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  1. My Woodsball PMR

    07 September 2008 - 09:46 AM

    I was in the process of building this into a Spudball marker. Now I'm more into airsoft, finishing funds are being diverted. I have put way more money in than I will ever see back from this marker. :(

    Let's see.

    Tech T L7 bolt
    Virtue Eyes, Red
    New Designs Frame/Trigger
    Special Ops T2W Airthough Stock ($150+Shipping at Tacticalpaintball.ca)
    Metal Silver Eye covers
    Flames pinstripe is removable, but if you like it. I'll include the rest of the roll. $28 Value
    Freak barrel Back
    Never been fielded, only test fired after bolt upgrade.

    Needs Feedneck
    Virtue eyes are new in package and need to be installed.
    Missing front frame screw (Redundant, reg does same thing)
    Needs tip and insert for the freak.
    Needs Macroline

    If I had to accept a cash price it would probably be somewhere around $400, as I have easily put more than $800+ into it over the past year and a bit :wub: . I would ask more but I know that the market would not bare it with the flood of similar cheap markers around but I would really like to trade it for a nice airsoft gun, or a complete gear setup, or something of equal airsoft value.

    Americans, I am in Canada, importing metal receivers is illegal here without proper papers, I'm open to deals with the receivers left out though. No Ak's, I have one already. No pistols, can't be done unless they are here in Canada. No parting unless deal is entirely in my favor as I'd be just as happy to keep it than to part something for lower than I paid for it retail.

    I probably won't be shipping first, as I have feedback from multiple reputable sights.


    Posted Image
  2. FullClip Multicam Pod holders, Fusion BDU, Cobras

    01 September 2008 - 06:37 PM

    Brand NEW Never Used
    I paid $90 with shipping to get these to Canada, now I'm playing airsoft and wishing I had mag holders instead.

    $75 shipped
    2X Multicam double paintball pod pouches by Full Clip USA.
    Will include a free cobra mini microtalk radio.

    Manufactured using real Crye Multicam material.

    Product Page.

    Manufacturers description.
    Double Pod/Ammo Pouch - Multicam
    This high-speed Double Pod/Ammo Pouch will hold two 160/140/120/100 round ammo pods. For maximum retention, the pods are held securely inside by mil-spec hook and look fastener and brass mil-spec pull snaps with two settings depending on the height of the pods. Each pod can be easily accessed by a padded pull-tab with non-slip Toughtek®. An HDPE plastic frame keeps the opening of the pouch rigged allowing for smooth release and insertion of pods. A padded center protects and separates the pods from each other so that they donā€™t catch on each other when you pull them out for use. This mission specific (10.5ā€¯ x 3ā€¯ x 4.5ā€¯) pouch can be attached to the back of any MOLLE platform.


    * Holds two 160/140/120/100 round ammo pods
    * 3.5ā€¯ x 1.5ā€¯ x 6ā€¯ size
    * Padded Toughtek® pull tab
    * Brass mil-spec pull snaps
    * Mil-spec hook & loop fastener
    * Foam padded center divider
    * Plastic HDPE frame
    * 1000 Denier Cordura®
    * Reinforced seams and bound edges
    * Heavyweight bonded nylon thread
    * MOLLE compatible
    * Drain hole
    * Made in the USA

    Posted Image


    I bought a bunch of radios for the upcoming charity game refs, I have about 35 or so for sale. All items are refurbished units with minor scratches or scuffs on the body or lense. All are in perfect working condition, and are great little radios to have. They feature the double pin hookup for throat mics and such, and even pin hookup for a wall charger if you want to use rechargeable batteries. They take 4 "AAA" batteries.

    $17 each shipped to US
    $27 for 2.


    * X² Power Tech
    * Up To 6 Miles (10 Km) Range (Range Will Vary Depending On Terrain And Conditions)
    * 22 Channels And 38 Privacy Codes (532 Privacy Channel Combinations)
    * 10 Channel Memory
    * Scan (channel/privacy codes)
    * Selectable Hi/Low Power (in GMRS)
    * 1 watt power provides twice the power (of FRS radios)
    * UHF/FM Delivers Ultra-Clear Long Distance Reception
    * Water Resistant
    * Battery/Power Saver Circuitry
    * Key Lock
    * Audible Call Alert (10 Selectable Tones)
    * Roger Beep Tone (Selectable On/Off)
    * lluminated LCD
    * Speaker / Mic Jack

    Posted Image

    I made one of these for myself, and was quite impressed with (Well you guessed it...) myself.

    Now I have made more, and will let you have one for a mere charge of $12 shipped. This covers my cost of tedious yet generally unskilled labor. As well as the tools I purchased to do the job right. My first one was just epoxy and a hole since I'm pretty sure I'll never take that rod out of the tube anyway.

    These ones I'm selling have been tapped so that you can unscrew the existing end and screw on your custom Die as I believe they are called in single form.

    They do stay on by them selves pretty well at finger tight, but for extra assurance, I'd recommend a light glue or loc-tight to calm your unsettling nerves. If you have absolutely no way to obtain loc-tight on your own means, (available at most autopart & hardware stores) then I may provide a dab in your package upon your expressed\ request. Although I stress that loc-tight is a great thing to have in you paintball kit.

    White only at this time. End tip only. no Tippmann factory parts included. I'm in Canada but shipping is quoted to USA.

    8 Available at this time. First paypal'd gets first dibbs.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Spec ops Fusion BDU's
    Size: Large
    (Small rip in on seam of leg, repairable. Stitching coming loos on pads, cosmetic.)


    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Payment by Paypal, EMT or mail or Cash at my Door.
    Paypal ID sonicman@rogers.com

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