wave and defend/eliminate assault.
    5) Delta-2 & Delta-3 will provide defensive cover fire and assist Tango 1 and Delta 1 in anti-tank and anti-infantry actions. Tango-2 will be in charge of additional smoke deployment to west side of bridge when Tango-1 has expired their supply and relieving Tango-1 when ordered.
    6) Delta-4 will stand as ready-reinforcements as needed. They will also be used to resupply Delta-1 or replace Delta-1 when ordered.
    7) Mother-Goose will command the battle as it flows.
  4. In Topic: a commanders dillemma

    16 January 2009 - 02:47 PM

    View Postkmankrh, on Jan 16 2009, 01:18 PM, said:

    help! i have a problem. i have a small team and have the best command skills of anyone on it, but I also have the only full auto marker, I am having trouble with doing both commander and broadsword at the same time. anyone have any suggestions?

    If you are having troubles doing both roles, have you considered letting your best (most capable) Broadsword player borrow your marker? This would just be a loan at the field until your player(s) can upgrade their marker(s) to one fitting their position.

    Just a thought........... Pacman
  5. In Topic: Scenario #6 Escort to Chaos!

    15 January 2009 - 12:43 PM

    Another thing to remember,

    TRUCK = mobile hard cover. A very good thing to have. Don't leave it outside a battle if you can bring it with you...

    How many times to you see paintball vehicles stop before a battle area and stay there? When was the last time you "didn't run" from a paintball vehicle (assuming you didn't have a Tank killing LAW)?

    Remember, you initial mission was to get the interrogators and enemy commanders together for interrogation. The assault on the compound does not change or void your initial mission. It just adds some spice to the sauce.

    View PostShadowjackal, on Jan 15 2009, 11:10 AM, said:

    PacMan; Good point. I was thinking of the two interrogators mainly as security for our wheels out of there. Shoot anybody that tries to take the truck...

    Better hope the OpForce is assaulting the truck with only pumps or pistols... :D

    BTW: I now only use a pump and/or pistol unless the game calls for heavy suppression fire by me.


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    28 Jun 2007 - 09:54
    Great meetin' ya and talking with ya. If I'm ever out that way again for the AF, and if I get any free time, I'll try and stop by an event! ^_^
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