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  1. In Topic: Anime

    17 September 2009 - 04:06 PM

    lol I hear you on that
    But the reason why I would be cosplaying as this certain character namely the Dan Skin is the sole fact that he looks just like me

    Just Shave my mustache and wear a pair of decent glasses and I would be the Dan Skin
    I am not going to go out of my way and spend needless ammounts of money ona contume I will only be wearing a few times

    Some of the costumes I have seen have cost quite abit or took countless manhours making
  2. In Topic: Why i hate comcast.

    17 September 2009 - 03:45 PM

    dial up utterly sucks
    between verizon and comcast

    sadly comcast is the better choice
    though some of the comcast techs are utter inconsiderate bastards
    in 04, a tech came out to fix a problem my family was havign witha box, seems the line wasnt grounded. the dude mickey moused everything and he still didnt groudn it what he did do was cancelled the Comcast Grandfather package my family had
    one of the best packages to have but you need to have had comcast for years and must be upgrading to digital cable

    well few months later we returned the boxes due to budgeting reasons
    and since 04 I had verizon DSL up until afew month ago upgraded to comcast cable for internet
    it is indeed faster and powerbost is a godsend as instead of taking 45-50 minutes to download a 55MB file
    it takes just 5 minutes

    well when the tech this time around that came to install my new net well much better then the last guy that came. he fixed all the stuff the other guy did and told me that if you truely want fast internet with comcast make sure you cut down on the spliters as ever time you use a spliter the signal strength will degrade by 3mbs. the incoming strength I have now is 12mbs but I have 3 mbs going to my router because of the spliters in the line.
    Needless to say that after the guy finished installing my net he wanted to know who the bastard that did the service call before I told him he was ther ein 04. he told me that nobody from 04 was still around and told me that 95% of the tech back then knew jack squat and mickeymoused everything.

    Comcast is the lesser of the 2-3 evils

    if your net is slow look to see what the spliter is rated, look to see if you have the stronger signal strength going to your TV.
  3. In Topic: take the town 4

    17 September 2009 - 03:03 PM

    bad news and this narrows down the field very much so
    I cant get off work the 3rd

    So I just have to settle for the Event at Friendly fire the 26th in Memory of Tom Moore as that is my weekend off

    well there is always next year for me and hopefully by then I have a replacement for my 8+1 pod belt that I use for senarios. The Male part to the buckle is gone
    for now I have to rely on my trusty 6+1 podbelt
    Maybe carry a back pack like I did in the transformers senario game back in 08
    Shame with all the resupplying I did for the Autobot side we still lost
    Oh yeah had my 8+1 pod belt and the back pack which had mini nerf vortex, 5 squadbusters and started with 6 additional pods plus an extra 20 oz CO2 tank and by the end of the day I had 16 extra pods. Hey if people dont want to pick up the pods they toss on to the field I will gladly take them. Means more ammo I can store in my ammo pack
    though my efforts didnt go unrewarded as Capone who was the general for the autobots did name me as the autobot MVP.
    funny thing is I still had a case of paint left over out of my 6 cases I brought
  4. In Topic: Anime

    17 September 2009 - 02:37 PM

    View PostLegato, on Sep 17 2009, 01:58 AM, said:

    i saw more guys dressed as Tifa from FFVII at Anime Boston convention then i did women. Scary...especially when the men purposely don't shave...at all.... 0.o

    and this is one of the reasons why I dont go to Anime Con @ Boston
    Then again I would enjoy Cosplaying as The Dan skin from ratchet and Clank: Up your Arsenal
    Just need that Minion of Doom tshirt and I will be all good
  5. In Topic: The broadsword gameface

    17 September 2009 - 02:26 PM

    finally came today

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    I get to break it in on saturday so I hope there are a good ammount of players to see me wear this and work my electra on the field


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