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  1. In Topic: Wanted Eblade, Tadao, T-Board, ZeroB Autococker

    21 November 2014 - 06:40 PM

    View PostRoker1970, on 08 November 2014 - 10:36 AM, said:

    Hi.I can get 8 Scenario dreams E-blade T-boards , new .I bought and installed one on my karnivore, and it works;-


    How much?
  2. In Topic: spec ops brigade, old site

    12 July 2014 - 07:55 AM

    ShadoAngel, on 09 December 2013 - 03:32 PM, said:

    Yeah, SpecialOps was never really profitable. It was started by a multi-millionaire because there were no good woodsball companies or gear. I absolutely love their products and I still use them when I play paintball (maybe once a year.) I really loved the community the company tried to build. It's a testament that the community lived on long after the company was sold and re-sold.

    The recession hit this sport hard. Paintball is expensive and hardly mainstream. I imagine there will be a renewal if the economy ever picks up and all of us that played woodsball as kids will want to get back into it. I keep thinking about selling off my gear (and like most players, I somehow have way more stuff that I ever could use) but every time something stops me.

    Anyways, these days there are a lot more options when it comes to woods-oriented gear. Many people got over the milsim thing and figured out that a lot of speedball markers slung paint in the woods just fine and those marker manufacturers started making subdued or camouflaged paint options. And several other manufacturers popped up as Tippmann competitors for those who enjoyed the more milsim aspect of it.

    Is OK D-Day still huge? I should go back out there again. Haven't been since '07 I think.

    Oklahoma D-Day is about half as big as it was (4000). This year it was 1800 people. But I would say that with the reduced numbers it was MORE fun.

    I wish there are all the vendors that there was in the heyday. But most were not there. But Tippman was. Still the best paintball company on the planet,EVER!!! They fixed my sons antique A5 for free. They completely rebuilt it from the inside out! That is service! There were several vendors. Valken, Dye, the dynasty people (I forget who they are), empire, Several others. But not the HUGE number that were there back in the day. Granted there are half as many big companies. so that might account for part of it. But the smaller vendors were largely absent. Although there was the guy that mods paintball guns to look like real weapons. VERY COOL!

    I really had a blast! Much lower stress than usual. Less cheating! Less stupid! Less poor sportsmanship! More fun! Oh and did I mention the guys that dress up (or down) to black leotards, added glow sticks and glowing balloons and danced through the night game. That was Too FUNNY! balloons popping from being hit. They are getting hammered from both sides. I had to run in and get them off the field. They were players after all. And they were getting toasted! Even the guy who was just wearing woman's underwear! Disturbing! But way funny. Youtube it!

    I miss the spec ops half track. what ever happened to it? That stupid thing lit me up more times than I can count. And I was reffing

    they are still doing the smaller scenario games as well. but they are weekend deals. Red Dawn and A bridge too far. Probably more fun due to the smaller numbers and everyone playing in a closer area instead of the whole 500+ acres.


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