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  1. Dangerous Power G3

    14 July 2008 - 08:45 PM

    I was sitting home today before work and was messing around with my brother's DP IQ (he somehow got the IQ here in the US, even though its only available in Europe, don't ask me how). Anyway, it dawned on me that its a small, light, accurate, quiet marker and that it uses autococker thread barrels. This got me thinking...

    If I got my hands on my own black DP G3 (or IQ) and mounted my tri-rail barrel mount and a decent point sight, then teamed that with a T2W stock, I could have the basis of a pretty handy sniper rifle. I'd repaint it to eliminate the shine of the finish and slam a new barrel on there (Deadlywind CF most likely) and 'bam!' I'd have a sniper marker that comes in at around 4-5 pounds. Compare that to my current arrangement that weighs over 9 pounds and you can see why that's a pretty good reason to celebrate in my book.

    So, opinions anyone?


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